Errands And Rain Don’t Mix With My Holey Shoes!

MOOD: onigiri- yeah whatever (Bah-Humbug!)
Quote Of The Day: “Yes!! Doctor said your mouth was dirty…” -Adriana

Today like most Saturdays was Juse runs errands day. Bad news was it was still raining outside!! Like the whole damn day! Get it together weather! I got mushrooms growing like a mofo in the yard! Ugh. reason A said we gonna have shroom growing on our heads if it doesn’t clear soon.

Today’s actual goal for leaving the house was because its the beginning of the month, and I need to turn in my Staples recycle cartridges. The earlier I turn them in, the faster I get the reward money. I try to do it on the 1st of the month, but since it was a holiday, we missed that deadline. But please tell me why I forgot to freakin’ go to Staples! Such a fail. I first headed to Sprouts, but decided to go to Ulta first. I needed an eyebrow pencil and the brand I use is only sold at Ulta. The closest Ulta to me is at The Forum, and I hate going there cuz the traffic is “ridonkulous” as my friend calls it. I drove around for 30 minutes in the raining looking for a parking spot remotely close to Ulta! After I finally found a spot I though I’d go ahead and make it worth while and take a peek into Victoria Secret and Bath & Body Works since both semi-annual sales were going. No I don’t need more lotion.

Ya’ll should be very proud of me cuz I didn’t buy anything at either store. I just really don’t need anymore lotion cuz I’m already pawning off what I have on reason A, and I’m set with VS stuff too. I saw some make up bags I really wanted (half off) but I had to resist from hoarding more bags cuz I have a bag full of bags at home. *FAILS* I did however grab these two:


Review coming soon. Please stay tuned. After all that hoopa, I headed to Sprouts. I actually like the one in Lawrenceville better, but that is just too damn far of a drive. Grapefruit was 8 for $0.88 this week!! WHAAAT!! That’s ridiculous. And although I don’t like eating oranges but I love orange juice, I do like grapefruit. I bought 16 of them. Lol!! When I got to the register, and the lady rung me up, the grandpa behind me kept staring at the monitor! Finally the cashier was like, “Yeah, they’re $0.88 this week” and grandpa was amazed. Lol. He said “I need to start checking the ad more often!” Oh grandpa, you’re such a newb. Lol.

After Sprouts I hit up Walmart. I had to go get my Sunday paper. Its kinda retarded cuz I haven’t even been worming. But I feel at unease if I don’t get the paper in fear I might miss out on the biggest deal of the world or something! It hasn’t happened yet. -__-;; After Wally World I hit up Great Wall to grab reason A some “Chinese things” and we gonna hot pot all damn weekend! Woohoo!!

The worst part of today was that I wore the wrong shoes. I wore an old pair of flats that I thought I could run around in puddles with, but of course since I hate buying shoes, these were worn out and holey! Nooo!! So right when I stepped outside, they got wet so I ran around all day with wet shoes and socks. Ewww…


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