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Hump Day + Sick + Sick Too

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Quote Of The Day: “Slaves aren’t allowed to use cell phones on the job.” -Bossman

Welp. Today is Hump Day and I’ve made it alive for 4 days without Ms. Lee. Granted I’m on the verge of passing out, I am still breathing. Yesterday morning when I woke up for work, I felt like throwing up. I knew it was due to lack of sleep. I feel nauseous every time I don’t get enough sleep. I skipped breakfast cuz I felt like I would have regurgitated it. >_> reason A decided that she was gonna make a fancier dinner with soup and all on Monday night, but since she’s already slow when she cooks, plus making more stuff, it just makes it slower and I didn’t finish eating til 11:30!! WTF!! I wake up at 6am folks or earlier!

Last night she made an effort to cook super fast. She looked like a chicken running around with it’s head cut off. We did however finish dinner before 10pm, so big improvement!! I was in bed by about 10:30. Amen! In times like these, I need double the rest and unfortunately, double the food too. Ugh. This morning I had a big breakfast, cuz I knew I wasn’t going to get to eat lunch. FML. -__-;;

Kenny is kinda sick today. He told me his throat was hurting but he went to work anyways, and then when he woke me up for work he said he ended up leaving early from work cuz he was running a fever! Oh no!! My poor Pookie Bear! I told him to take some meds, and go home and rest up! In the meanwhile, I’m still coughing my guts up. I don’t even know how I got sick either but this coughing has been lingering on forever! Please go away. I have tried like 4 different kinds of cough drops already, and I hate taking cough drops! Auhhh!!

Tuesday From Now On, Will Be Called “Bitch Day”

MOOD: onigiri- dizzy (Lost)
Quote Of The Day: “My poor little piggy…” -reason A

I’m sitting here trying to eat my little pecan apple croissant thingy for breakfast and taking a breather. This is my first time sitting down at my own desk since I got here at 7:30am. I have been working nonstop on just Ms. Lee’s prep work for the morning for the past 2 hours! Whew!! I felt like I was gonna drown in paperwork! I gotta open all of yesterday’s mail. Sort it by bills or checks received. Gotta update the balance sheet and ledger with the ins and outs of the day, then sort the bills by priority and by due date. Then I gotta take the ones that are about to be due and print checks out for all of them, and address envelopes, and record them so I can have them on Bossman’s desk for him to sign when he walks in. Then I have a ton of paperwork to handle once he does sign them and gives me the ok to mail it out. OMG!!

Needless to say, my ass fell asleep on the sofa again after work yesterday. This new double dutying is kicking my ass! And I mean my left and right butt cheek!! I know that I’m not going to be eating healthy for the next few weeks while I’m still adjusting. I’m constantly feeling hungry and I don’t know if it’s due to stress or that I’m burning mental calories like a mofo. Unfortunately as worn out as I feel, its only Tuesday folks!! WTF! My body feels like its Thursday though. Ugh. Cokes, chips, and cookies, here I come!! *DIES* X___X;;

Killin’ Me Softly~!

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Quote Of The Day: “Why for do you have a butt peach?” -Tanya

I am determined to stay on top of these blog posts even if I am busy as all shit!! It is so damn frustrating doing backtrack posts, ya’ll just don’t know! Whew! Mondays are always rough for me whether it be my work, or bloggin’ cuz I don’t blog on the weekends, so weekends are always backtracks. My work accumulates over the weekend as well, so I’m usually pretty busy on Mondays. Well take that times 100 this time cuz I got Ms. Lee’s shit to do too! Auhhhh!!! (*Runs around office, pulling out hairs and stomping) I didn’t even get a chance to pee folks!! Peeing!! You know that “call of nature” that you MUST do?? Ugh! The thought that this will be my life for the next 6 months or more makes me want to go jump off a cliff! Why haven’t I done it?? Oh yeah, that’s right. Only cuz I don’t have one handy! Auhhhh!!!

