D-Day! + The Duck Fiasco

MOOD: onigiri- sad(Queasy)
Quote Of The Day: “Yays!! My wife is a true American now!!” -Kenny

Of course I didn’t sleep last night! Why would I? reason A told me as a kid, I was always the one that couldn’t sleep the day before the first day of school. Not sure if it was out of fear cuz I was deathly shy and scared of new things or cuz I was excited that I got new school supplies. Lol!! So reason A always told me that I don’t sleep the night before a “big event”. It’s always been like that. So I got up around 7am, got dressed, had breakfast, packed my shit and was out the door!

GPS I love you. Although I did print out back up directions from the computer just in case, I used the GPS and it got me there just fine. Appointment time was for 9:45am, but I got there like 15 til 9am. I stayed in the car, and looked over my stuff one last time. I decided to go in a bit early cuz it was sprinkling outside and I parked kinda far away. But they don’t let you in more than 30 minutes early. When I finally got inside, I went up stairs, and the place was packed! What the heck! Granted most folks brought relatives so that’s why there were so many folks, but there were almost no seats left. I checked in at the window and was given number 65. A guy came up to the counter and asked if he will be promptly interviewed at 9:45am, and the lady at the counter held up a huge stack of papers and said “These are all 9:45am people” I was like *GULPS*. That’s a lot!! I could be waiting forever! *DIES*

I think I waited for about an hour. I was needing to pee like every 5 minutes and sweating profusely. It was rather embarrassing. I know folks around me were looking like me like what the heck? Cuz the room did have AC. *FAILS* I was praying for a nice or pleasant interview officer, and I got a lady. She was nice! Her first reaction when she saw my paperwork was “Oh! You’ve been here for quite a while!” Lol. I was thinking that’d work to my advantage, which I guess it eventually did. I passed the testing part with flying colors but when it came to checking out my paperwork, I apparently was missing a court disposition on a very old case of mine. Don’t worry folks! I ain’t kill no one! Lol. I wanted to smack myself. Had I went and got this damn disposition from the courthouse beforehand, my ass could have well been on my way to taking the oath the same day cuz I think they had a ceremony at 2pm?? *EPIC FAIL*

The officer gave me some paperwork to fill out, and an envelope and told me to go get the paperwork from the courthouse and mail it to her. But she told me that I DID pass the test, I’m just missing the paperwork, but when I tried to ask her how long after the paperwork has been submitted do I still have to wait and she didn’t really say. She said usually she gets a week to go back and review everything. I ran out with a quickness and headed to the courthouse. So glad today was a regular business day so I can actually get this shit done. I got the disposition for $5. Now that I think about it, I wonder if I should have got a second copy for myself?

I ran straight to OMX after that to make copies of everything and since they have FedEx, I just paid to have it next day aired to her. I wanna make sure this process goes as planned! I don’t wanna a delay! Nooo!! Then after I took care of all of that, I called Kenny and told him the good news. He was ecstatic. Literally he was more happy than me. Lol. Then I called reason A to tell her and she was super excited too. I went and grabbed some groceries before heading home since fridge is empty and I thought I was gonna melt cuz I was wearing all black, and it was like 90 degrees. *DIES* In celebration, I thought I’d buy a duck since we only eat it like once a year. I have been craving duck for a while now, and what better time than now to splurge on one?

Well. The duck thing ended up being a disaster cuz reason A didn’t like it. She said the HoaBinh one was way better, but how about last year when I got one from HoaBinh, she said it sucked! What?? She said it was too fatty and there’s no meat, its just all fat. Well this time she complained that it was too lean and way too dry and had no flavor. I thought it was alright. Not as good as HoaBinh, I admit, but not as bad as she was making it out to be! Ugh! She was pissing me off!! What was such a good day, ended up sucking cuz she made me cry with all her complaints! I admit I have had all this built up in me for weeks cuz of all the recent dramas, but that just pushed me over the edge!

I was like, why are you being ungrateful? And why are you insisting on being miserable even on a day like this when we should be super happy?? I know you love complaining about life in general but can you just for one damn day not complain and just be happy for me?? She was driving me crazy!! So after the big cry, I guess I did feel better, although she continued to make me feel crappy by telling me I’m over reacting and to not even bother bringing back duck ever again cuz “she doesn’t like that shit anyways”. Can you just imagine? Always being surrounded with someone who is so negative, so bitter, and so malicious?? I have no idea how I made it this far. Maybe when I was younger, I could block it out with friends and school and I don’t give a damns. But now that I’m older and more mature, I can’t help but to realize just how damaging this all really is to me! Ugh. Its sad when the abnormal becomes your norm. SMH.


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