Budgeting One Dolla + Getting Cussed Out

MOOD: onigiri- dancing (Workin’ Hard)
Quote Of The Day: “So who’s world have u been rockin’ recently?” -Juse

I was so sleepy this morning that when I got to work at 7:40am, I fell asleep in my chair, leaning back, with my mouth open, like a grandma. Lol!! Thank God no one walked in at that time, and our door has a chime on it so when someone did walk in, I suddenly jumped up. Maybe I took an infamous “power nap” in 10 minutes or something, cuz I felt much better after I woke from that. Lol.

So today I was going to make my worm list but I ended up just budgeting the whole freakin’ day! I mean how long can someone budget for? The funny part about the whole thing is I have NO MONEY!! Its not like a have a ton of investments I need to sort out and keep track of, its just a freakin’ paycheck! Lol. How pathetic is that? I can spend 7+ hrs budgeting one freakin’ paycheck! Lol. Its super sad. But amazing how time passes when ur involved in numbers. @__@;;

In the afternoon, a client of another client called and cursed me out. Eh, so what’s new? I usually keep my calm on the phone, but honestly I can feel my face get hot. Like I knew I was heated. I know he just wanted to let off some steam, but my thing is, I will patiently listen to you yell, but what u have to understand is that I only have one solution for u. Which is take it up with the other person! I know its gonna piss u off to hear that after u do ur whole speech, but that’s all I can tell u! Sorry bud. U pissed me off too, so now we’re even. Lol.

Bosslady didn’t come today, so I had some peace and quiet to do my budgeting. Hopefully she won’t come tomorrow either. I’m on my last leg of freedom before Bossman comes back. Tomorrow I have to make my wormlists. According to my records, he comes back Friday, but I just heard Bill tell someone on the phone he comes back tomorrow?? Nooooo!!! >_<


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