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Lawd Have Mercy, Its Been A Hot Minute!

MOOD: onigiri- staring (Oh Boy)
Quote Of The Day: “I feel like I just wanna get sweat pants in every color and just call it a day.” -Juse

OMG!! My home sweet home. I literally have not blogged in a year. My last post was this month last year. -__-;; I need not be too hard on myself though. Its been a long year. Things haven’t come full circle yet, but I guess they’re moving along, and I need to start blogging again for therapeutic reasons. I just feel I was more sane when I use to blog on a daily basis. I guess cuz I could purge my thoughts?? Work and personal life this past year was just way too hectic to take any time for myself, as retarded as that sounds. I know I said this once before, but I’m back with a vengeance again folks! Lol. #breakingpromisestoselfisgay As anal as I am, I would rather start on Nov. 1st so I can have a brand new month, but u know what? Screw it. Blah. I’ll start whenever the hell I wanna start. Tomorrow’s post will be a quick summary of this past year. Brace urselves. Lol! XD