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Snowing In Summer + Sicker + Playing Hookie Tomorrow

MOOD: onigiri- dead (Exhausted)
Quote Of The Day: “You’ve been sick like forever!” -Intern Canton Cook

So last night I slept well. Such a relief. I even had a dream that it was snowing outside, so I didn’t have to go to work. In my dream I even thought it was weird for it to be snowing in the summer. Lol. Kenny asked me if we had the AC up too high last night and that’s why I dreamt of snow. Lol!! I had a busy day at work today although Bossman wasn’t here. I had to cut checks for a lot of bills and process payroll and stuff cuz I’m not going to be here tomorrow. I have my Oath Ceremony! Yays! It’s a bummer that I can’t even really be happy cuz I’m too busy being miserable from being sick. You would think I’d be doing much better today, but it felt much worse!! I think my Strep Throat has evolved into a cold now! I was sneezing all day and coughing my guts out! Ugh!! I wonder if you can OD on cough drops, cuz I think I’ve been eating more than my share. Its amazing that I’ve had this many considering how much I absolutely HATE menthol or mint taste. Ewww… But I need to deal this this cold fast. I don’t wanna be coughing and sneezing all in the immigration officer’s face tomorrow. Lol.

Annnnnnnnnnd I am FINALLY all caught up with blog posts!! Jesus!! But I am about 3 weeks behind on the Chinese one. FML. -__-;; This is also my 600th post so yays for that. Lol.

Illness… I Am Your B!tch…

MOOD: onigiri- crying(Miserable)
Quote Of The Day: “How come nothing is working? Are you still congested?” -reason A

Last night was unsuccessful. In matter of fact, it was a huge failure. I woke up at 5am cuz I couldn’t breath! Auhhh!! Nasal congestion! I hate your damn guts!! There’s got to be no worse feeling than not being able to breathe. I am definitely a testament to that! It was so frustrating to not be able to breathe through my nose. It meant I couldn’t sleep. But I had to breathe through my mouth, and it made me feel like an old woman! Auhhh!! Sleeping with your mouth open? Really??

I was so miserable. I ate some noodles and drank hot water, took meds, everything that I could think of to kill my congestion, but it wasn’t working. Finally I got one nostril to work and that’s better than nothing, cuz I was so damn tired, so I just went to bed. I slept for 2 hours but woke up again cuz I couldn’t breath again! Auhhhh!! There is nothing worse than being sick! And I haven’t been sick in soooo long! I forgot how miserable it makes you! Please have mercy on me!! Please!!

Sleep, Yes Please… I Want A Double Serving!

MOOD: onigiri- tired (Sleepy)
Quote Of The Day: “Aww… You were a good baby today. Did you sleep all the way til now?” -Kenny

Thank you Jesus!! I slept like a baby last night!! I even had a dream. Now I can’t recall what it was. All I know is that I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night in sweat like I have been for the past 2 weeks! Whew!! Such a relief to get some much needed rest. A few more days like this and I’ll hopefully be a lot better. Kenny texted me around 11am, but I looked at my phone and continued sleeping. As much as I wanted to talk to him, my body was just rejecting all things except for sleep!! I needed it! I craved it! Finally I woke up around 2pm. That’s the longest I’ve sleep in a long time. Granted I woke up a few times to check my phone, but I fell right back asleep. I texted Kenny, thinking he was already asleep by now, it was 2am his time after all, and the boy was awake! Why the hell are you awake? He was playing video games. Go figure. -__-;; We talked for a little bit, I got up and got some food, watched some TV, and then headed back to bed for more sleep. Yup… That was the whole day. Lol.

Missed It By Just A Little Bit, But The Asshole Returns…

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Frustration)
Quote Of The Day: “It was busy as hell today!” -Juse

So Bossman came back today. That was a huge bummer cuz I thought I could get one week of peace but we were off by just a little bit cuz his ass decided he needed to come back today. I made sure he knew that I wasn’t feeling good and he better not make any smart ass comments with me or drag me to do a ton of shit. I did become victim to a meeting and I was sitting in the damn meeting for like 3 hours. *DIES*

After the meeting, he assigned a bunch of new projects that I had to type up pro formas for and I was doing that for the next 2 hours. I knew he thought I was going too slow cuz he kept stopping by my desk to check to see if they were done so he could sign them. Look here asshole! When they are done, I will bring them to you!! Stop pacing around behind me! That’s not going to speed me up any! If you want this shit done right then you won’t bother me! I am trying to be very careful so that I don’t have any typos that could lead to financial loss! You should be thankful that you have such a responsible employee, rather than harassing me! Ugh!

After work, I had to go pick up my second cycle of medication. I’m so damn tired of taking medication. I can’t even keep up with it all. I am very thankful that it’s the weekend though. I’m so damn tired. -__-;;

Really Job?? Are You Really Trying To Kill Me?!