I really need to stop by the store and pick me up some stuff to make sandwiches with. I need to eat lunch, even though I don’t have time for it. I need to eat something so I don’t pass out cuz I’m doing double the work now, and that means I’m burning more brain cells. I can’t expect my body to push harder, but not give it something in return. There’s just no way. I’ll burn myself out. Ugh… -__-;;

I Rested Today… Kinda…

MOOD: onigiri- tired (Fatigued)
Quote Of The Day: “Just sleep. Just don’t do anything today but sleep.” -Kenny

Today was pretty uneventful. Since I had to run errands yesterday. I really just wanted to stay home today and relax. I felt fatigued and the thought of having to go back to that hell hole (aka Le Job) tomorrow is depressing. -__-;; We had the usual breakfast of hash browns and congee (I know it’s a weird combo, but it’s actually surprisingly good), we watched some TV, I got sleepy again and headed to bed for a nap. I woke up in the evening and organized my room, messed around a little on le new laptop and started packing for work tomorrow. Tomorrow I gotta process payroll for the first time. Let’s hope I get all the paperwork done correctly. One thing you DO NOT ever wanna do is f@ck with someone’s money! Lol. I don’t wanna get beat up by co-workers. XD

Summary Of First Day Double Dutying + To The Tag Office I Go!

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Quote Of The Day: “Damn!! We gotta come again??” -reason A

Alright. Two things to talk about. One is my first day taking over Ms. Lee’s position yesterday, and two is me getting up at the crack of dawn to go take care of Little Red’s lost title situation.

So yesterday was my first day officially without Ms. Lee. Granted I have done her work when she takes month long vacations to Taiwan before, but this time it’s different. Before when she’d leave, she would do as much paperwork as she could for me in advance and I’d just have to mail/fax/send or process stuff on the dates she’s indicated. This time around, since she’s gone for good, of course she doesn’t give a damn about the paperwork, and she didn’t tell me anything so I have to figure everything out myself.

I started off by organizing stuff electronically. I know she use to do it the old fashion way and actually “book keep” Uh… I don’t do all that. Although I have neat handwriting, I don’t wanna waste that much time calculating shit. I created 2 Excel spreadsheets, one to track bills and two as a daily balance sheet. Then I made little pre-printed envelopes for the petty cash so I can keep track of that. Although I handle all the expenses and income for home, managing it for a business is like a totally different thing. O_O;; *GULPS*

Kenny and reason A were trying to comfort me by saying that this is just more skill sets that I can add onto my resume when it’s said and done with, which is true, but man I hope that my next job doesn’t have anything to do with being an office manager or accountant. Noooo!!! I want something in my profession!! *PRAYS HARD* So anyways, it ended up being rather busy!! We had bills, checks and other things coming in. I had to process all that paperwork, plus get my designs out on time so we can send them to get printed. Whew!! You never appreciate how much someone actually does until you are in their shoes! That is damn for sure! As much as we thought Ms. Lee only sat around and spread gossip, she actually was good for something!

Good news was Bossman wasn’t here yesterday either so we had some peace and quiet and I could do stuff at my own pace. He always rushes everything when he’s here, which actually compromises quality. I’m not a slowpoke, but I wanna do stuff carefully, especially if it’s not something I’ve done before. Bosslady did come in yesterday for a couple of hours, but I’m sure she was bored out her mind, so she eventually left. She’s usually easy to handle cuz she’s pretty clueless, and just walks around singing and shit. Lol.

Now, onto this morning. Me and reason A got up at 6am, so we can get ready and be at the tag office before 8am when they opened. Folks, I couldn’t wait to get this shit over with!! So frustrating! And I was so damn tired. Last night as I was waiting for reason A to cook dinner, I fell asleep on the sofa. I was knocked out from all the work! There is like no worse feeling than to have to get up at the same damn time on a weekend as you do for work. Nooooo!!! #killmenow >_<

The drive was long cuz the tag office for Gwinnett county that is open on Sat. is all the way past Mall of Georgia. I get there at about 7:30am and the line had already formed outside. Great, more waiting. This is the death of me! Ugh!! The good thing was we were in and out pretty fast. Doors opened at 8am on the dot, and I was out by 8:15am! Can I get an Amen?? Whew!! But get this, my ass has to come back AGAIN after I get the title!! Auhhhh!!! Yes. Original title that was lost had both me and reason A’s name on it. So this new replacement one will be the same. reason A however, wants me to take her name off so that if anything happens to the car again, she won’t have to come with me to do paperwork and shit. So I asked the lady if we can change that and she said, once I get the replacement title in the mail, just have her sign it over to me, and then I have to come in AGAIN, and pay AGAIN, and have yet ANOTHER title mailed to me, this time with only my name. #fmlfmlfml

Ugh. I was so damn tired, we came home, had McDonald’s cuz it was quick and then went to bed. I didn’t wake up til about 4pm?? Today is meat day so reason A made Curry Chicken!! Thank you Jesus for Curry Chicken!! It was so damn delicious!! Nom, nom!! In other news… I’m still coughing my guts up and I’m sure this curry is not going to help it. @__@;;

Abrupt End.

