TGIF But I Got An Ass Kickin’…

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Arg)
Quote Of The Day: “Well… Remember to take lots of pics!” -Kenny

Good Lawd!! Work kicked my ass today yet again!! Intern Canton Cook wasn’t here today, so I had to handle my own random paperwork, and here Bossman is… Talkin’ in my ear about all these random topics and projects that he wants to do, and I’m just like… >_> Why are you trying to run before you can walk again? That’s great that you’re brainstorming all these things but guess what? We got an expo that I’m trying to prepare for that’s next week!! Can I get some damn peace and quiet so I can finish this first? All your damn projects are going to have to wait til I get back! Jesus!!

On the other hand, TGIF!! I definitely need to get some rest this weekend, it will be the last time I get some real sleep before my trip, and ya’ll know I don’t sleep in hotels, so this is my last chance. I guess the one good thing is that we’re leaving on a Tuesday instead of a Monday, so that’s one less day of hell I have to deal with. X____X;;


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