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Tax Return Success + Errands Galore

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Quote Of The Day: “Don’t wash the big bowl. Ur hands are too small.” -reason A

Woohoo!!! So I went to file my taxes this morning and got great news! I don’t have to pay a fine for reason A not having insurance! My accountant basically explained to me how it works and if the primary person filing for taxes does have health insurance through their employer or market place then they don’t have to pay a fine for the dependent under their name who doesn’t have coverage. But if I (head of household) don’t have insurance then I’ll have to pay a fine for both of us. So in other words, I’m home free!! I’m so happy, that means I’ll be able to put away a good amount of the tax return for savings! Very excited. XDD

Recent Saturdays have been super busy. I don’t mind taking reason A to places she wants to go. I mean, I am her only means of transportation and I do feel guilty that if I don’t take her anywhere, she will literally spend weeks and weeks at home. But she is killing me on Saturdays! The places she wants to go are just all over the place! I know gas is cheap now but we can’t just be driving to these places with no regards to how far apart they are! She got me going from this side of town to that side to this side again! I always ask her to tell me all the places she’s trying to go so I can plan it correctly, but we always end up wasting gas by going in loops. *FAILS*

We went to Dekalb Farmer’s Market which is all the way in Clarkston, and then we went to Chinatown which is in Chamblee, then we did Hobby Lobby in Duluth! OMG. I was so damn tired. And the second we sit our butts down at home from the long day of errands she gets excited planning the next weekend. Noo!! Can I get some personal time??? Its at times like this I really wish I had a sibling so we could split the duties. >_<

TGIF + New Series Marathon + Tax Time

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Quote Of The Day: “Charlie is kinda like me! I think she’s my spirit animal!” -Adriana

Hooray its Friday!! Not hooray that I have another busy day ahead tomorrow! Lol. Its about to be Chinese New Year soon, I think we have 2 more weeks to go, we need to start shopping for that. Its the only holiday that reason A actually cares about so we usually go all out even though its just us two. I think we’re gonna do the hot pot again, not the shabu shabu, but the Korean boiled kind.

So today I started watching American Horror Story Season 4 (Freak Show) and its awesome!! I NEVER watch anything horror. Its odd how I love watching mystery/suspense and my favorite is serial murderers which are all bloody and gory but I can’t stand horror? Such a fail. Lol. Deep down inside I’m like a big psychopathic chicken. >_> I can only watch it while at work cuz its the daytime. I can’t watch anything like this at night, cuz I’ll have nightmares. Kenny loves watch horror films. I hope he doesn’t force me to watch it with him in the future. @_@

Tomorrow’s big mission is to go file my taxes. I dread it this year because reason A doesn’t have health insurance and with this whole Obamacare thingy, I’m gonna have to pay a fine I think. I was getting stressed out cuz I need every penny I can get and I don’t wanna just pay up hundreds of dollars in fines for nothing! But I really can’t afford her insurance right now. Last year I didn’t really get to use a penny of my tax refund cuz I was helping Kenny save for his money for reason A so I put all my money into that fund. Hopefully I’ll have some left over this time. >_<

First Oatmeal In 20 Yrs + Early Bossman + No Business Trippy

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Quote Of The Day: “Every midang has true midang in them.” -Lili

So my daily routine usually is come to work, settle down, and immediately start watching YouTube or some other video site. I will usually obsessively watch a show until I’ve finished all the seasons. Before it was Mob Wives, then it was The Big Bang Theory, Catfish The TV Show, Extreme Cheapskates, My Strange Addiction, and now its the Little Couple. Today I’m also about to start American Horror Story. I usually watch videos from like 8am to about 10:30am. Cuz that’s when Bossman usually comes in. PLEASE tell me why his ass came in at 8:30am this morning!! Noooooo!!! U are cutting into my video time! Lol. Its my time to decompress before I have to deal with assholes like u! *FAILS*

So I can’t talk too much about this, but I’m on a panel of testers for a market research company. Usually I do online surveys talkin’ about how I feel about certain products based on packaging, etc. But occasionally they will send me the test product to try. Most of these are items not yet on the market, so I won’t be naming any names for legal reasons. I got a package in the mail yesterday and reason A gave me a call. Of course her paranoid self was like “Is it a bomb?? Did u order anything online?” I said no, and she was like “OMG, that means it is a bomb!!” Uh, no Mom!! I told her it was probably a test product.

