Maria Failed Me + Weekend Summary + Reasonably Easy Monday + Mikey Birthday!

MOOD: onigiri- kawaii (Easy Breezy)
Quote Of The Day: “Ok, what?” -Tanya

First off, its my brother from another mother; Mike’s birthday! So Happy Birthday Mike!

Alright so after I got all happy and made that post about Maria at ADP, how about she didn’t pull through. Even though she promised us that she would have the checks to us by close of business day, it never came. Bill called Maria a few times after that and she realized that she had sent the email asking for the package to be shipped ASAP to the wrong dept. By the time she got it directed to the right person in charge of the next step, it was already too late. We just weren’t gonna get the checks on Friday. Womp, womp. -__-;; It was stressful for me cuz I didn’t wanna have to tell everyone it wasn’t going to be a “Happy Friday” cuz nobody’s ass was getting paid! Ugh! And I was pretty much down to my last penny too so I was stressed.

Today was a holiday so banks aren’t open and although we did get the checks today, we’d all have to deposit it tomorrow basically. Why the frack do we not have direct deposit? So on Saturday, me and reason A got up extra early cuz after a billion questions she finally agreed to open a safe deposit box! Thank God! She is just so paranoid, literally she trusts no one. Sometimes I wonder if she trust herself. >_> But anyways, so we got to the bank, the branch manager actually helped us. He was really nice. It was pretty painless! I told her if she wants to, I’ll take her once a month so she can go “check on” her stuff. But it makes me feel a lot better that she’s not walkin’ around with all that cash. Scary as shit!

Saturday we also attacked roasting a duck. OMG. Let me tell u. That was a success/epic fail. Duck… folks, is just not something u roast at home. I mean, buying a raw duck is about the same price as buying a cooked one, then why bother! I don’t have a pic cuz it was trial and error type of thing so it wasn’t all that presentable, but with that said, man it was good! Yummy in le tummy! Lol. I felt bad cuz reason A didn’t each much. Duck if you’ve ever had it isn’t that tender, and reason A said she couldn’t really chew much of it. Poor lady. I don’t know if we’ll ever tackle that again, but it was delicious!

Sunday was dumpling night. I know reason A must have been dying to have dumplings cuz she hadn’t made any in SO long and she freakin’ loves dumplings! She knows I hate them though. We use to argue about why I hate them. I just do. But yesterday’s were alright I guess. Today will continue to be dumpling night. =/

Today was pretty easy breezy. Although Bosslady came again, we didn’t have any moola for her, and she didn’t bother me as much as she usually does. She left a couple of hrs after lunch and I finished cutting all my coupons for the week, which is always the goal! Get coupons cut on Monday! Because if I don’t I will get insanely backed up. Thank goodness there was only one insert this week.


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