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Stressed)
Quote Of The Day: “Oh God… Just kill me!” -Intern Canton Cook

Just when you think you’ve had like the worst day ever, there’s always another day that seems to come along and kick that one’s ass. Yup. New worst day of my work life. Ugh!! Today was so damn busy! Lets take a look at the damage:


Can you believe I have all this shit to process? What?? Bossman wasn’t even here this week. I should have it easy breezy but instead I am about to pass out from work! Auhhh!! Not only that, we keep having these other issues, such as Bill’s email got hacked and infected many other computers cuz he’s old and senile and refuses to update his Antivirus cuz he doesn’t wanna spend money. Well good job Bill! Now the damn virus is everywhere! I hope it doesn’t wipe out our computer system!

Then I had this customer call cuz he has an issue with his order, and I was trying my best to handle it, but I have to go through so many loops! He got charged late, he got charged the wrong amount, the vendor doesn’t even acknowledge my quote number, now I have to call someone else to get them to acknowledge that first! Auhhh!! Customer keeps calling and yelling at me about it, and I’m thinking “Please shut the f@ck up and give me some time, I’m handling your shit right now!”

Not only that, but Bossman hasn’t been paying his bills. This is how I know this company is going to the dogs. Not only do I need to leave cuz they are not treating me right, but I have a bad feeling about this company dying one day and I don’t wanna be any part of that. I’ve been cutting checks for these vendors but apparently he’s not been mailing them off. Now these vendors are calling me and asking for their money and I don’t have a reply. Why do I have to deal with drama about my bills at home and then come to work and worry about them here too?? I want Ms. Lee back!! Auhhh!! Even if she was a pain in my ass! Guahhhh…

More Work Stress + The Last Straw With reason A!!

MOOD: onigiri- crying deeply(Suicidal)
Quote Of The Day: “You’re fucking useless and you’re a fucking asshole!” -reason A

Just when you thought life couldn’t get any worse. With all my drama at work. Ms. Lee getting fired, me taking over, having a business trip, phone dying, losing contact with reason A, getting sick, having to buy a new phone, how about we can add two more things on to this. One, Bossman is trying to fire Bill. Should have known since he fired Ms. Lee that it means he no longer values either one of them. To fire one is to anticipate that you don’t mind letting the other one go either whether it be they quit or you fire them cuz they are essentially the “same person”. Now he is interviewing folks vigorously to see if he can find a fast replacement and get rid of him.

I am conflicted on how I feel about this because I can’t stand Bill, I mean I basically hate him with a raging passion, and I can’t wait to get rid of him, but at the same time, I know what getting rid of him means. It means that I will basically have EVEN MORE duties that I have to take up. Even if I don’t take over that job all together, it means that I will have to take over a good amount cuz he’s in charge of SOOO many things, and there is no way in hell that the new person can pick all that up in a reasonable amount of time. Considering that I did temporarily do his job for a few weeks while he went to Taiwan a few times, I know the basic ins and outs of the job. So there’s probably also no chance in hell that Bill will teach the person that’s taking over his job the details so I guess I’d be stuck with that. FML.

Second bad news is last night me and reason A REALLY got into it. I mean, I was less than a inch away from slapping her and I knew she was ready to disown me. I was yelling at her, cursing at her, screaming at the top of my lungs, slamming shit on the table, I was just being the most disrespectful bitch I have EVER been in my life. Honestly, I almost put my hand on her. I don’t even know where all that rage came from, probably cuz I just really really can’t take her nagging and asking and stressing me anymore. I am at my boiling point with everything, I am still upset about how useless she is that caused me this much stress, I’m upset that because of her lack of willingness to learn English, my life is so much harder, I am upset cuz she doesn’t do anything yet complains about everything that I am working my ass off and basically almost killing myself to provide for her and this family. I was just upset!!

The whole phone ordeal where she doesn’t pick up others calls, doesn’t know enough English to read Jon or Roger’s name with numbers taped on the wall, doesn’t know enough English to work her own damn phone and turn off the app, her refusal to open the door for ANYONE in case of emergency, her refusal to allow others to help her, her refusal to have anything to do with society, her refusal to become independent and useful, all that stressed me out!! This is why I am so damn sick!! My body just simply can’t take it anymore!!

As hard as my ass works, she still doesn’t think I work hard enough! I’m trying to tell her that other than work, I don’t have time to think about any other bullshit, and I don’t give a damn what “position” I have at work, my pay does not change. Why would you encourage me to take on more work if my pay DOES NOT FUCKING CHANGE?? I don’t understand that!! Do you get it that I get paid the same no matter what I do?? The “title” or “position” means nothing to me! Why do you insist on adding to my stress when you  KNOW how stressed I am! I am sick for God’s sake and you still can’t let me have some peace and quiet?? Why are you trying to kill me like the rest of these assholes??

