Milkin’ The Clock Was A FAIL + Earlene Update

MOOD: onigiri- terrified(Zombie Mode)
Quote Of The Day: “The struggle is real Earlene, the struggle is real!” -Juse

I thought I was gonna get a smooth riding day today cuz Bossman is out of town. Here I am coming back from my break and body is confused as hell, I need a drama free day. But no! That didn’t happen cuz Bosslady came and was bothering me the whole day! Raise ur hand if ur didn’t get to eat lunch in peace again. (*My hand up high) Ugh! #asiangirlcantwin Nobody wants to hear about ur bitch (literally because she got a new puppy) during my lunch time! Go away! Shoo fly! Lol.

So I haven’t talked to Earlene in forever. She usually is the one to call me, and I’m forever missing her calls. I love her to death but once u get on the phone with her, u literally will not get off for a couple of hrs. And I’ve been so exhausted with drama that I just don’t have the energy or patience to stay on the phone with her for that long. So I’ve been avoiding calling her back. I appreciate her calling to check up on me though. I texted her and told her I was fine, and I’ll give her a call as soon as I can. So since I didn’t have anything interesting to watch on YouTube while driving home, I decided to call her. Lol. Last time I talked to her I think it was sometime in October. U see what I mean about being more social? Ugh. Anywho, so I asked her how was her Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. She said in general it was good. But of course every time we talk we have to vent to each other about our drama, and she told me that she’s having to go to the doc again for the tingling feeling she’s been getting in her fingers. I think she said she needs to go see a neurologist. This woman is forever at the doctors. She’s really tall and very slim and she has all these medical conditions going on. Some are hereditary and some are just from bad eating habits I guess. I feel for her cuz u know medical bills can really be a pain when they start piling up. She’s not working a salary job like she use to so money is tight and benefits aren’t all that. Poor Earlene. She also recently had some car trouble. She had to get new tires. I definitely felt her pain in that! Little Red has been acting up and she’s been giving me trouble nonstop for the past few months!

I updated Earlene in summary of all my 2014 drama and she said just hearing about it makes her wanna smoke and drink for me! Lol!! Isn’t that just sad? But we both vowed that this year was gonna be our year and that things were gonna get better! We have faith, and I have nothing but best wishes for her and myself!


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