Dr. Phil Episode: Beating You Is Loving You She Said

MOOD: onigiri- scared (WHAAAT)
Quote Of The Day: “So can I beat u up now since I’ve known you for a little while?” -Dr. Phil

So I watched a Dr. Phil episode the other day where this young girl who is pretty popular on the internet put out a video saying that if ur BF beats u up then he loves you and u need to stay wit him. Later on, she posted another video that said she doesn’t have a BF anymore cuz he just wasn’t beating her hard enough. Uh……..


I mean I was just like WTF. But Dr. Phil called her bluff because he knew she was just saying these things to get attention, she wanted attention so bad that it didn’t matter what she got it for, and she wanted the shock value. That’s just sad. Its just sad that u live ur life like that. Like how unloved are you to need attention of that sort? True Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian got famous from a sex tape and all that is bad attention but it got them far, but u are not Kim or Paris boo boo. U are some sad misguided girl who would sell herself to get famous, and sad part is some girls actually do look up to you and want to be u, and they’re getting their ass kicked by the BF and thinking that’s how its suppose to be! Get ur shit together girl! U obviously have issues! She said if someone is willing to risk having to go to jail to beat u up then they must really love u. Uh…..


Obviously he doesn’t give a hot damn about ur feelings, ur well being or ur life if he’s beating the shit out of you. But that’s fine, the question is can u give a damn about urself enough to know u shouldn’t be treated that way? Can u have enough self respect to know to get out of that kind of relationship? Kids these days are just so messed up in the head. I wonder if its all that processed food they be eating. SMH.


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