MOOD: onigiri- dizzy (Confused)
Quote Of The Day: “Bill told me that she’s scared the dude is gonna come back and shoot me.” -Ms. Lee

Oh boy. The drama just keeps piling on. How thankful am I that its Friday?? Ya’ll just don’t know!! Whew!! So to update everyone on the new drama… Yesterday ended up being Ms. Lee’s last day! Yup. She was suppose to work til Monday. She was gonna finish processing payroll, and then leave, but in a turn of events, yesterday was her last day! So she came in to work yesterday and told me that she’s not coming today. (Friday) She had requested off. I’m just like WTF. Who requests off 2 days before their last day?? Anyways, she did say that she would come in on Monday to process payroll and stuffers. Kool…

So this delivery truck driver came in to pick up some show samples to take back to his boss. I think him and Ms. Lee had some friction before, cuz when someone doesn’t speak English well, it can come off as rude, or short. Sometimes people ask Ms. Lee questions and she doesn’t answer cuz he doesn’t understand. Other times, its cuz she doesn’t know the answer or think it’s irrelevant. But anywho… So as he’s waiting for Ms. Lee to get his paperwork, he busts out with “So how do you say hello in Chinese?” She ignores it and continues with her paperwork. Then she hands him a pen and is like “Sign this…” And that just set him off!! He started yelling obscenities at Ms. Lee and I’m talkin’ about F bombs everywhere!! He was like “I don’t like your f@cking attitude and I asked you a f@cking question, blah blah…” He didn’t sign the piece of paper she put on the desk, walked away and said “You need to bring me that f@cking shit!” I was like OMG!! I wanna hide under my desk! >_< Eventually he came back, signed the paper and then ripped it up and threw it in her face!! WTF!! I can’t lie, I was pretty damn scared!

So after this whole ordeal, Ms. Lee basically said “F this shit!!” And she officially announced to us as well as called and told Bossman that she is NOT coming in anymore on Monday and that today will be her official last day! Oh Jesus!! You talkin’ about stressed out! That would be me! Scrambling at the last minute to squeeze in questions and paperwork and what not. I felt a stomach ache coming on. I’ve always heard of stress bringing on stomach pains but this would be the first time I’ve ever experienced it. In some ways, I don’t really blame her. If it were me, I’d make it my last day too. I mean, this is how you know your time is up!! Its like God’s way of telling her your time here has come to an end!

At the end of the day, as me and Intern Canton Cook were walkin’ out. I passed by Ms. Lee’s office and decided to give her a hug. As you all know, I hate her guts. But I did work with her for 5 years, and at one point, when I first came to the company, she was good to me. Later she decided that she hated me and wanted to plot against me. But that was only so she could get one of her “friend’s sons” in and take my place. Anyways, so I leaned in for a hug and I found myself crying! OMG!! What the hell is wrong with me?? Why am I getting emotional when I should be happy that no one else will be all up in my business again?? I am such a softy. So fa r in the past 5 years, I have cried with everyone leaving!! It doesn’t even matter if I liked the person or not! I’m NOT GOOD at separation or saying goodbye. In matter of fact, I suck at it!! Ugh.

I continued to cry as I got in the car to drive home. Of course I had to snap out of that right quick. This is no time to be all sentimental. I have a lot of work ahead of me, and I need to focus, as well as be strong. From now on, I’m taking on 2 complete jobs. FML

Random Thursday Pictures…

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Quote Of The Day: “Apparently so, and no joke. I love curry chicken. O_O” -Juse

Brace yourselves folks!! There’s a lot of pics… XD


2013-07-22-13-11-13_deco (1)

2013-07-22-14-08-52_deco (1)

This is the infamous duck that me and reason A argued over. Blah. -__-


Thai bananas! What the heck!! They are like short and super super chubby! Lol.



The awesome invention that is the makeup spatula!! This damn thing is so useful! I was looking for it everywhere!! Oh man…



Tried out these new shrimp crackers. They were pretty good…



These peanut candies are good!!






