The Stove; It Breakith. The Mother; Is Insaneith

MOOD: onigiri- upset
Quote Of The Day: “Call those assholes again!! They’re still not here!” -reason A

I honestly don’t know how I live with reason A. She drives me up the wall, back down and then up the wall again. So our stove died last week. Thursday night to be exact. I don’t know if a fuse broke or what, but anyways, so Friday morning, first thing I do is call in for a maintenance repair. Our realty office is really good about taking care of these things promptly. I thought they’d be able to come in and fix it same day. But they said that AC units were priority and they wouldn’t get to me til Monday. Which wasn’t that big of a deal, cuz not all the burners were dead, we still had a small burner in the back that kinda worked. It was just really slow. I told them they had to call me before coming. I needed to give reason A a heads up cuz she’s so paranoid of strangers in the house. I have to let her know exactly when they’re coming.

So super early Monday morning they call, and I missed it cuz I was at my testing. By the time I called back they said that they wouldn’t be able to make it out til Tuesday. *FAILS* So today they are suppose to come out. I keep missing the damn calls cuz my phone is on vibrate at work and its so quiet, I don’t hear it. *FAILS* Finally I get the call and tell reason A they’ll be there shortly. Well of course “shortly” was really just “sometime today” so she waited and waited, and started to get irritated so she kept calling me every hour on the hour to have me rush them. Uh, that’s not how it works woman!! Stop stressing me! *DIES*

Then one time she called and I missed it of course, but when I called back, it went straight to voicemail and I continued to call and it just kept on going to voicemail and I started to get scared and paranoid, cuz I wouldn’t be her daughter if I wasn’t also as dramatic as her! I was worried cuz strangers were going to be at the house alone with her and she didn’t speak English! Auhhh!! I started calling obsessively. Finally after about 2 hours, she called back and said that her phone went crazy, got hot and just died. What the heck?? And they finally came to fix the stove. Thank you Jesus… Who needs a damn child when I have reason A to keep me on my toes?? *FAILS*


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