Almost Had A Heart Attack!!

MOOD: onigiri- terrified (Horrified)
Quote Of The Day: “I think he’s my angel!” -reason A

So today I had to take reason A back to the doc’s again. We had planned to go around 4pm. She still didn’t wanna stand around and wait, but obviously we went too late last time. The doc’s office is like 20 minutes from my house, and even if gas is cheap now, this is not how I wanted to spend my Sunday!! I called the doc’s office around 2pm, to see if they had her meds ready, and they said no. I asked them if it’d be ready by 4pm, and they said yeah. So reason A gets pissed again, she’s like oh he promised me it’ll be ready in the morning, blah blah. He’s a big fat liar. I’m just like, shut up!! That’s why I called up there! So we don’t waste gas going up there too early. You could have avoided all that damn drama of driving back and forth if u had just made a call each time, but u refused to remember?? Ugh. But anyways, after all her complaining and yelling and stuff, we finally went at 4:30pm, and it was painless!! We were in and out in no time!

If anyone ever wonders where I got my shitty attitude and temper from its definitely from her. I’d like to think of myself as reasonable, but she isn’t. So long after we left the doc’s office, she was still pissed! She swears that they wronged her. So there were a couple of other meds she had to go pick up so we stopped by two other pharmacies. At the last pharmacy we went to, the med they had was way too expensive. She decided she’d go home and think about it first.

What she didn’t realize is she left her purse at the store!! When she gets pissed, she is literally useless!! Like her mind is in lalaland! She usually guards that purse with her life, and she just left it sitting on the stool like nothing! Half way while driving home, she yells, “OMG!! Where’s my purse??” I was like what?? So I said, maybe its in the trunk?? Cuz we had put some other stuff in the trunk too. She yelled at me to hurry and pull over so she can check, I’m in the middle of the effin’ road woman! Are you trying to get us both killed?? So I pull into a QT and she checks but no purse!! Auhhh!!! So most people would get freaked out if they lost their purse, but for reason A it was a life or death situation cuz she had over $5K in there!! That was like all of what’s left of Kenny’s money and she also had all our jewelry in there! Who the hell carries that with them everywhere they go! She said we live in a bad neighborhood, and she’s deathly scared to leave that much cash at home. She can’t put it in the bank, so she just carries it!! She’s usually very careful with it though, but she said the whole doc situation upset her and she lost track of it!

So we didn’t know which pharmacy she might have left it in! One pharmacy we went to was brand new. They had a lot of customers at the time. We were praying she didn’t leave it there! With all those folks, someone was bound to have taken it! Second pharmacy didn’t have anyone other than the owner there. He was close to closing up shop. I had his business card so I called up there as I’m rushing back there. I asked if he saw a little dotted purse, he said hold on, then he said, “Oh yeah, there sure is one!!” I was like OMFG THANK YOU JESUS!!! So reason A was like HURRY!!! I literally felt my hands shaking on the steering wheel. I told her to stop yelling at me cuz she’s gonna cause me to get in an accident! She kept saying, do u think he touched it or looked inside, do you think he’d take something from it?? I’m like I don’t know! I told her to just check it while we’re in there.

So we get there, purse looks untouched, but zipper was unzipped. Hum… So she looked through it right quick, didn’t seem to be missing anything. So as a gesture of thanks, she ended up buying the overpriced meds from his pharmacy. Cuz at least he was an honesty man! He earned our business fair and square! OMG. That was such a close call. I thought I was gonna have a heart attack!

I told reason A I’m getting her a safe deposit box next weekend! I can’t deal with that anymore. >_<


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