Expo Duty Day 1: On The Road Again + Working OT + Wings + Dead Telephono!!

MOOD: onigiri- tired (Exhausted)
Quote Of The Day: “Do these folks go to bed at 8pm or something?? There’s no place opened!” -Intern Jon

Words probably can’t explain just how much I hate business trips. I mean, I’m going to the middle of nowhere for a week. It’s hot, it’s the deep south, and I will probably be pulling out hairs by the end of the trip. Intern Jon told me that he’d pick me up around 10:30am. I know he’s always late, and literally it is ALWAYS but I still am firm about being ready by the time he says he’s coming to pick me up. It’s my sense of responsibility. Knowing my luck, the one damn time I decide I’m going to sleep in is the one time that he’s gonna be on time. *FAILS*

So I wake up at 9am, get washed up, finish packing, have a light breakfast and just sit there and wait. 11am rolls around, noon rolls around. OMFG!! Where is this boy?? Finally he come gets me at 1am!! *FAILS* At this point I am hungry, sleepy and very restless!! I just wanna hurry and get this shit over with! I can’t deal with it. I’m basically on auto pilot and I just wanna hurry u, get there, do my shit and come home!

We pack up my luggage, and head to OMX to print some stuff. Of course, this should have been done way in advance, but did he do it, that would be no, so here we are rushing to do it now. Ugh!!  So after that, he had to head back to the office to load up more shit. It was like almost 3pm at this point, and I was starving! Finally about 30 minutes after we “really” hit the road, he suddenly realized that he’s missing some paperwork that Bossman specifically gave him to bring. WTF!!? So we had to make a u-turn and go back to grab it. So when we finally left, it was like 3:30!! *DIES*

We decided to grab some Chick-Fil-A to eat on the road. I’m fine with Chick-Fil-A any day, but I hate eating in the car. Ugh. The drive was pretty boring and hot, I spent most of it looking out the window, occasionally chatting with him, and charging my phone. That was about it. Did get this decent shot of Alabama skies though.


Traffic-less. Must be nice… >_>

We get there around 7ish? We head directly to the showroom and meet Intern Roger there and then work until about 10pm. Why do we always do this shit? Gahhh!! I like starting off fresh. Why can’t we just have dinner, check into our hotel and start off tomorrow? Nope. Since the damn boy has insomnia, he likes working through the night.

By the time we left the showroom, it was really late and everywhere was closed, especially in MS where no nightlife really exists (at least in the city that we were in) so we couldn’t even find a restaurant! Auhh!! Finally we landed at Buffalo Wild Wings cuz that was the only place open til midnight. >_> This is what we had:



I’m not that big of a nacho fan, so I didn’t have much, but I was starving, so I munched on it til my food came. I love me some wings, but I don’t know about having that this late in the night then going to bed and sleeping it off. *GULPS* I got back to the hotel around midnight. I was so scared that he was gonna end up booking me a ghetto hotel cuz we booked it so late and usually there are no halfway decent ones by that time. Ours was alright. I got a suite, so the desk was nice. Other than that, just your typical hotel I guess. Here’s a tour.






So as I am unpacking, my phone was acting up. Not sure what was going on cuz it was fine when we were in Atlanta. O_o My battery was low, so the phone kept on freezing. I managed to call reason A to tell her I was safe and back at the hotel, and then I texted Kenny, and then… My phone died! Auhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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