Bossman’s Back + Smartie Hubs + Wet Weekend

MOOD: onigiri- poker face (Poker Face)
Quote Of The Day: “Put my phone in my pockets for sec, it was a dark road and I know where all the thieves are.” -Kenny

The evil old man is back today. It would land on a gloomy day. Ugh. He didn’t bother me too much today because he was preoccupied with a some samples that a customer is in a rush to get that got delayed. Sometimes I think to myself, I wanna be a business owner one day, but then I see when he’s stressed out and I’m like I don’t wanna deal with that shit! Screw that! Lol.

Today Kenny had to work overtime. By the time he got off work it was almost midnight!! OMG. He’s watching Europe’s economy very closely and a lot of his clients have been calling him about the Euro going down. I guess a lot of them have a majority of their investments in foreign currency? Honestly when it comes to finances, I am so clueless. I’m like the dumb blonde of economics. Lol. The 3 classes I hated the most in college were Accounting 1 & 2 and Finance class. @__@;;

Yesterday I saw the news that Saudi’s King passed away, and his son is taking over the throne. I asked Kenny if this would affect oil prices or stocks, he said not really. Every time something dramatic happens in the world he gets swarmed, because it impacts the numbers on opening bell. He did tell me gas prices went up to like $48.76 a barrel, at its lowest point it was $44, but its not a big enough rise or fast enough rise for consumers to feel it. I was like whew!! I’m just getting use to getting it at $1.97!! Please let me enjoy it for a while before it goes back up!!

I like that Kenny’s job is so “American oriented” for a lack of a better word. Most of his clients are in NASDAQ and so he watches the America’s and Europe very closely. I can make up for his lack of language skills whereas he can make up for my lack of enthusiasm for current events and finances. Lol.

I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow. I HATE running errands or going anywhere in the rain. Ugh. And I think I have a lot to do tomorrow. I have my date with June, gotta go get rice, down to the last few grains, gotta take reason A to pharmacy and make a grocery run too. No rain! No!! >_<


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