I get home and it was! Hooray! Free stuff to try! Lol. This time it was dun dun dun… Oatmeal!! Noooo!!! I hate oatmeal! I know its really healthy but I can’t stand it! It really is more about the texture than the taste. I don’t like slimy, mushy or wet stuff. I feel like I’m eating baby food or paste or something. Blah. But since they sent it to me I gotta try it and then submit my opinion. Today, I had one. Its instant, and is super charged, meaning there’s more than oats in it, there’s pecan, cinnamon, barley, flax seeds, and quinoa.


In all honesty folks. It wasn’t bad at all!! It had a lot of flavor, and was pretty good. Things that taste good usually aren’t good for you, and I checked the packaging, this has a good amount of sugar and sodium. Ouch. So is this even considered healthy anymore?? Who the hell knows, but I’m glad it tastes good cuz I have 12 packs of it! Lol. I think I’m gonna bring some to work with me as backup food in case I starve.

So today Bossman told me we WILL NOT be going to the expo anymore. At the end of last year he was still determined to go. This year, not so much. I think the rent for the space we usually occupy has gone up to some ridiculous amount and we can’t afford it. A part of me is like “OMG, thank u Jesus.” and another part of me is like “Awww…” cuz going there was kinda like my escape from reason A and other random home drama. Now I’m stuck here forever. Lol!! I rarely get to travel so an occasional one, even if they are always a pain up my ass are pretty welcomed. Its a shame. Without business trips, I don’t think I’ll leave Atlanta, EVER again. (*Sobs)

Oh… Just Worms And Dogs

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Quote Of The Day: “U only had a bite of the noodles? So was it like u had one noodle and took the other noodle to go?” -Kenny

Finished cutting and sorting all the damn coupons!! Ugh. I hate doing it every time! Last week I took reason A to Wally World and wormed a little. We got her favorite shampoo, the Garnier Pure Clean I think its called? They’re $2.50 a small bottle I think. But I had a $2 off 1 coupon! So they were only $0.50. Awesome deal. She was amazed! Lol. Although I always come home with worms, she doesn’t get to go see me work my magic very often. Then we also got two completely free bottles of Tabasco sauce! Cuz they were on sale for $1 each and my coupon was for $1 off one. Again, she was amazed. She always asks me how these companies stay alive if they keep on giving away free stuff. I just remind her that not everyone is a couponer and its not like they’re giving away a billion free. Lol. Oh and for like the 4th time in a row? I’ve gotten two newspapers for the price of one! The cashier sometimes doesn’t notice that its 2 papers when I stack them together (although they have their own rubber bands). I don’t speak up. I’m sure I’m going to hell for it, but eh… What the hell. I’m already VIP there. Lol!!

Mike and Adriana got a new puppy and she’s a handful! Adriana said Mike is super happy that he has someone to play with and loves him. He’s a pretty affectionate guy and Adriana is just like “Eh, get away from me, u all up in my face” Lol!! So I’m sure he feels unloved. Now he has a dog that will always be wagging its tail and excited to see him when he comes home from a long days work. Adriana said in the future, Kenny and Mike can keep each other company since they both are awesome cooks and we both suck, they can be slaving in the kitchen and me and her can be out worming! Lol.

U Scared The Shit Out Of Me!!!

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Quote Of The Day: “She just naturally doesn’t have hair I guess” -Juse

This morning on the way to work, I stopped to get gas. Its cold, I’m in a hurry to get to work. Right when I finish pumping, a random old Asian dude creeped up behind me and instead of saying “Hello” or “Excuse me” like a regular person would to get someone’s attention, he busted out super loud “Where I pay!?” It scared the shit out of me! I turned around startled and was like WTF! If u got some damn senses then u know to not sneak up on a woman in public!! U don’t know if I’ll turn around and sock u in your facehole! I could have a black belt in taekwondo or something!! I just said “I don’t know” and went back to my business, but the man was determined to get an answer from me! So he asked 2 more times! I’m like dude! If u don’t know how to pump gas then please get a lesson from someone u know! I’m in a hurry to get to work, I can’t walk u through it!


