Typical Monday, Just Got Scalp Sweat And Shit…

MOOD: onigiri- pissed off(Annoyed)
Quote Of The Day: “Girl, you about to run out of your pack of Kleenex.” -Danh

Work was pretty boring today. I don’t even know why Bossman came in so damn early today. He doesn’t do anything here!! So damn retarded! He just keeps walkin’ around and getting in the way. *FAILS* I didn’t sleep well last night either, so I was pretty restless today. I drank a mini Coke, and two large thermals of green tea, but the caffeine in neither is helping me. Gahhh… -__-;;

So today I spent my whole afternoon online Googling “scalp sweat”. I know it sounds gross but it’s a problem I have. Amazingly, I don’t sweat on any other part of my body. Yup, just my head. I told Lili once that I just wanna shave all my hair off. What little hair I have, you would think my scalp gets plenty of breeze but it doesn’t. Does that mean I would drown in my own sweat if I had thick hair? O_o *FAILS* I think I have Hyperhidrosis, but the head version. Which is excessive sweating. Summer season is especially brutal on me. I don’t mind sweating if its like normal people, but even when its not that hot, and you see sweat just continuously drip from my head and face… Uh… its rather embarrassing and I wanna find a hole in the ground and get in it. >_<

I found some home remedies that I can try. So we’ll see if these work. Ugh!! I don’t want surgery! Noooo!!! >_< They can either give me Botox or have surgery to cut the nerve from my sweat glands? WTF!! One home remedy is drink lots of water. I’m gonna try that. I’m gonna drink it by the gallons and then spend the rest of my day running to go pee. FML….


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