TGIF + Annoyances + No Plan Weekend

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Annoyed)
Quote Of The Day: “The fat cousin! The fat one!” -Kenny

Mom always said that you don’t have to be two cute people to make a cute couple. I agree with that. Although I don’t think Bill and Ms. Lee are cute, but ever since Ms. Lee got fired, everyday during lunch time, Bill would call her and they’d talk about “lunch”! What?? Like he’d asked her if she’s had lunch, what she’s eating, blah blah. I don’t know if I just find that annoying or actually cute. Considering how long they’ve been married, I guess its cute that he still cares enough to call her during lunch break to “chit chat” knowing that he’ll see her in less than 5 hours, but at the same time, he talks so loud that I find it annoying cuz I can hear it in a whole ‘nother room! Ugh. Everything seems to be getting on my nerves this week. -__-;;

Finally got to talk to Kenny this morning. He told me he got drunk last night so didn’t call. I already figured that part. He said “Aww man… you guessed it again?” I told him of course I knew cuz there’s only two times when he doesn’t call. One, he went to a place that doesn’t have a signal, or two; he’s too drunk. Lol!! I felt bad this morning for being upset yesterday about him having so much “fun”. He usually works and doesn’t do much on weekends, and he literally spends all his time with me, and rarely hangs out with friends or even co-workers, so he deserves some leisure time. He also doesn’t get to see his bro and cuz that often because they’re in another city and usually only come home for big holiday dinners. I don’t know why I’m so needy, like I wanna hog all his time! OMG. I AM that girl your Mom warned you about. Lol!!

Today is my last day of freedom folks! Monday will be “back to hell” cuz Bossman is back. I don’t have any plans this weekend. I was gonna go shoe shopping, but I’m really tired. I just wanna rest. I think le womanly duties is making me sleepy and tired. This Sunday, I also start le smexy time pills. I have to start it the first Sunday after I start le womanly duties. I tried to explain it to Kenny today, but he was just like WHAT??! Lol. I told him I have to take 91 pills and he was just like O___O;; Ahahaha. Cuz he was telling me to dress comfortably on the plane cuz if calculations are correct, I should be on le womanly duties while I’m on the plane flying back. But I told him I probably won’t have to worry about it cuz once I start the pills, I will not have womanly duties for 3 months. He was like WHAT!?!? He was very concerned about the side effects, but I told him of course there are side effects like with all meds. But “le smexy pills” have the least side effects in comparison to other forms such as a shot, or patch or whatever. Its so hard being a woman… *SIGH*


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