PMSing = Death Of Kenny

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Arg!)
Quote Of The Day: “Your street name should be The Bitch Slapper” -Juse

So last night, me and reason A were watching this Chinese TV series. Its one of those historical ones and long as shit! I think there’s 76 episodes. I usually don’t like long historical ones like that, I don’t understand all of the dialog cuz its in ancient lingo and its usually boring and heavy, but honestly, this one is really good!! Kenny usually texts me while he’s at work, and there was this one scene where this really evil concubine was abusing another concubine, cuz the emperor had left the city. And the one being abused was 3 months pregnant and the mean one made her kneel on the ground under the sun for an hr and recite some book. She had dehydration and everyone was begging with the mean one, but she refused to let up! And eventually the pregnant one passed out and when someone finally came to save her, she had had a miscarriage and lost her baby!! I busted out crying cuz that was just so hard to watch.

I told Kenny I was crying about that and told him about the scene, and he told me to “stop watching that stupid crap” I was like WHAAT!! I hate when he does that!! Like he’s constantly saying don’t watch this and don’t watch that. The only thing he wants me to watch is the news. Uh, hello!! U watch stupid shit like Stephen Chow comedies all the time! I think those are stupid and do nothing but kill brain cells but do I tell u not to watch it?? No! Cuz its ur damn freedom to watch whatever u like! I lectured him about how this is how I learned Chinese as a kid, and this is how I learned about my history and culture and a lot of ABCs (American Born Chinese) speak broken ass Chinese and don’t know diddly shit about their own history and culture cuz they don’t watch this stuff!! I’m not boasting saying I’m the smartest person alive, but u gotta give me credit that I speak pretty fluent Chinese for as young as I came (2yrs or so) and I know a good amount of Chinese history, culture, and things like that!! Making me watch these dramas as a kid was the smartest damn thing reason A could have ever done!

reason A always told me I need to watch more Chinese movies, dramas, etc. Because she said that the daily conversation that me and her have is so limited, I’ll never expand my vocabulary or knowledge just by speaking Chinese at home. She use to spend so much money and time renting movies for me, because she knew reading me books would just bore me out! I am forever grateful to her for that! I told him he wouldn’t have a wife that could communicate with him, get along with him much-less marry him if it wasn’t cuz of this! How the hell are you gonna tell me its just a waste and watching this is stupid??

I got so damn heated. Like I was lecturing and I was yelling and everything. I guess he sensed it cuz when I get upset, I just send message after message and I don’t even give him time to respond. Lol.. Finally he was like “Fine! Why are you getting all worked up about this!” I was like “Cuz ur pissing me off! I’m going to bed!!” And I just stopped texting. Man I was mad!!

Then this morning, I looked at my little app that keeps track of my womanly duties, and it occurred to me its like 3 days away. Oh man, no wonder I was crying and then so irritable! I’m PMSing!! Lol. This happens every damn month. There are always times when I bite off Kenny’s head. I told Kenny this morning when he called that I was PMSing. I was pissed but it was mostly PMS I’m thinking, and he was like “Yeah, I know.” Lol!! He said “next time before u PMS can u like give me some stress pills or something? I can’t deal.” Lol!! Oh, and usually around that time of the month, I get pimples on my chin. Ugh!! I hate it! I usually don’t get pimples, but chin breakouts are hormonal and I always get them around this time, so I know its related to that. Man its hard being a woman… Boo~hoo~hoo.



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