Tax Return Success + Errands Galore

MOOD: onigiri- hooray (Hooray)
Quote Of The Day: “Don’t wash the big bowl. Ur hands are too small.” -reason A

Woohoo!!! So I went to file my taxes this morning and got great news! I don’t have to pay a fine for reason A not having insurance! My accountant basically explained to me how it works and if the primary person filing for taxes does have health insurance through their employer or market place then they don’t have to pay a fine for the dependent under their name who doesn’t have coverage. But if I (head of household) don’t have insurance then I’ll have to pay a fine for both of us. So in other words, I’m home free!! I’m so happy, that means I’ll be able to put away a good amount of the tax return for savings! Very excited. XDD

Recent Saturdays have been super busy. I don’t mind taking reason A to places she wants to go. I mean, I am her only means of transportation and I do feel guilty that if I don’t take her anywhere, she will literally spend weeks and weeks at home. But she is killing me on Saturdays! The places she wants to go are just all over the place! I know gas is cheap now but we can’t just be driving to these places with no regards to how far apart they are! She got me going from this side of town to that side to this side again! I always ask her to tell me all the places she’s trying to go so I can plan it correctly, but we always end up wasting gas by going in loops. *FAILS*

We went to Dekalb Farmer’s Market which is all the way in Clarkston, and then we went to Chinatown which is in Chamblee, then we did Hobby Lobby in Duluth! OMG. I was so damn tired. And the second we sit our butts down at home from the long day of errands she gets excited planning the next weekend. Noo!! Can I get some personal time??? Its at times like this I really wish I had a sibling so we could split the duties. >_<


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