Released From Jail + $11 Booties + Hubs Paperwork Update

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Quote Of The Day: “I’m like I don’t even like the heffa so I’m not giving u 5 cents!” -Adriana

So Bossman left today! Woohoo! He’s going on a business trip and I will have 10 days or so of freedom. I finished up December’s papework already, and other than my daily paperwork, I don’t have anything super time consuming for the next couple of weeks!! So excited. For the past year, I haven’t had real “freedom” even though he’s been heading out of town lot. Mainly because I’ve had the burden of putting together Kenny’s package as well as 8 months worth of backed up accounting paperwork to catch up on. Man it feels good to not have shit piled up to do! XD

It was a rainy and gloomy day, but it didn’t bother me too much cuz I was so happy about Bossman leaving. Lol. I took the long route home cuz I was so sleepy, and falling asleep on the local road is so much safer than falling asleep on the highway. Lol. So on days I feel super sleepy, I opt to just take the scenic way home. I stopped by Target, to see if there was anything haulable at the $1 bin. Adriana racked up some super cute Valentine’s Day stuff!! But the Target in Buckhead never has good $1 bins. Ugh. However, I did fine a steal of a deal folks!!

I’m not sure how many folks know this, but I know I’ve told Lili, but I hate spending money on shoes. I mean I must not be female. I hate buying purses, and I hate buying shoes. WTF is wrong with me. I mean I would love to have nice shoes and nice purses, but I just hate spending money on it. My shoe goal is always $10. You’re probably like WTF, who buys shoes for $10. Lol!! U’d be surprised! But I can usually find it. I’m a boring person. I always buy the same shoes. Black loafers or flats. Preferably with spikes on them, but I can live without. The real version of these types of shoes would be the Jeffery Campbell loafers with spikes all around, but those shoes are $210 each. Uh… Yeah, I ain’t about that life. >_> But I found a steal of a deal little booties at Target today! They were regular $36.99, on clearance for $11.08! WHAAAT… (*Feels accomplished XD)


Aren’t they cute?? So yeah, now I just need booty shorts and a flannel. >_> When I got home, reason A had put all the mail on my desk. I told her to start doing this cuz she’d always throw out random stuff that was important! Why the hell would u throw out stuff if u can’t read it? How do u know its not something really important?? *FAILS* And guess what? I got my first letter from INS! Its my receipt and conformation that they received Kenny’s paperwork and my fee! They didn’t assign a case number yet so I guess that will come eventually. But at least that means this process is officially starting. I’m like happy and at the same time have butterflies in my stomach. @__@;;


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