It WOULD be a rude ass Asian!! I can’t stand Asian people!! Other than that, there wasn’t much that happened today. I spent the remainder of the afternoon budgeting and stressing like usual. Lol. Kenny went to bed pretty early tonight. In early I mean midnight. But he had a long day at work. Hopefully I can get some rest tonight too. I SOOOO did not wanna get my ass out of bed this morning. @__@;; Crap. I need to cut my coupons for this week. There’s like 4 inserts this week. *DIES*

The Grandma Arrangement

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Quote Of The Day: “So just tell me this, who the hell is gonna take care of Grandma?” -Juse

So lets talk about a serious topic today. I think I was gonna talk about something else, but considering I don’t remember what it was, we’re just gonna discuss this instead. So Kenny told me today that he had a long conversation with his Grandma about her living situations. Currently, Grandma is living with Kenny in the house that her and Grandpa have. Its technically Grandpa’s house that his children bought for him. Kenny’s Auntie Fen paid for half the house, and his other Aunties got together and paid for the other half.

Now that Grandpa has passed, they had a family meeting and decided they want to sell the house, and split the money. When they first decided on this, it was a few months ago. I was like, WTF. I wasn’t happy with the arrangement because if ya’ll sell the house, where is Grandma suppose to live? I have an American mentality and I thought that after Grandpa passed, the house would go to Grandma, and then the kids would only get it after Grandma passed! How the hell are ya’ll gonna split the house now and Grandma is living in it!! Well the only option after that would be that Grandma had to go live with one of her kids. Then I thought well maybe that’s a better arrangement cuz she lives with Kenny in that house now, but since Kenny is always at work and gets home late, he really can’t take very good care of her. I’m sure she’s bored and lonely always at home by herself. If she went and lived with one of her kids, they have a whole family that can help take care of her, and grandkids to keep her busy.

Kenny’s whole family is based out of a city right outside of Canton. Its called “Qing Yuan” and is about a 2 hr drive. Only Auntie Fen lives in Canton, all the rest of the Aunties are in Qing Yuan. Kenny told me a couple of weeks ago that maybe Grandma can go retire in Qing Yuan. That’s where she grew up. She has distant relatives there, and her 3 daughters. I thought that was a decent idea too cuz when you’re older of course you want to be closer to family. The only people here are Kenny and Auntie Fen whom are both busy.

But today Kenny told me after his talk with Grandma, he recommended to her that she sells Grandpa’s house. After another family meeting, they decided that Auntie Fen would take half the money because that’s her money anyways, and the other half of the house money, the other Aunties would just give to Grandma. Kenny recommends that Grandma go take this money and live in a nursing home. I was like WHAAAT!!! He said after careful consideration, he thinks this is the best arrangement for her and she also said it was fine with her.

Lets talk about why I have a problem with this idea. Although I grew up in the states, I have a decent amount of influence from my culture. Call me old fashioned but I grew up with the Chinese family model. That means, parents will do anything to provide for their kids (no age limit) and kids should take care of their parents in their old age! I know its rare for grandparents to live with the family in American households, but its actually pretty common in Chinese households! To me, I think Americans don’t usually do this arrangement for a few reasons. One, Americans are more pro-independence. They send their kids out into the world and expect them to fend for themselves by a certain age. U’re an adult at 18, and parents around the 18-21 range will stop waiting on u hand and foot and u need to go fend for yourself. Two, Americans prefer freedom. Kids are find with being on their own because they don’t want their parents hoovering over them and they want their own freedom, be it moving out or getting a job or whatever, they just want their freedom. Third, Americans value privacy. Honestly I can tell u, Asian parents and Chinese parents especially are often melding. I mean they are all up in your life, all up in your marriage, and later on will be all up in how u raise ur kids. That’s just how the culture is! U are forever connected to ur parents!

Because Chinese parents tend to not “force” their kids to grow up and be out the house by a certain age, kids tend to be more attached to them. Literally Chinese parents will provide for their kids till the day they have not a single penny to their name. They don’t have a problem with that. They’ll watch the grandkids, they’ll welcome u into their home anytime, etc. So when they get old, they want a large family unit. They want to enjoy the fruits of their labor and to them that’s not just the old couple living in a big house by themselves, but rather have a huge family of 3 generations living together. In the Chinese culture, it is also shunned upon if u don’t take care of ur parents when they’re older. In matter of fact, in China, there is a law against it. It is against the law if you don’t take care of your parents, they can sue you for it.

