Womanly Duties + Window Shopping

MOOD: onigiri- yeah whatever (Blah) Quote Of The Day: “Be careful that little chubby girl doesn’t steal it!” -Juse Perfect timing I guess. Womenly duties, here I come! Better now than next week when I’ll be out of town and on my feet in heels all day. That would be horrible! Cramps and heels?? Just kill me. Today was stay at home and rest day. I did make a trip out to The Forum, cuz I wanted to see if they had some clearance t-shirts at Old Navy. When me and Tanya went to visit Shamika who works at the Staples in Snellville, they had had an Old Navy next door that had t-shirts for $3!! OMG!! I wanted to pick up a couple but Tanya didn’t wanna wait for me cuz the lines were super long. >_< Damn it!! But how about I get to the Old Navy there and the same shirts are not on sale! Nooo!! I hate when that happens! Definitely a pet peeve of mine! If it’s the same damn store, then the prices should be the same at all locations!! Why are they all different?? It’s the same damn shirt! I mean same design, same everything! Ugh! So I didn’t end up buying any. Boo!! Then I went to the newly opened Ulta across the street, but I didn’t end up buying anything either. *FAILS* The rest of the evening was spent moving stuff from one laptop to the other. I need to move stuff over before the business trip, cuz I’ll be needing that info. I didn’t finish though. Guess I’ll finish it this coming weekend.


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