This is something I was addicted to last week!! Its what kept me alive! Cutest darn candy ever. Just little lumps of sugar!


Been drinking lemon water or lemon tea cuz my throat has been hurting and I’ve been coughing like a mofo.




How cute is this!!! Its peanut candy that’s in the shape of a peanut!! OMG… Too cute!!


Last night’s dinner… Tofu and napa… Its was really good!!


Lookie what I got! Auhhhhhh!!! Finally a laptop to call my own! Its so small and portable! I finally don’t have to haul around Earlene’s huge laptop to business trips! As you can see, the case for it under it is way too big. I have to go return it and get a smaller one.


Went to Brandsmart yesterday to look for a smaller laptop case.

2013-07-24-18-58-15_deco (1)

This is the super super adorable laptop case I found!! Does it fit?? Hell no!!! Its too small by 0.5 inches!! WTF!! Such a shame… Boohoo!!

Its Not Facebook Official, But Its Pretty Damn Close!

MOOD: onigiri- highly upset(WTF!)
Quote Of The Day: “I know you guys had that meeting. And I know you knew I was getting fired before I did…” -Ms. Lee

Alright, so back to the Ms. Lee drama. Lets do a recap right quick so we are all up to date. Last week we had a secret meeting. Bossman announced to a few of us that he was gonna fire Ms. Lee. His excuse was going to be that we are not being profitable so we need to lay off folks. Therefore he was not planning on hiring anyone to work her position and I was going to have to take on all her duties and attack it like a fat girl at a buffet. Next day after meeting, Ms. Lee is suspicious of us and inquires about our “meeting” and we all play it off like we had no clue. That afternoon, Bossman broke the news to her and officially fired her but expected her to stay til end of the month so we can have a “training and transitioning” phase.

Thursday and Friday was awkward for all of us, and Ms. Lee started gradually cleaning out her office. Her actions told us it was legit that she was leaving, yet her mood made us suspicious cuz she seemed so nonchalant about it. No one mentioned the situation; it was definitely the elephant in the room. Friday afternoon rolls around and me and my interns are still “pretending” like we don’t know what’s going on, when in reality, we were indeed a bit confused.

Friday, about an hour before the end of the day, Ms. Lee and Bill both enter into Bossman’s office, and they shut the door! WTF?? We all looked at each other and were “ears up” trying to hear the convo, but no luck. All kinds of scenarios started running through my head. Is Bill threatening Bossman that he’ll quit too if he fires her? Are they begging him to let her stay? Does she know some secrets of his that she’s blackmailing him with? Oh man!! 5pm rolled around and they were still in there “negotiating”. We left, totally curious. I stayed double curious cuz I didn’t come into work Monday so I didn’t know what the end result was gonna be. Would he give up on firing her? Was she still gonna stay til the end of the month? Did she get upset and just storm out?? Auhhh!!

I came in yesterday and Ms. Lee’s walls were bare. According to my texting with Intern Canton Cook back and forth on Monday, nothing was too much out the ordinary. She said Ms. Lee continued to clean her room. Again, Ms. Lee hadn’t mentioned anything about her leaving so no one brought it up.

So today was just filled with awkwardness. Ms. Lee officially told me and my interns that her last day will be Monday. Needless to say I was in shock. I had been wondering ever since that “secret” meeting they had with Bossman, what was really going down. What did they talk about? Bossman had told us that he would ask her to stay til the end of the month. But Monday?? That’s the 29th! She said Bossman said there’s no point in her coming in after she processes payroll on Monday. FML!!! It hit me like a rock to the stomach. This is really happening. I’m about to drown in work now cuz I’m going to be officially doing 2 positions at work. She makes a salary people!! A full time salary! She’s not some part time worker that has a couple of sheets of paperwork to do! She has legit daily duties! She handles financials, benefits, payroll, materials, general office duties, etc.! What?? I can’t take over all that for the same damn pay! There’s only so much of Sandy to go around!! Why does Bossman think I can literally do EVERYTHING??!

He actually had the audacity to tell Ms. Lee “Sandy can do it cuz she has a lot of down time.” Uh, no my ass doesn’t have any damn downtime! What the hell is wrong with you?? Can I get at least half of Ms. Lee’s pay?? I’m going to be doing all of her work! My nightmare is just now beginning. -___-;; FML, and my afterlife!