Now lets talk about how I feel about nursing homes. I’ve never had a good impression of nursing homes. I’ve seen numerous articles and news reports on how elders get abused and neglected in those places and I’ve visited nursing homes growing up as part of school activities and all I remember seeing were lonely old people in cold and lifeless rooms slowly waiting their death. They were lonely, they were sad and it was super heartbreaking! When we went to visit a nursing home during Christmas to sing them Christmas carols and give them our handmade Christmas cards, they were so happy! One old man grabbed my hands and didn’t wanna let go. He said no one has visited him in so long and he was happy that we came to sing them Christmas carols. I cried. I’m a softy and I really can’t deal with this kind of stuff. I don’t think any person should have to live like this in their old age. U spend so much money, time, effort, and energy taking care of your kids and watching them grow. From kindergarten to high school or college, as a parent, that’s your biggest accomplishment! The biggest chunk of your life! And here you are in your old age, and unable to take care of urself and u get thrown in this place with a bunch of other old sad people to live out the rest of your years?? How freakin’ sad is that!??

If your parents have each other, and they want to live by themselves, and do their own thing, that’s fine! But if one passes and there’s only one left, I think the kids should step up and take them in! From a security stand point, from a safety stand point, from an emotional or mental stand point and quality of life, it is better for them to live with family instead of alone! Its sad if u have kids that are able that won’t take care of u and send u to a nursing home instead!

Unless u don’t have kids or you’re not medically able to take care of them, no elder person should have to live in a nursing home! Call me old fashioned! Yes I judge Kenny’s family for this decision! She has 4 well off daughters and none of them are willing to take Grandma in?? Like WTF!! One if not all of them should step up to the plate and take care of their Mom! So now Grandma has to pay for her own nursing home and live by her lonesome self??

As preposterous as I find that, its really not my call. Kenny said he doesn’t wanna do it either, but he won’t be there to take care of her, and everyone else is “too busy with life” so he thinks this is the best option. He explained this to Grandma and she said ok. Honestly if Grandma is ok with it, then I’m ok with it. Its all about what she wants. The reason I was getting a little upset about it is I am NOT ok with nursing homes. Even if I lose my job and can’t afford to take care of reason A, even if I only have one slice of bread, she would get half. I just want Kenny to know, that he better not get in a habit of it and think when parents get old, all we have to do is ship them off to a nursing home, because reason A will ALWAYS live with me until one of us drops dead. That’s just how its gonna be, he need not even think about getting rid of her. That’s not even an option. But I didn’t say anything cuz he wasn’t in a good mood. I’m sure he didn’t really wanna send Grandma to a nursing home either but he won’t be by her side much longer so he needs to plan for it now. Man this was a ramble!! But yeah… That’s the situation so far. >_<

Lazy Sunday

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Quote Of The Day: “I think you’re growing old faster than me.” -reason A

I’m old folks. Its true. I couldn’t even get out of bed today. I was so damn tired. @__@;; reason A was like how the hell are we “growing old together”, that’s messed up. Ahaha. I’m such a loser sometimes. Like I want to be social, but not only am I a hermit, and don’t really wanna go out, I’m always tired like a grandma! So I do feel a sense of relief when I get to stay home and be a couch potato! *FAILS*

reason A was pretty tired too. Its depressing seeing her age like this. I feel like I’m surrounded by old people, both at work and at home and its making me “old”. I don’t even know if there’s any scientific proof behind it but I know being around young people makes u youthful, so I’m assuming the same applies when referring to older people. I need to hang out with folks more my age!! I can’t wait til I get a new damn job that is with my peers!! Ugh.

Cafe Intermezzo W/ June + Errands Galore

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Quote Of The Day: “I never thought I’d date anyone that’s not Chinese. U just never know.” -June

Well today was definitely eventful. I’m exhausted! Of all the weekends that I want to but couldn’t sleep in, this would be the one damn day that I actually am sleepy but can’t sleep in because I have plans. *FAILS* I got up around 10:30ish and got dressed and ready to head out. I told June I’d pick her up at Curry Honda around 12:30. I think I get super anxiety anytime I have to go somewhere I’ve never been to before, and that super sucks cuz most places I haven’t been before. *SOCIAL FAIL*

I was running late but ended up being right on time! I hate Curry Honda, that place is up a hill, they are jam packed with cars in the front lot and there’s nowhere to park! June said she had been there 15 minutes already but couldn’t get serviced! I waited outside a little bit. We headed to Cafe Intermezzo where I haven’t been in like 10 years! Last time I went was with my high school BFF’s Donna and Diana. I love how I never discover new places by myself. Everywhere I’ve been to is because a friend took me there. Lol.

