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MOOD: onigiri- highly upset(WTF!)
Quote Of The Day: “I know you guys had that meeting. And I know you knew I was getting fired before I did…” -Ms. Lee

Alright, so back to the Ms. Lee drama. Lets do a recap right quick so we are all up to date. Last week we had a secret meeting. Bossman announced to a few of us that he was gonna fire Ms. Lee. His excuse was going to be that we are not being profitable so we need to lay off folks. Therefore he was not planning on hiring anyone to work her position and I was going to have to take on all her duties and attack it like a fat girl at a buffet. Next day after meeting, Ms. Lee is suspicious of us and inquires about our “meeting” and we all play it off like we had no clue. That afternoon, Bossman broke the news to her and officially fired her but expected her to stay til end of the month so we can have a “training and transitioning” phase.

Thursday and Friday was awkward for all of us, and Ms. Lee started gradually cleaning out her office. Her actions told us it was legit that she was leaving, yet her mood made us suspicious cuz she seemed so nonchalant about it. No one mentioned the situation; it was definitely the elephant in the room. Friday afternoon rolls around and me and my interns are still “pretending” like we don’t know what’s going on, when in reality, we were indeed a bit confused.

Friday, about an hour before the end of the day, Ms. Lee and Bill both enter into Bossman’s office, and they shut the door! WTF?? We all looked at each other and were “ears up” trying to hear the convo, but no luck. All kinds of scenarios started running through my head. Is Bill threatening Bossman that he’ll quit too if he fires her? Are they begging him to let her stay? Does she know some secrets of his that she’s blackmailing him with? Oh man!! 5pm rolled around and they were still in there “negotiating”. We left, totally curious. I stayed double curious cuz I didn’t come into work Monday so I didn’t know what the end result was gonna be. Would he give up on firing her? Was she still gonna stay til the end of the month? Did she get upset and just storm out?? Auhhh!!

I came in yesterday and Ms. Lee’s walls were bare. According to my texting with Intern Canton Cook back and forth on Monday, nothing was too much out the ordinary. She said Ms. Lee continued to clean her room. Again, Ms. Lee hadn’t mentioned anything about her leaving so no one brought it up.

So today was just filled with awkwardness. Ms. Lee officially told me and my interns that her last day will be Monday. Needless to say I was in shock. I had been wondering ever since that “secret” meeting they had with Bossman, what was really going down. What did they talk about? Bossman had told us that he would ask her to stay til the end of the month. But Monday?? That’s the 29th! She said Bossman said there’s no point in her coming in after she processes payroll on Monday. FML!!! It hit me like a rock to the stomach. This is really happening. I’m about to drown in work now cuz I’m going to be officially doing 2 positions at work. She makes a salary people!! A full time salary! She’s not some part time worker that has a couple of sheets of paperwork to do! She has legit daily duties! She handles financials, benefits, payroll, materials, general office duties, etc.! What?? I can’t take over all that for the same damn pay! There’s only so much of Sandy to go around!! Why does Bossman think I can literally do EVERYTHING??!

He actually had the audacity to tell Ms. Lee “Sandy can do it cuz she has a lot of down time.” Uh, no my ass doesn’t have any damn downtime! What the hell is wrong with you?? Can I get at least half of Ms. Lee’s pay?? I’m going to be doing all of her work! My nightmare is just now beginning. -___-;; FML, and my afterlife!

I know reason A will be super shocked. She was so skeptical yesterday that this would really happen. I was a little bit too cuz Bossman has been talking about it for years and it hasn’t happened yet, but hello!! He already officiated it by actually telling her this time. She still didn’t believe it though. reason A said that Bossman doesn’t have the balls to fire her, cuz it would be so risky to lose Bill at the same time if it gets ugly. Welp. Guess he does have the balls!! Somebody please shoot me before I shoot myself. -__-;;


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