Lazy Sunday

MOOD: onigiri- sleeping (Sleepy)
Quote Of The Day: “I think you’re growing old faster than me.” -reason A

I’m old folks. Its true. I couldn’t even get out of bed today. I was so damn tired. @__@;; reason A was like how the hell are we “growing old together”, that’s messed up. Ahaha. I’m such a loser sometimes. Like I want to be social, but not only am I a hermit, and don’t really wanna go out, I’m always tired like a grandma! So I do feel a sense of relief when I get to stay home and be a couch potato! *FAILS*

reason A was pretty tired too. Its depressing seeing her age like this. I feel like I’m surrounded by old people, both at work and at home and its making me “old”. I don’t even know if there’s any scientific proof behind it but I know being around young people makes u youthful, so I’m assuming the same applies when referring to older people. I need to hang out with folks more my age!! I can’t wait til I get a new damn job that is with my peers!! Ugh.


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