It was nice seeing June! At first I didn’t really know what to say. We basically just started asking about each other’s job. There’s not much I can say about my job other than the fact that it still continues to suck which she already knew. She said her job was going good. Her manager was really nice, and although work load is kinda heavy (mostly data entry) it was ok. There’s two major things she doesn’t have to worry about which is commute and getting paid on time. Two huge factors if u ask me! So she’s doing good.

She ordered a turkey panini I think? I got the Chicken Florentine Crepe. It was really good! U know Asian people gotta do it the “sharing” style, although I’m not a big fan of sharing. But she took half my crepe and I had half her sandwich. XD I liked my crepe better. I’m not a dessert person, but I guess June is, so she had a slice of key lime pie and I had taramisu. Lol.

cafe intermezzo1

cafe intermezzo2

The exciting thing she told me was that she finally is dating someone! It was her birthday last week and she turned 29. Oh boy. Last time she was in a relationship was a couple of years ago. She hasn’t dated anyone since. O_O;; She did have 2 guys going after her at one point, but they were both fails and she didn’t like either one in that way. One, I thought was ok but the other one is just an immature a-hole. I’m glad she didn’t give that one the time of day.

She just started dating this new dude on Tuesday! Lol. So its like a super brand new relationship. He’s Viet. I totally forgot to ask what her dad thinks about this. I guess at this point he’s just happy she’s dating anyone? Lol. That sounds pathetic, but its true. She’s not getting any younger, she needs to at least start a relationship! You never know, this might be the one! She said her dad might to go Jersey to live with her uncle. He thinks its boring here just him at home by himself all the time, since she’s rarely home, always hanging with friends. I wonder if that’s how reason A feels. Lonely? But then again, I spend most of my time with her! Not with friends!

June actually ended up paying for lunch when I went to the restroom. I saw her signing the check, and I asked her how much it was, and she said don’t worry about it. I felt kinda bad cuz I should be treating her since it was her birthday last week, but I guess she felt bad for making me pick her up and dropping her off so she decided to pay. Whew! Kinda a relief because I’m on a budget. Lol!

After dropping her off to get her car, I had to rush home so I could take reason A to the pharmacy. They closed at 5pm. After that we went grocery shopping. reason A always puts me over budget. Honestly it really stresses me out when we go shopping cuz she doesn’t have ANY financial sense. Like none!! U know I’m poor! Stop buying everything under the sun!

I’m still taking meds for my fatigue, and I don’t think its showing any results yet. I mean, true I was out and about from 11am to 8pm but for a young person, that’s like nothing right?? When I got home I was freakin’ exhausted!! I’m genuinely grandma status! Lol. That crepe I had for lunch?? Long gone! That was not enough food to last me the whole day. Lol. Well at least I got all my errands done. It was eventful.

Bossman’s Back + Smartie Hubs + Wet Weekend

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Quote Of The Day: “Put my phone in my pockets for sec, it was a dark road and I know where all the thieves are.” -Kenny

The evil old man is back today. It would land on a gloomy day. Ugh. He didn’t bother me too much today because he was preoccupied with a some samples that a customer is in a rush to get that got delayed. Sometimes I think to myself, I wanna be a business owner one day, but then I see when he’s stressed out and I’m like I don’t wanna deal with that shit! Screw that! Lol.

Today Kenny had to work overtime. By the time he got off work it was almost midnight!! OMG. He’s watching Europe’s economy very closely and a lot of his clients have been calling him about the Euro going down. I guess a lot of them have a majority of their investments in foreign currency? Honestly when it comes to finances, I am so clueless. I’m like the dumb blonde of economics. Lol. The 3 classes I hated the most in college were Accounting 1 & 2 and Finance class. @__@;;

Yesterday I saw the news that Saudi’s King passed away, and his son is taking over the throne. I asked Kenny if this would affect oil prices or stocks, he said not really. Every time something dramatic happens in the world he gets swarmed, because it impacts the numbers on opening bell. He did tell me gas prices went up to like $48.76 a barrel, at its lowest point it was $44, but its not a big enough rise or fast enough rise for consumers to feel it. I was like whew!! I’m just getting use to getting it at $1.97!! Please let me enjoy it for a while before it goes back up!!