Back To Work With Germs

MOOD: onigiri- dead (Dead)       
Quote Of The Day: “You know what? I hate that you can’t text.” -Intern Jon

So today is my first day back on the job. Good news is that Bossman wasn’t here this morning, neither was Bill. So me and Intern Canton Cook got caught up on some gossip. She filled me in on what’s been going on while I was gone, and the crazy shit she had to deal with. Poor girl (*Pets her)  So the good part definitely was that I got some peace and quiet, cuz my head is already pounding, but the bad news of course was the mountain of paperwork I had to get caught up with. Boo!! I am on so many damn drugs right now, that I had to put a little Post-It not on my desk to remind me of all the meds and what times to take them. *FAILS*

Bossman apparently went back to Mississippi after he came back with us on Saturday night. Had I known that I didn’t have to deal with his ass, I might have came in yesterday. Second thought, no way… I was way too damn sick for that. Ugh. I do feel a tiny bit better today. I’m not running a fever anymore, although I did still sweat throughout the night last night. My whole pillow was wet, so then I started to use a teddy bear as a pillow, but then that got wet too from all my cold sweats, so the I just gave up. So I did sleep on an off throughout the night, but it was rough. Hopefully I’ll get more decent sleep tonight.

Intern Jon told me today that he’s not use to me not having a phone, cuz we always text each other back and forth. I didn’t tell anyone at the office that I got my new phone already, mainly cuz I don’t want anyone to think or tell Bossman that I requested off yesterday just so I could go get a new phone. That wasn’t the case at all. I was legit sick and as I went out to go pick up my meds from the pharmacy, I stopped by a T-Mobile store to get the phone. He asked me when I was going to get a new phone, I told him this afternoon after I get off work, so that way I can legitimately whip out my phone tomorrow. Lol.

Juse Takes A Sick Day + New Phone FINALLY!

MOOD: onigiri- knocked out tired (Tired)
Quote Of The Day: “Even if the dog ate it, we’ll still give you a new phone.” -T-Mobile Manager

Although I’d hate to do it, I had to request off today. Yup. I almost never request off for sick days, its always so I can run an errand. I was really trying to keep “perfect attendance” cuz I need next Tuesday off for my Oath Ceremony, but guess that plan didn’t work out. I was determined to go to work, so reason A said at the most she’ll allow me to do half a day. But when it came about 10pm, and I had to pack my bag for work, I honestly couldn’t move my legs, so I had no choice but to request off today.

I slept on and off all morning, but I kept on breaking out in cold sweats. I was so tired. All the drugs was making me drowsy. I didn’t sleep as much as yesterday though, cuz I had to go out and run errands. Yes!! While I’m sick! How shitty is that? I had to pick up more of my medicine, as well as go return my phone battery that I bought. Won’t be needing that obviously cuz the whole phone is dead and we determined that it is not a battery issue. Then I needed to go back to the T-Mobile store to see if their systems were up and could they do an upgrade on my phone or something!

I got my meds, returned the battery and then headed to T-Mobile. Please tell me why their damn system was still down! What??? They told me I had to go to the store on Sugarloaf or the one on Peachtree Industrial, well here comes the shitty part, since the phone don’t work, I didn’t have GPS!! And I don’t have internet to look it up on Google Maps! How am I suppose to find the damn place?

Thank goodness I did get smart for a sec, and before leaving the house, I decided to grab my computer to take with me. Cuz there are a lot of places that offer free WiFi now, so I can just pull over to a place, and look up something right quick. So I stopped by the OMX next to the T-Mobile, and thank goodness the signal was strong enough for me to get some reception while I was in my car parked outside the store.

I looked up directions and they didn’t seem to bad so I jotted it down and decided to go. You don’t know how stressful it is trying to find a new place with no directions and no phone in case you get lost! OMG! And to top it off, I was running a fever, and feeling like I was gonna pass out! #badcombo

So amen I finally get to the store, and they said since I have been such a loyal T-Mobile customer (almost 8 years with them) that they’d waive my migration fee to change my plan to the “value” plan which allows me to purchase a phone on a payment plan. Score!! So not only that, I also signed up for the insurance which I have never purchased in my 8 years with them and never needed to purchase, but since they have the new “Jump” program, I figured why not! It’s a really good deal! So insurance itself is like $8. But Jump is only $10 a month and includes insurance! Jump allows you to do an upgrade every 6 months instead of 2 years! All you have to do is give them your old phone and get a new one! Woohoo!! So basically 6 months from today, I can get a new phone. Insurance also kicks in now, so within the 6months, if anything happens to this phone, they’ll cover it and give me a new phone! The manager that was helping me was so nice! She said “even if the dog ate it.. we’ll give you a new phone”. Lol!! Well alrighty then! XD



I really wanted the Note 2, but I ended up getting the Galaxy S4, which honestly, I do like. But the Note 3 should be coming out sometime next month, so if it does then I might upgrade to that in 6 months, depending on how good it is. Hoorays! Lol. (*Rolls back over and coughs to death) >_>

So I have to take my ass to work tomorrow. Not looking forward to that. Hopefully these drugs will do me justice tonight and I won’t pass out at work tomorrow. Wish me luck folks.

