Abrupt End.

MOOD: onigiri- dizzy (Confused)
Quote Of The Day: “Bill told me that she’s scared the dude is gonna come back and shoot me.” -Ms. Lee

Oh boy. The drama just keeps piling on. How thankful am I that its Friday?? Ya’ll just don’t know!! Whew!! So to update everyone on the new drama… Yesterday ended up being Ms. Lee’s last day! Yup. She was suppose to work til Monday. She was gonna finish processing payroll, and then leave, but in a turn of events, yesterday was her last day! So she came in to work yesterday and told me that she’s not coming today. (Friday) She had requested off. I’m just like WTF. Who requests off 2 days before their last day?? Anyways, she did say that she would come in on Monday to process payroll and stuffers. Kool…

So this delivery truck driver came in to pick up some show samples to take back to his boss. I think him and Ms. Lee had some friction before, cuz when someone doesn’t speak English well, it can come off as rude, or short. Sometimes people ask Ms. Lee questions and she doesn’t answer cuz he doesn’t understand. Other times, its cuz she doesn’t know the answer or think it’s irrelevant. But anywho… So as he’s waiting for Ms. Lee to get his paperwork, he busts out with “So how do you say hello in Chinese?” She ignores it and continues with her paperwork. Then she hands him a pen and is like “Sign this…” And that just set him off!! He started yelling obscenities at Ms. Lee and I’m talkin’ about F bombs everywhere!! He was like “I don’t like your f@cking attitude and I asked you a f@cking question, blah blah…” He didn’t sign the piece of paper she put on the desk, walked away and said “You need to bring me that f@cking shit!” I was like OMG!! I wanna hide under my desk! >_< Eventually he came back, signed the paper and then ripped it up and threw it in her face!! WTF!! I can’t lie, I was pretty damn scared!

So after this whole ordeal, Ms. Lee basically said “F this shit!!” And she officially announced to us as well as called and told Bossman that she is NOT coming in anymore on Monday and that today will be her official last day! Oh Jesus!! You talkin’ about stressed out! That would be me! Scrambling at the last minute to squeeze in questions and paperwork and what not. I felt a stomach ache coming on. I’ve always heard of stress bringing on stomach pains but this would be the first time I’ve ever experienced it. In some ways, I don’t really blame her. If it were me, I’d make it my last day too. I mean, this is how you know your time is up!! Its like God’s way of telling her your time here has come to an end!

At the end of the day, as me and Intern Canton Cook were walkin’ out. I passed by Ms. Lee’s office and decided to give her a hug. As you all know, I hate her guts. But I did work with her for 5 years, and at one point, when I first came to the company, she was good to me. Later she decided that she hated me and wanted to plot against me. But that was only so she could get one of her “friend’s sons” in and take my place. Anyways, so I leaned in for a hug and I found myself crying! OMG!! What the hell is wrong with me?? Why am I getting emotional when I should be happy that no one else will be all up in my business again?? I am such a softy. So fa r in the past 5 years, I have cried with everyone leaving!! It doesn’t even matter if I liked the person or not! I’m NOT GOOD at separation or saying goodbye. In matter of fact, I suck at it!! Ugh.

I continued to cry as I got in the car to drive home. Of course I had to snap out of that right quick. This is no time to be all sentimental. I have a lot of work ahead of me, and I need to focus, as well as be strong. From now on, I’m taking on 2 complete jobs. FML


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