Intern Roger Is Alive + Hubs Paperwork Update + New Applicant?

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Quote Of The Day: “I hope this dog is kool. Like I just can’t deal with a dumb dog.” -Adriana

Whew. Finally all caught up on bloggies. I had backtrack post for a while. Always hard to pick back up once ur behind. I gotta be on my toes this year! Yesterday afternoon Roger suddenly messaged me! This boy has been M.I.A for a hot minute. I was wondering where he went. Apparently he changed phones and his contacts all got corrupted or something so he didn’t have anyone’s number. So he’s out of town, and will be back in a couple of weeks. We’ve been trying to meet up for the longest, but he’s busier than the damn president, I can never get a hold of him. He has a business opportunity for me. So we’re gonna talk about it. U just never know what life might bring! Gotta keep my options open! I miss working with Roger. He’s a super smart cookie. If hubs is like a 8 on the smart scale, I think Roger is an 11. Lol. I’m glad he got out of this hell hole, and is doing good.

So I FedExed out Kenny’s paperwork last week. Literally squeezed it in right before the new year. So I paid for the fee with a check, and ever since they got the package on Friday, I’ve been checking my bank account everyday to see if they’ve deposited it yet. The check cleared today! OMG! I’m like excited and nervous. I’ve always heard that the whole process could take up to 1 year. So the whole time I have been mentally preparing myself for a year, and then Ranjiba who started her hub’s paperwork like 2 months before me found out her hub’s paperwork got approved in 90 days! I was like WHAAAAT!!! Then I started to get scared and I think that’s what slowed me down from finishing up Kenny’s package cuz I thought to myself, am I ready to live with Kenny and reason A under the same roof in 90 days?? I mean, I need to mentally prepare myself for that!! House is a mess, everything is a hot mess, including myself! Auhhh!! So subconsciously I think I started to stall the process. Then I squeezed it in at the end of the year, and I’m really anxious. I’m not sure what I’m feeling honestly. I’m just nervous. @__@;;

So one of our clients introduced a girl here for the open position. But when she called today to ask for directions it was obvious she was more mature in age. I know ya’ll like how I worded that to say she was old XD So I’m not sure if he would be willing to hire her. After the whole Ms. Lee thing, I think Bossman can’t stand older women. He prefers to hire young ones he can abuse and mold and take advantage of. Like June! Lol. Well they talked for a long time and we’re not sure if she genuinely wants the position or not cuz of the long commute. She lives in Lilburn! Com’on now! That’s further than me!! Bossman is crazy if he thinks anyone wants this stupid ass position with this pathetic salary and this long ass commute. Its like I work out of state but I really don’t! And it really wears u out when its daylight savings cuz it gets so dark u feel like u did a 12 instead of 8hr shift. Ugh.


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