You Are Fired! (Not Me… But You)

MOOD: onigiri- crying(Distraught)
Quote Of The Day: “It won’t be a problem taking over her job cuz she doesn’t do anything anyways!” -Bossman

Alright folks. Take a deep breath. Cuz shit just got real for me. Today was already a long day. Lots of stuff to do, and when I got off work, I had to stop by Staples to buy some toner for our copier. Yes I do it after hours. *FAILS* Usually I would just order it online and have it delivered, but we don’t have time for that, machine needed toner first thing tomorrow morning. So anyways, I was planning on that which means I’d have to cut through Buckhead and that’s the long route so I’d get home late.

Here it is approaching 5pm and I’m about to dart out of here, and then Intern Jon sends me a text telling me that Bossman wants us (me and all my interns) to stay late after work. Uh oh. That means he’s about to hold a “secret meeting”. I hate when these happen. I knew it had to do with Bill or Ms. Lee and that’s why it’s after hours. Lets do categories so its easier for me to explain:

What Meeting Was About:
So after many years of working on it or “planning to”, Bossman told us today that he is going to fire Ms. Lee tomorrow!! WTF! At one point me and my co-workers hated her so much we couldn’t wait to get rid of her. I still hate her guts but I don’t want her to get fired! I’ll explain later. So meeting was just Bossman telling me and my interns to brace ourselves, cuz we will be short handed, and of course I get to take over her position like I take over everyone else’s damn position when they leave! Three very important things to note here. One, yes I will still be expected to do all the duties that I currently do under my position. Two, This I not a promotion. Three, there will be no raise, pay increase, or compensation of any kind. FML. Please explain to me the difference between taking on 2 positions and getting a pay cut? To me it’s almost the same damn thing!

How This Change Will Affect Me:
Ms. Lee does the accounting and human resource stuff for the office. I have nothing to do with anything she currently handles. She’s in a totally difference office. Now I will have to take on ALL her duties, and that means I will also have double the responsibilities which are super important such as pay, and benefits, etc. I will also have to run back and forth between my desk and her office because I have to do work for both sides. I am hoping that I can distribute my time wisely to where I don’t go crazy with all this work. I will have to, whether I want to or not, give some of my very simple tasks to Intern Canton Cook to do. I have to give her really simple tasks (which I have none, cuz everything I do is pretty complicated) since she is slow. >_> Bossman told me that this is only “temporary” and I’m sure that’s a lie like everything else that comes out his mouth. I told my concerns with this to Lili. Bossman said that he’s gonna fire her by using the excuse that our business is slow and he has to make some cuts. The part about it being slow is true. He said therefore there is no way he can hire someone to replace her right away, cuz it wouldn’t make sense. He said the earliest he’ll hire someone is probably end of the year. WHAT?? So who’s gonna handle all this when I request off for my wedding?? I ain’t changing that date to a convenient one for you! *STABS HIM REPEATEDLY WITH STEAK KNIFE* Other concern is, if I end up sucking at this then I will take the blame for being incapable or useless for not being able to take over her duties, but if I do good at it, then it just gives Bossman less of a reason to want to hire someone to fill this position again! What the heck would be the point?? He can just save money and continue to have me do it! *CONTINUES TO STAB*

What Happens Going Forward:
I plan to go job hunting next year. I am at this job for 3 reasons. One, Bossman is easy to request off with even though I hate doing it. Two, Though he doesn’t wanna give it to me, technically I am entitled to a couple of weeks vacation time cuz this year would make my 3rd year that I have not taken a vacation. Three, with all the expense of the citizenship test, applying for passport, visa, and wedding, I’m gonna need a VERY steady income until I get all this taken care of, so I need to stay here.

So with all that said, that is the situation at hand. I have to take it up the ass with no jelly. Yes I said the whole damn phrase! And another one I’ll spell out for you is F@CK MY LIFE! Ugh.

While driving home yesterday, I thought I was gonna drown. I kept staring at the window as Bossman was talking cuz I was already gonna be super late cuz I had to stop by Staples to buy toner, but now you keep us even later?? I see the skies get darker and darker and then right when we sat down for the meeting it started to pour outside!! OMG. It was raining and thundering so damn loud! I was scared. The meeting dragged on forever, and I was about to jump out my damn seat! When the hell am I going to get home today? 9? FML x 1000!

Finally he let us out sometime past 6 and I ran like the wind! I had to go the local route and it took forever!! At one intersection there was a low point or something and what looked like just a layer of water really was a puddle! And the car in front of me started going lower and lower and I could see it slowly submerse in water!! WTF! It was an SUV too! My car is way lower. I was so scared! But I couldn’t turn around, there was no other road! I tried my best to hurry and pass that area, cuz its SOOO BAD to have the interior of your car soaked in water! Auhhh!!! I had water pass my window, I thought I was gonna drown. @__@;;

I drove the whole time with one hand over my right ear. I can’t stand thunder; it scares the living shit out of me, so I tried my best to block it out. It was a long and terrifying drive! Needless to say when I got home, I was about to do a combo of crying and passing out. This gave the worst day of my life a run for its money…


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