Expo Duty Day 5: Heading Home + Super Sick

MOOD: onigiri- crying (Super Sick)       
Quote Of The Day: “I’m glad I’m heading home since I’m so sick, and I don’t want you to honor kill me.” -Juse

I think I got a little bit of sleep last night. But I woke up this morning with a swollen throat! Not sore folks! Straight up swollen! Like it really hurt to swallow! I kept drinking water, thinking maybe I was just thirsty or dehydrated? But it wasn’t. Oh boy. I knew all the stress with the reason A and phone ordeal probably is taking a toll on my body especially now cuz I haven’t sleep for a week and have been working overtime, my immune system is probably on strike.

Of course Intern Jon was late leaving so we didn’t get to our show space til about 9am? Bossman was already there by then and gave me the dirty look. You know what? Screw you. I could give a hot damn about what you thought. I could start to feel my voice going out and I couldn’t talk, and started to cough. At first they had decided that we were gonna leave around noon, cuz business was very slow. How did I already know that that was never gonna happen? So for lunch we had fried chicken. Folks, now you know, when you have a sore throat, the last damn thing on earth you need to be eating is either spicy food or fried foods. *FAILS* But I had no choice!!

I didn’t have breakfast, I wasn’t going to have dinner cuz we were gonna be on the road, I had to eat this meal! I scarffed down some chicken, and ended up paying for it big time for the rest of the night. So we finally started heading out around 3pm, and my throat was still killing me but around 8pm, I was just suffering like I don’t know what. I usually never sleep on the ride home but I was sleeping on and off the whole time cuz I think I was really tired and sick. Thanks Intern Jon for giving me all your damn germs!! Ugh. So I got home around 10:30pm, and by this time, I had nasal congestion like a mofo!! I was so miserable I can’t even describe it! Cuz I couldn’t breathe through my nose. The congestion was giving me a headache. Then I had to breathe through my mouth but my throat hurt! Auhhh!!

Literally I wanted to cry. This was the worst trip of my life!! Auhhhhh!!!


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