Hubs Has Laryngitis + Bossman-less Days Are Blessings

MOOD: onigiri- beat up (Beat Up)
Quote Of The Day: “He told me to make the check payable to Cash.” -Juse

So Kenny didn’t go into work today. He’s super sick!! He took the day off, and went to the doctor and I could hear how extra raspy his voice was and doc says he has laryngitis! Nooooo!!!! They drugged him up real good and sent him home. At least they got rid of the fever. To be running a fever in the dead of summer is definitely not a good thing cuz its already hot, and your body can easily overheat. My poor baby. I hope he feels better soon. This is his first time taking a sick day at this job. So he’s been doing good so far, and he doesn’t really get sick sick, other than the usual sniffles here and there. They said it was a pretty bad case, so they gave him lots of antibiotics to kill it fast. I think its probably from stress from work, cuz as I had mentioned before, he really got into it with his superior.

Same thing with my lingering cough. Ever since my citizenship test + finding out Ms. Lee was getting fired on short notice, my body has been going crazy! Man!! Today Bossman came, signed some checks and left for Mississippi. I was like “Hallelujah, thank you Jesus!!” Please go! Go for as long as you need to! Let me take a breather before I die this week! OMG.

I managed to finish processing payroll today, cleaned and wiped down my desk, caught up on blogging, talked to Kenny for a little bit, and did some budgeting cuz its bill paying time again. Whew!!


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