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TGIF + Annoyances + No Plan Weekend

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Annoyed)
Quote Of The Day: “The fat cousin! The fat one!” -Kenny

Mom always said that you don’t have to be two cute people to make a cute couple. I agree with that. Although I don’t think Bill and Ms. Lee are cute, but ever since Ms. Lee got fired, everyday during lunch time, Bill would call her and they’d talk about “lunch”! What?? Like he’d asked her if she’s had lunch, what she’s eating, blah blah. I don’t know if I just find that annoying or actually cute. Considering how long they’ve been married, I guess its cute that he still cares enough to call her during lunch break to “chit chat” knowing that he’ll see her in less than 5 hours, but at the same time, he talks so loud that I find it annoying cuz I can hear it in a whole ‘nother room! Ugh. Everything seems to be getting on my nerves this week. -__-;;

Finally got to talk to Kenny this morning. He told me he got drunk last night so didn’t call. I already figured that part. He said “Aww man… you guessed it again?” I told him of course I knew cuz there’s only two times when he doesn’t call. One, he went to a place that doesn’t have a signal, or two; he’s too drunk. Lol!! I felt bad this morning for being upset yesterday about him having so much “fun”. He usually works and doesn’t do much on weekends, and he literally spends all his time with me, and rarely hangs out with friends or even co-workers, so he deserves some leisure time. He also doesn’t get to see his bro and cuz that often because they’re in another city and usually only come home for big holiday dinners. I don’t know why I’m so needy, like I wanna hog all his time! OMG. I AM that girl your Mom warned you about. Lol!!

Today is my last day of freedom folks! Monday will be “back to hell” cuz Bossman is back. I don’t have any plans this weekend. I was gonna go shoe shopping, but I’m really tired. I just wanna rest. I think le womanly duties is making me sleepy and tired. This Sunday, I also start le smexy time pills. I have to start it the first Sunday after I start le womanly duties. I tried to explain it to Kenny today, but he was just like WHAT??! Lol. I told him I have to take 91 pills and he was just like O___O;; Ahahaha. Cuz he was telling me to dress comfortably on the plane cuz if calculations are correct, I should be on le womanly duties while I’m on the plane flying back. But I told him I probably won’t have to worry about it cuz once I start the pills, I will not have womanly duties for 3 months. He was like WHAT!?!? He was very concerned about the side effects, but I told him of course there are side effects like with all meds. But “le smexy pills” have the least side effects in comparison to other forms such as a shot, or patch or whatever. Its so hard being a woman… *SIGH*

PMSing + Kennyless + Final Days Of Freedom

MOOD: onigiri- crying (Emotional)
Quote Of The Day: “You know what I burned with my curling a month ago? My nips!” -Lili

Today was a rough day. I’m major PMSing, Kenny is out having a good time with the bros, and I’m having separation anxiety. I don’t like this feeling. It makes me anxious and jittery. This can’t be healthy. Wonder if I need to see a shrink about it? Lol. Today is also day one of the last 2 days of my freedom, cuz Bossman comes back this weekend, so I’ll be in hell again on Monday. This is one of the longest trips he’s ever taken. It was for a full 3 weeks, but time seemed to fly by.

During this time, I admit that all I did was slack off. Of course I got all my duties done, but I just didn’t have that “rushed” feeling of when he is here. I simply do it at my own pace which was great. The rest of my time, I definitely spent on doing my personal paperwork and getting my stuff ready for my trip! There is a lot of documents I needed to prepare for the wedding, and I concentrated a bulk of my time doing that. Now I’m just waiting on my travel visa to come. Should be another week or so. (*Crosses fingers)

Other than that, I’ve been stuck on YouTube, watching very random, disturbing or useless things. Lol!! Sometimes I end up on the wrong side of YouTube and you’re like O_O *GULPS* Ahaha. I have also used many days to eavesdrop on Bill’s phone convos, cuz I forgot to mention that him and Ms. Lee also plan on traveling like THE EXACT SAME TIME as I am!! What are the chances?? Good thing I figured it out and put in my request for time off early which has already been approved. He is bold in buying their tickets, without giving Bossman any kind of heads up and of course he has not a damn clue that I already requested off and will be gone during that time, so I’m really anxious to see what Bossman is gonna say when he finally requests off too!! I’m also curious to see when he’ll actually turn in his request! I did mine 45 days in advance! Which is a pretty decent time if you ask me, watch Bill wait til a week beforehand. -__-;; #asshole

Pillage + BBW Haul + My House Is A Drop Off Location

MOOD: onigiri- happy hands (Hauling Ass)
Quote Of The Day: “Is that underwear?? You are getting to comfy in here Sandy!” -Intern Jon

So in anticipation of my travels, I had to get some travel stuffers. This is what I’ve racked up (all ordered online).

travel essentials 0

Woohoo!! My first set of matching luggage! Lol. Hopefully this will last me a long time cuz it was rather expensive. It came today in this huge box! They look pretty good! We’ll see if it can withstand a international flight beat down. Lol.

travel essentials 1

Bought this purse to carry with me, it came in yesterday too, but its smaller than I had anticipated. I mean its plenty big for a purse, but I am a fan of huge purses. Lol. Hopefully this will be big enough for me. I know Kenny will hate it. Lol!!

travel essentials 2

This came in yesterday too! This goes inside the purse to help with organization! Its got slots for almost everything. That way stuff doesn’t roll around in the large compartment of the purse. Hopefully it will come in handy!

travel essentials 3

This hasn’t come in yet, but its the one I need the second most. Lol!! Its a travel document holder, of course in my favorite color so it matches all the rest of my stuff. It can hold my ID, passport, boarding pass, a pen, cash, and has a full zipper! Can’t wait to get it!

