When She’s Out To Get Ya…

MOOD: onigiri- scared (WHAT??)
Quote Of The Day: “Ok, that relationship is way too complicated, I can’t keep up.” -Kenny

So today Kenny told me that he got in a big argument with his superior. Guess who’s lookin’ for a new job? That would be Kenny. It stresses me out so much when he is “looking for a job” cuz it seems to be happening pretty frequently in the past couple of years. He’s changed 3 jobs in less than 2 years. Uh… I don’t know what that says about his work ethic, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt and think it’s the job and not him that’s the issue.

They apparently have 2 quotas they have to meet every day. A sales “amount” and a “client retention call quota”. The sales amount quota is pretty self explanatory. Its how many “new accounts” you have to open a day. Let’s say its $5K. The client retention call quota is you HAVE TO be on the phone with current clients for so many hours in a day to assure that they are offering the best service. Well today Kenny surpassed his sales quota, but was a bit under on his call retention quota. Last week was a shitty week in sales and he thought his ass was gonna get chewed out for that, but he didn’t. Then today just when he thought he was finally back on track, he gets pulled aside 5 minutes before its time to get off, and got a good tongue lashing about how he didn’t reach his “call retention quota”. Uh…

Well that was just dumb! First of all, his superior said out loud, “Everyone is free now, except for Kenny.” Everyone had a curious look on their face, like “Uh oh…”. Kenny said that the superior never liked him and has always been confrontational with him. Its apparent she is trying to reprimand him in public in front of his peers to embarrass him. The rule to good management is ALWAYS to reward in public and punish in private. She definitely violated that one. But anyways. How retarded is it to yell at him today when he reached his sales goal and not have said anything to him last week when his sales sucked?? Uh…

So Kenny got upset and started going at it with her! It was something like this:

Sup: What have you been doing all day?
Kenny: Uh, that would be racking up sales like I’m suppose to.
Sup: You know you didn’t reach your call retention quota today!
Kenny: But I SURPASSED my sales goal quota!!
Sup: If you don’t reach your call retention quota tomorrow, then you’re gonna have to work overtime til 11pm! I’ll stay here with you if I have to!
Kenny: Oh really? That’s fine with me! I’ll stay here over night if you want me to! (*Sarcastically)
Sup: What do you have to show for yourself today? What did you accomplish?
Kenny: (*Shoves paperwork in her face) That’ll be all these new accounts I opened today alone that is double what my quota is!!
Sup: (*Shuts up and walks away)

What?? Someone explain to me what kinda hot mess that is?? It’s obvious that she just doesn’t like him. I don’t know of any manager or sup in their right mind that would be upset that an employee is actually being “more productive” in a shorter amount of time! The whole point of the call retention is to get sales, if he skipped over the petty stuff and went straight for the most important part which is the actual “sales” then what the hell are you yelling at him for?? Ugh.

So needless to say, with this blow out, their relationship just got more tense. Kenny knows he’s on pins and needles now, but he said he was so upset that she didn’t actually find a “legit” reason to yell at him. So he said he’s searching for another job. There are tons of sales jobs out there, which I do agree, even here, so when he finds one he’s dippin’.

I just get a knot in my stomach, cuz I need this year to go by very smoothly. I think my job sucks, but I’m sucking it up and sticking it through as long as they pay me cuz I need stable income to reach my goal at the end of the year. I DEFINITELY need Kenny to have stable income right now!! We have HUGE expenses ahead of us!! He knows it!! But he said, he can only take so much. I told him, if that’s the case, then at least try to be low-key until you can find another job, then leave. Worst thing would be to quit, but not have another job immediately lined up, cuz then you’d have a gap in income which we CANNOT do right now. >_< SMH.


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