I like that Kenny’s job is so “American oriented” for a lack of a better word. Most of his clients are in NASDAQ and so he watches the America’s and Europe very closely. I can make up for his lack of language skills whereas he can make up for my lack of enthusiasm for current events and finances. Lol.

I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow. I HATE running errands or going anywhere in the rain. Ugh. And I think I have a lot to do tomorrow. I have my date with June, gotta go get rice, down to the last few grains, gotta take reason A to pharmacy and make a grocery run too. No rain! No!! >_<

Last Day Of Freedom + Hubs Work + Weekend Plans

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Quote Of The Day: “Well I’ll give u enough covers for your belly button!” -Kenny

This morning I told myself, I need to get some work done instead of just getting sucked in by YouTube. Well I did get sucked in but I did get work done too. I cut all the checks, and sorted and filed some paperwork. Bosslady came in for a couple of hours but thankfully, she left right before lunch so I got to eat in peace.

Today is my last day of freedom, because Bossman comes back tomorrow. Amazing how time flies when you’re having a good time. Lol!! I wonder when he’s going out of town again. Hum… Sometimes I wonder to myself, when I find a new job if I’ll miss this ridiculous freedom I have when Bossman’s not here. Honestly, I get away with so much stuff here that its absurd! I wear sweat pants to work, I spend the whole day watching YouTube videos, I print, cut and sort coupons at work, I mean who the hell gets paid to do all this?? But at the same time, when its crunch time, I really do handle like 3 people’s work load and do what I have to do, which is also absurd with my pathetic salary! Sometimes when I slack off, I tell myself its ok because when its time to work hard, I really haul ass, so I deserve a rest when I can!

I had planned to go worming this morning at Publix, but I was running late and I also had to stop for gas, so no time. Oh well. I might either go after work today or just go tomorrow morning.

Kenny has been at the new position for about 2 weeks now. He works really long hours and its kinda hectic. He sets an alarm on his phone to remember to call and wake me up everyday and I told him he doesn’t have to do that. Honestly, I wake up just fine without him. Lol!! reason A hates it when he “calls to wake me up” because instead of thinking its sweet, she thinks its fake and unnecessary. She always says “So who the hell was waking you up before you met him?” *FAILS* I told him if he gets busy I’d rather him focus on his work cuz that’s more important. He said its ok, and insists on doing it everyday. But the new job is so busy, he’ll call me but he’ll be silent on the phone! He’s too busy talkin’ to clients on the other line or emailing them, and I just stay quiet because I don’t wanna disrupt his train of thought! *EPIC FAILS* So we are just both silent and he’ll say a sentence to me once every couple of minutes. Lol!! All I hear is him typing and his co-workers in the background. Lol. Today he even forgot I was on the other line!! Ahaha. *DOUBLE EPIC FAIL*

facepalm-cat copy

Then he said, Oh shoot! I forgot you were on the other line! I got caught up with a client, and then I heard breathing on the line and I realized we were on the phone. Ahaha. But I don’t mind because I like hearing him immersed in his work. There’s nothing more sexy than a focused man! Lol.

So this weekend I’m suppose to hang out with June. reason A wanted me to take her to go get her meds, and I felt guilty telling her I made plans. I’ve been dying to go hang with anyone but I haven’t been able to for the past few months because I’ve either had to take reason A to the doc or take her to go get meds. I told her I have a date with June and she was like “Oh…” I told her I could take her afterwards or on Sunday. I’m actually not that thrilled to hang with June actually cuz I don’t know what we’d talk about. She doesn’t know much about my personal life, and we don’t have any other mutual friends. I guess I’d ask her how the new job is doing. She knows how my shitty job is, so hopefully I can just stuff my face with food and she’ll talk. Lol.

Today she texted me and asked me if I could go pick her up at Curry Honda instead of meeting her at the restaurant. I was annoyed but too chicken or like whatever to make a big deal out of it. I think I just hate driving. Maybe cuz my commute is 70 miles a day, I just don’t wanna be driving all over the place on the weekends too! Oh well. Its not like we hang out a lot. I told her that’s fine, I’ll go get her around noon. But I know she did this on purpose cuz she doesn’t wanna just sit and wait there. But its inconvenient for me to go pick her up then have to drop her off. She better entertain me! Lol.

In other news, I think I didn’t get enough sleep last night because my left eye has been twitching all day, and its annoying the hell out of me. The whole day I’ve been like o_O