Juse Is EPIC Sick!

MOOD: onigiri- sad(Sickly)
Quote Of The Day: “You’re not going to make it through the day. You can give him your life, its not like he’s gonna appreciate it!” -reasonA

I’m not sure if I can make it at work tomorrow. I feel soooo damn sick. I feel cold although reason A bumped our thermostat up by 5 degrees. But then I also feel hot cuz I keep sweating. Then I take off my jacket, and I’m cold instantly. Auhhh!! My knees feel week, and my nose is sooo congested, all I can feel is this pounding headache. This must be what a migraine feels like. I couldn’t eat anything all day so I had some chicken noodle soup and some congee. Its times like these that I am thankful that I have a mother. Then after I had a little soup, I ventured out to go pick up my meds. I also wanted to make a trip to T-Mobile to see if they could salvage my phone. How the hell do you live without a phone?? I commute way too damn much to be on the road and no phone in case of emergency! If I worked close to home, then fine but no!!!

I ended up picking up 3 meds. Pseudoephedrine for my nasal congestion. Its super maximum strength, and I’m only suppose to take one a day. Also Bailage that I’m suppose to drink 3 times a day to reduce the swelling of my throat, and my antibiotic which is Euracedine, that is a broad spectrum antibiotic that is suppose to kill off this Strep or Staph or whatever the hell I have. Ugh! Needless to say, I’m very drugged up right now. When I’m not taking these meds, I’m popping cough and throat drops. Food on the other hand, is another story. Haven’t had real food all day. Gahhh… -__-;;

Good news is I got the meds, bad news is T-Mobile couldn’t help me. They told me to go across the street to Batteries Plus and get a new battery and try it out on my phone first. I did but the phone still didn’t respond, and T-Mobile dude said there was nothing he could do, cuz his computers were down so he couldn’t look up my account. Boooo!!! So yeah. I am still phoneless. >_>

I came home and had some congee and then continued to sleep. All this sweating thing is driving me crazy! reason A had to change my bed sheets like twice! Auhhh!! Its times like these that I hate long hair. Ugh!! Like I sweat through all my hair and it makes me wanna go wash it over and over again. *FAILS* I honestly don’t know how well I’m gonna hold up at work tomorrow. @___@;;

Expo Duty Day 5: Heading Home + Super Sick

MOOD: onigiri- crying (Super Sick)       
Quote Of The Day: “I’m glad I’m heading home since I’m so sick, and I don’t want you to honor kill me.” -Juse

I think I got a little bit of sleep last night. But I woke up this morning with a swollen throat! Not sore folks! Straight up swollen! Like it really hurt to swallow! I kept drinking water, thinking maybe I was just thirsty or dehydrated? But it wasn’t. Oh boy. I knew all the stress with the reason A and phone ordeal probably is taking a toll on my body especially now cuz I haven’t sleep for a week and have been working overtime, my immune system is probably on strike.

Of course Intern Jon was late leaving so we didn’t get to our show space til about 9am? Bossman was already there by then and gave me the dirty look. You know what? Screw you. I could give a hot damn about what you thought. I could start to feel my voice going out and I couldn’t talk, and started to cough. At first they had decided that we were gonna leave around noon, cuz business was very slow. How did I already know that that was never gonna happen? So for lunch we had fried chicken. Folks, now you know, when you have a sore throat, the last damn thing on earth you need to be eating is either spicy food or fried foods. *FAILS* But I had no choice!!

I didn’t have breakfast, I wasn’t going to have dinner cuz we were gonna be on the road, I had to eat this meal! I scarffed down some chicken, and ended up paying for it big time for the rest of the night. So we finally started heading out around 3pm, and my throat was still killing me but around 8pm, I was just suffering like I don’t know what. I usually never sleep on the ride home but I was sleeping on and off the whole time cuz I think I was really tired and sick. Thanks Intern Jon for giving me all your damn germs!! Ugh. So I got home around 10:30pm, and by this time, I had nasal congestion like a mofo!! I was so miserable I can’t even describe it! Cuz I couldn’t breathe through my nose. The congestion was giving me a headache. Then I had to breathe through my mouth but my throat hurt! Auhhh!!

Literally I wanted to cry. This was the worst trip of my life!! Auhhhhh!!!