Sleep, Yes Please… I Want A Double Serving!

MOOD: onigiri- tired (Sleepy)
Quote Of The Day: “Aww… You were a good baby today. Did you sleep all the way til now?” -Kenny

Thank you Jesus!! I slept like a baby last night!! I even had a dream. Now I can’t recall what it was. All I know is that I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night in sweat like I have been for the past 2 weeks! Whew!! Such a relief to get some much needed rest. A few more days like this and I’ll hopefully be a lot better. Kenny texted me around 11am, but I looked at my phone and continued sleeping. As much as I wanted to talk to him, my body was just rejecting all things except for sleep!! I needed it! I craved it! Finally I woke up around 2pm. That’s the longest I’ve sleep in a long time. Granted I woke up a few times to check my phone, but I fell right back asleep. I texted Kenny, thinking he was already asleep by now, it was 2am his time after all, and the boy was awake! Why the hell are you awake? He was playing video games. Go figure. -__-;; We talked for a little bit, I got up and got some food, watched some TV, and then headed back to bed for more sleep. Yup… That was the whole day. Lol.


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