Errands After Work Will Kill A Sista!!

MOOD: onigiri- dizzy(Delusional)
Quote Of The Day: “I think you slept well last night. I snuck up on you and I didn’t hear anything.” -reason A

Being backed up on blog posts is the devil. Man I hate doing back track posts!! But sometimes a girl is just too damn busy to post! Whew! Glad I’m all caught up. Watch me be backed up again next week. Lol. It always happens cuz I don’t post on weekends, so that means on Monday I have to make 3 posts. So why not just only post when I have time you ask? Nope. Being as anal as I am… Knowing that I have a missing date, drives me nuts!! Every date must be filled!! Even if that means that I gotta do back track post like a mofo! Lol.

Bill request off yesterday afternoon and this morning to get more kidney stones removed. I overheard him on the phone around noon when he finally came in, and I think he’s gotta go back to the doc’s tomorrow morning too?? O’man!! These kidney stones are no joke! As much as we can’t stand Bill, me and my interns are all like “Poor Bill… SMH.” Lol. (*Chugs green tea) >_>

I didn’t get home til past 8pm last night! OMG! Such a long damn day. From the time I stepped out the house in the morning til the time I got back home, it was 14 hours!! Jesus!! I went to Wally World to return shit, then headed to H-Mart to buy rice which they ran out of (How does this happen at an Asian store?) then went to OMX to return my laptop case, and saw Lisa there. I didn’t even know she still worked there! She cussed me out for returning shit during Back to School season and backing up her what was already ridiculous line. Lol!! Lisa is mean. I’m scared of her.

Then I went to Great Wall cuz I had to pick up some winter melon for soup, and some red beans and other ingredients for reason A’s “secret soup” which I unsuccessfully tried to get out of. Ugh. I was so damn worn out when I got home, I actually felt like crying!! Like I had “a tear” in my eye. I couldn’t tell if it was cuz I was so frustrated with traffic and exhausted from working and running around, or it was just my hormones raging since I’m on “womanly duties”. But regardless, I was tired and grumpy.

Today after work, my ass has to go to H-Mart yet AGAIN!! This time the one in Doraville, to buy rice. The one on Pleasant Hill ran out. Ugh… -__-;; #killmenow


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