PMSing + Kennyless + Final Days Of Freedom

MOOD: onigiri- crying (Emotional)
Quote Of The Day: “You know what I burned with my curling a month ago? My nips!” -Lili

Today was a rough day. I’m major PMSing, Kenny is out having a good time with the bros, and I’m having separation anxiety. I don’t like this feeling. It makes me anxious and jittery. This can’t be healthy. Wonder if I need to see a shrink about it? Lol. Today is also day one of the last 2 days of my freedom, cuz Bossman comes back this weekend, so I’ll be in hell again on Monday. This is one of the longest trips he’s ever taken. It was for a full 3 weeks, but time seemed to fly by.

During this time, I admit that all I did was slack off. Of course I got all my duties done, but I just didn’t have that “rushed” feeling of when he is here. I simply do it at my own pace which was great. The rest of my time, I definitely spent on doing my personal paperwork and getting my stuff ready for my trip! There is a lot of documents I needed to prepare for the wedding, and I concentrated a bulk of my time doing that. Now I’m just waiting on my travel visa to come. Should be another week or so. (*Crosses fingers)

Other than that, I’ve been stuck on YouTube, watching very random, disturbing or useless things. Lol!! Sometimes I end up on the wrong side of YouTube and you’re like O_O *GULPS* Ahaha. I have also used many days to eavesdrop on Bill’s phone convos, cuz I forgot to mention that him and Ms. Lee also plan on traveling like THE EXACT SAME TIME as I am!! What are the chances?? Good thing I figured it out and put in my request for time off early which has already been approved. He is bold in buying their tickets, without giving Bossman any kind of heads up and of course he has not a damn clue that I already requested off and will be gone during that time, so I’m really anxious to see what Bossman is gonna say when he finally requests off too!! I’m also curious to see when he’ll actually turn in his request! I did mine 45 days in advance! Which is a pretty decent time if you ask me, watch Bill wait til a week beforehand. -__-;; #asshole


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