TGIF + Weekend Happenin’s…

MOOD: onigiri- happy hands (Woot! Woot!)
Quote Of The Day: “We gotta hurry up and video chat before you run off with another man.” -Kenny

Welp. Today would have been a good day if I actually got paid yesterday. But now it’s setting me back and setting me paying all my bills back by one day cuz I work for a shady company. #somebodykillmeplease Anyways, so today Bossman is still not here. Though I don’t sound that enthusiastic, I am actually doing cartwheels in my head. Lol. Honestly, I can deal with working like a dog for 3 days and then having it easy for 2. Or I can deal with having moderate work for all 5 days. Just don’t make me work like a dog for 5 days cuz I’ll die!! Ugh.

Bosslady came in today and stayed longer than usual. I think she’s bored. Her kids aren’t home, Bossman isn’t home, its just her and the dog. She decided to come and see what she can steal from us, but there was nothing to be stolen. Thank God she left already. I get to continue to enjoy the rest of my afternoon!! Woohoo!!

Kenny has gotten much better. He went back to the doc’s in the afternoon and they put him on this breathing device?? He tried to explain it to me but I didn’t really understand. But anyways, I can tell he’s getting better cuz his voice is recovering. Hooray for that!

My birthday is next Monday!! O’man!! It sucks that it lands on a weekday, but there’s nothing I can do about that of course. Tomorrow I have errands to run. Don’t know if I’ll get to video chat with Kenny or not. I can’t do it in the morning cuz I have to wake up early to get my oil changed, and I also need to do emission testing. Actually I need to do the emission testing first, cuz after you get an oil change, you can’t do emission testing for a week, and I’ll be out of town by then. OMG Little Red!! You’re sucking up all my time and money! Auhhh!! After I finish those two, me and Tanya are going to Joe’s Crab Shack and I’m gonna stuff my face hole! Woot! Woot!! I’m gonna order me a big ass bucket of seafood and sit there and cry and eat, cuz I’ve had such a long week. Lol. I can’t wait!


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