Back From Hiatus + Life Update!

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Hello ladies and gents. It is I, le Oranjuse!! Lol. I know. What the hell happened to me. Well LIFE happened!! Although for over a year I have been very good about blogging daily or at least catching up on all my back track posts, too damn much has been happening recently, and I honestly got overwhelmed. When I think about it, technically its my blog and I’m the one that sets up the schedule, I really don’t have to be so hard on myself right? I should and can blog whenever the hell I feel like it! But since I’m so anal, if I’ve left out a day, it bothers the shit out of me, and I don’t wanna blog until I’ve caught up on all back track blogs, hence we are in le current situation. >_>

Anyways, point is now I’m back with a vengeance, and I’m gonna give you guys a life update, and as you will be able to see, a shit load of stuff has happened, and this is why I was too overwhelmed to blog. >_> Ahem… Let’s start from last time I left off…

8/27: I became a U.S. citizen!! Its such a shame that this HUGE life event didn’t get to have its own post. I should have wrote a whole damn post about how thankful, emotional, blah blah blah I am, but guess what? I didn’t happen. -__-;;

9/07: I went wedding dress shopping with Lili!! And I found the PERFECT dress!! I got two, the wedding gown, and a reception dress. Poor Lili was there with me for what seemed like forever. Even the lady helping me out (Shana?) was completely exhausted. Lol!! But point is, Juse got her dream dress!! (Of course no pics right now. >_>)

9/10: Applied for new passport!! I didn’t even know you had to make an appointment to apply for one! Ugh! It was so damn hard to get an appointment! This was the earliest date I had. Per Lili’s recommendation, I decided to take a risk and not pay for expedited processing or expedited shipping back. I was so scared, cuz I was on a deadline and I wanted to make sure I could get it in time for the next step! Post office people were mean to me. -__-;;

9/19: Booked my ticket for Canton!! Woohoo!!!! Thanks to Lili and Steve, I got to book my ticket early! Good news was plane ticket prices also went down by $100! That’s freakin’ awesome cuz I know it will only go up from here! After a lot of discussing back and forth, we finally decided on a flight and I’m ready to go!! XD

9/24: Got passport in the mail!! Thank you baby Jesus!! I was so scared my important documents would be lost!! My post office is ALWAYS placing other people’s mail in my mailbox! And this is how my car title got lost! So I was so scared, and how about I got it in 2 weeks!! Hell yeah!!

9/27: Turned in my application for a Chinese travel visa! They said 10 business days (crosses fingers) so if that’s the case, then I’ll have plenty of time. But of course the earlier I can turn it in then the better.

9/28: Went to see doc about getting le protection for le smexy time. Lol!! Maybe this is TMI, but hey… There’s no point in hiding parts of my life if it’s a blog about my life right? I was so terrified, I felt out of place, “innocent” and very much confused. But I had to go see a doc to get a prescription for le smexy pill so a girl gotta do what she gotta do. I also picked up my special order reception dress today!

Welp folks, there you go basically. That’s all that has happened with me recently, and now we go back to our regularly scheduled program. Lol!!


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