Expo Duty Day 2: Worst Case Scenario, Not In Theory, But In Reality!!

MOOD: onigiri- highly upset(OMFG!!!!)
Quote Of The Day: “Gerl… She ain’t answering the door.” -Adriana

Welp. So phone is not revivable at all. This is bad in so many ways. One, I am out of state. The one damn time that I need a reliable form of communication and Samsung you fail me!! FML. Second is, there’s not even a T-Mobile store here where I can get it fixed or replaced! Auhhh!! Really?? I mean I know I’m in the middle of nowhere but damn!! I can’t believe I’m about to live a week of my life without a phone!

My first concern of course is reason A. How am I going to get in contact with her and tell her that I’m phoneless but safe? I kept trying to call her with other phones. Hotel phone, Intern Jon’s phone, then I got Skype and tried calling her on that, then I had Lili try and call her, Kenny tried to call her, no answer!! I didn’t know what the hell was going on! Why is she not picking up! At first I thought it was cuz she didn’t recognize the number. I know she doesn’t pick up stranger numbers and since she wouldn’t fathom that something has happened to my phone, she wouldn’t think to pick up all these other calls.

Then suddenly it occurred to me what was wrong! I totally forgot that when she first got the phone all the damn telemarketers and debt collectors kept calling to harass her and although she doesn’t pick up their calls, she still gets upset that her phone keeps ringing so I installed and app on her phone and it blocks all calls except those in her phonebook. Well guess what, my cell number is the only one in her phonebook! Auhhh!! So that’s why no one including myself has been able to get through to her with another phone! *DIES* WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO?? You know how paranoid she is. If I don’t call her every night to tell her that I’m ok then she’ll freak out! She’s already terrified that I’m out of state and is scared that I’m gonna get kidnapped but o’man!! So stressed.

I talked to Adriana since she works at T-Mobile and she said since my phone is exactly past 1 year then there is no warranty on it. If I got insurance (which I didn’t) then they would be able to replace it. I’m basically out of luck and just have to come out of pocket for a new phone. But I’ll have to worry about that on a later note. The situation at hand is that I have to get in contact with reason A! So Adriana said that her and Mike were in the neighborhood and can stop by my house for me. She thought that way she can let me talk to reason A on her phone and then uninstall that app from her phone for me so that we’ll be ok until I get back. Boy this was a nightmare…

I should have saw this coming, but they got to my house, and knock on the door. Its like about 10:30pm at this time. I think anyone would be a little startled if someone came knocking on your door at this time. They were pretty loud so my neighbors came out. Mike apologized and said they were trying to get a hold of reason A, cuz it was an emergency. Neighbors said cool, and went about their business. Poor Adriana and Mike were at least knocking on my damn door for a good 30 minutes. reason A refused to answer the door no matter what they said! They tried screaming my name, they tried saying they were my friends, they tried saying I was on the phone (which I was). Nothing! Finally she asked me if there was another number reason A could reach me at and I said yeah, so they decided to leave a little note with Intern Jon’s cell number and the words “Call Sandy” on it at each of my doors, in hopes that she’d see it the next day. Finally after yelling at the door and banging, they gave up and left the notes at each door and also left a note with my neighbor. I could hear my neighbor over the phone and I didn’t know to laugh or cry cuz when they handed them the note and explained that my phone died and I need  reason A to contact me, but she’s not answering the door, how about my neighbor said “Yeah… I don’t think she’ll ever answer that door… SMH” I was like ROFLMAO!!! That is so damn sad!! Even the neighbors know that she’s a hermit!! *DIES* So then they left.

Mom reads almost NO ENGLISH, so I didn’t wanna scare her, so then I typed up a letter in Chinese, emailed it to Tanya told her to print it, go to my house and slide that letter in the back door. I know she usually opens the back door in the mornings to let in fresh air. She’ll definitely see the letter and know what the hell is going on!! OMG!! These next 3 day is going to be the longest days of my life!!

Tanya was about to go into night shift, so she said she can’t go deliver the letter til this morning. So about an hour after Mike and his wife left my house, she must have opened the door to check and saw the note, so she called Intern Jon!! This was about 11pm?? Jon called me on the hotel phone into my room and told me reason A is on the phone, I run like the wind up stairs but when I got there, she had hung up already! Nooooo!!!! Its probably cuz she asked for me and he said “Hold on, I’ll go get her” and she didn’t understand that!! Auhhhhh!!! I was so damn stressed. This is ridiculous!!

I don’t know if she called back later on. Poor Intern Jon. I could tell he already went to bed when I ran upstairs to get reason A’s call. Both of us had PJs on and glasses, and looked a hot mess. *FAILS* I wonder if this is considered a bonding experience, cuz he saw me without makeup, and I saw him in his boxers. *DIES*



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