So all this came in throughout the day. I know reason A hated waiting for the FedEx dude and post man cuz she’s deathly scared of folks knocking on the door. To hear a sudden knock, freaks her out. *FAILS* But glad we got almost everything! Yesterday after work, I ran to Wally World to fill my prescription for le smexy time pills. Ugh. I hated that they were so expensive. I actually went to fill it right when I came back from the doc’s on Saturday, but the price scared me off, and I said I’d wait for a bit and think about it. But I know I have to start taking it when womanly duties kick in (which is now) so I had to hurry up and go get it. Traffic was actually pretty bad too, so that sucked.

I actually went to Gwinnett Mall first, cuz I wanted to stop by Bath & Body Works first to pick up more stuff from the sale. I got 2 sets of lotion/spray/shower gel scents for Kenny’s sister-in-law and cousin-in-law (is there such a thing? O_o) And I liked the scent so much, I wanted a set for myself! Lol. Its the “Beautiful Day” scent. Since they were still doing the buy 3 get 3 sale, I wanted to take advantage of it, plus I had a $10 off coupon!! Woohoo!! I got a lotion, a spray, a shower gel, and a body scrub. Super excited to try the scrub! I’m all about scrubs! Lol. I was gonna get 2 more scrubs or something, but then I saw the men’s section and I wanted to get Kenny something. They had this scent called “Paris for Men” or something like that? It smelled really nice, but they were out of the shampoo + shower gel combo!! Noooo!!! Obviously others thought it smelled good too. Lol. I ended up getting this:


Shampoo + Shower Gel (2 in 1) and a After Shave + Moisturizer (2 in 1) in White Citrus. Men’s product is so easy. Everything is multifunction. Lol!


And here is the overpriced le smexy time pills. Ugh!! Can you believe that?? $135.13?? That’s after my insurance! What is the point of insurance? Lol. And yes this is the generic already. >_> I start them this Sunday. Hooray! NOT!

Back From Hiatus + Life Update!

MOOD: onigiri- dizzy (Rusty)
Quote Of The Day: “So u have a small wiener. Do you ever dress up your small wiener?” -TNA


Hello ladies and gents. It is I, le Oranjuse!! Lol. I know. What the hell happened to me. Well LIFE happened!! Although for over a year I have been very good about blogging daily or at least catching up on all my back track posts, too damn much has been happening recently, and I honestly got overwhelmed. When I think about it, technically its my blog and I’m the one that sets up the schedule, I really don’t have to be so hard on myself right? I should and can blog whenever the hell I feel like it! But since I’m so anal, if I’ve left out a day, it bothers the shit out of me, and I don’t wanna blog until I’ve caught up on all back track blogs, hence we are in le current situation. >_>

Anyways, point is now I’m back with a vengeance, and I’m gonna give you guys a life update, and as you will be able to see, a shit load of stuff has happened, and this is why I was too overwhelmed to blog. >_> Ahem… Let’s start from last time I left off…

8/27: I became a U.S. citizen!! Its such a shame that this HUGE life event didn’t get to have its own post. I should have wrote a whole damn post about how thankful, emotional, blah blah blah I am, but guess what? I didn’t happen. -__-;;

9/07: I went wedding dress shopping with Lili!! And I found the PERFECT dress!! I got two, the wedding gown, and a reception dress. Poor Lili was there with me for what seemed like forever. Even the lady helping me out (Shana?) was completely exhausted. Lol!! But point is, Juse got her dream dress!! (Of course no pics right now. >_>)

9/10: Applied for new passport!! I didn’t even know you had to make an appointment to apply for one! Ugh! It was so damn hard to get an appointment! This was the earliest date I had. Per Lili’s recommendation, I decided to take a risk and not pay for expedited processing or expedited shipping back. I was so scared, cuz I was on a deadline and I wanted to make sure I could get it in time for the next step! Post office people were mean to me. -__-;;

9/19: Booked my ticket for Canton!! Woohoo!!!! Thanks to Lili and Steve, I got to book my ticket early! Good news was plane ticket prices also went down by $100! That’s freakin’ awesome cuz I know it will only go up from here! After a lot of discussing back and forth, we finally decided on a flight and I’m ready to go!! XD

9/24: Got passport in the mail!! Thank you baby Jesus!! I was so scared my important documents would be lost!! My post office is ALWAYS placing other people’s mail in my mailbox! And this is how my car title got lost! So I was so scared, and how about I got it in 2 weeks!! Hell yeah!!

9/27: Turned in my application for a Chinese travel visa! They said 10 business days (crosses fingers) so if that’s the case, then I’ll have plenty of time. But of course the earlier I can turn it in then the better.

9/28: Went to see doc about getting le protection for le smexy time. Lol!! Maybe this is TMI, but hey… There’s no point in hiding parts of my life if it’s a blog about my life right? I was so terrified, I felt out of place, “innocent” and very much confused. But I had to go see a doc to get a prescription for le smexy pill so a girl gotta do what she gotta do. I also picked up my special order reception dress today!

Welp folks, there you go basically. That’s all that has happened with me recently, and now we go back to our regularly scheduled program. Lol!!