Snowing In Summer + Sicker + Playing Hookie Tomorrow

MOOD: onigiri- dead (Exhausted)
Quote Of The Day: “You’ve been sick like forever!” -Intern Canton Cook

So last night I slept well. Such a relief. I even had a dream that it was snowing outside, so I didn’t have to go to work. In my dream I even thought it was weird for it to be snowing in the summer. Lol. Kenny asked me if we had the AC up too high last night and that’s why I dreamt of snow. Lol!! I had a busy day at work today although Bossman wasn’t here. I had to cut checks for a lot of bills and process payroll and stuff cuz I’m not going to be here tomorrow. I have my Oath Ceremony! Yays! It’s a bummer that I can’t even really be happy cuz I’m too busy being miserable from being sick. You would think I’d be doing much better today, but it felt much worse!! I think my Strep Throat has evolved into a cold now! I was sneezing all day and coughing my guts out! Ugh!! I wonder if you can OD on cough drops, cuz I think I’ve been eating more than my share. Its amazing that I’ve had this many considering how much I absolutely HATE menthol or mint taste. Ewww… But I need to deal this this cold fast. I don’t wanna be coughing and sneezing all in the immigration officer’s face tomorrow. Lol.

Annnnnnnnnnd I am FINALLY all caught up with blog posts!! Jesus!! But I am about 3 weeks behind on the Chinese one. FML. -__-;; This is also my 600th post so yays for that. Lol.


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