I know reason A will be super shocked. She was so skeptical yesterday that this would really happen. I was a little bit too cuz Bossman has been talking about it for years and it hasn’t happened yet, but hello!! He already officiated it by actually telling her this time. She still didn’t believe it though. reason A said that Bossman doesn’t have the balls to fire her, cuz it would be so risky to lose Bill at the same time if it gets ugly. Welp. Guess he does have the balls!! Somebody please shoot me before I shoot myself. -__-;;

The Stove; It Breakith. The Mother; Is Insaneith

MOOD: onigiri- upset
Quote Of The Day: “Call those assholes again!! They’re still not here!” -reason A

I honestly don’t know how I live with reason A. She drives me up the wall, back down and then up the wall again. So our stove died last week. Thursday night to be exact. I don’t know if a fuse broke or what, but anyways, so Friday morning, first thing I do is call in for a maintenance repair. Our realty office is really good about taking care of these things promptly. I thought they’d be able to come in and fix it same day. But they said that AC units were priority and they wouldn’t get to me til Monday. Which wasn’t that big of a deal, cuz not all the burners were dead, we still had a small burner in the back that kinda worked. It was just really slow. I told them they had to call me before coming. I needed to give reason A a heads up cuz she’s so paranoid of strangers in the house. I have to let her know exactly when they’re coming.

So super early Monday morning they call, and I missed it cuz I was at my testing. By the time I called back they said that they wouldn’t be able to make it out til Tuesday. *FAILS* So today they are suppose to come out. I keep missing the damn calls cuz my phone is on vibrate at work and its so quiet, I don’t hear it. *FAILS* Finally I get the call and tell reason A they’ll be there shortly. Well of course “shortly” was really just “sometime today” so she waited and waited, and started to get irritated so she kept calling me every hour on the hour to have me rush them. Uh, that’s not how it works woman!! Stop stressing me! *DIES*

Then one time she called and I missed it of course, but when I called back, it went straight to voicemail and I continued to call and it just kept on going to voicemail and I started to get scared and paranoid, cuz I wouldn’t be her daughter if I wasn’t also as dramatic as her! I was worried cuz strangers were going to be at the house alone with her and she didn’t speak English! Auhhh!! I started calling obsessively. Finally after about 2 hours, she called back and said that her phone went crazy, got hot and just died. What the heck?? And they finally came to fix the stove. Thank you Jesus… Who needs a damn child when I have reason A to keep me on my toes?? *FAILS*

D-Day! + The Duck Fiasco

MOOD: onigiri- sad(Queasy)
Quote Of The Day: “Yays!! My wife is a true American now!!” -Kenny

Of course I didn’t sleep last night! Why would I? reason A told me as a kid, I was always the one that couldn’t sleep the day before the first day of school. Not sure if it was out of fear cuz I was deathly shy and scared of new things or cuz I was excited that I got new school supplies. Lol!! So reason A always told me that I don’t sleep the night before a “big event”. It’s always been like that. So I got up around 7am, got dressed, had breakfast, packed my shit and was out the door!

GPS I love you. Although I did print out back up directions from the computer just in case, I used the GPS and it got me there just fine. Appointment time was for 9:45am, but I got there like 15 til 9am. I stayed in the car, and looked over my stuff one last time. I decided to go in a bit early cuz it was sprinkling outside and I parked kinda far away. But they don’t let you in more than 30 minutes early. When I finally got inside, I went up stairs, and the place was packed! What the heck! Granted most folks brought relatives so that’s why there were so many folks, but there were almost no seats left. I checked in at the window and was given number 65. A guy came up to the counter and asked if he will be promptly interviewed at 9:45am, and the lady at the counter held up a huge stack of papers and said “These are all 9:45am people” I was like *GULPS*. That’s a lot!! I could be waiting forever! *DIES*

I think I waited for about an hour. I was needing to pee like every 5 minutes and sweating profusely. It was rather embarrassing. I know folks around me were looking like me like what the heck? Cuz the room did have AC. *FAILS* I was praying for a nice or pleasant interview officer, and I got a lady. She was nice! Her first reaction when she saw my paperwork was “Oh! You’ve been here for quite a while!” Lol. I was thinking that’d work to my advantage, which I guess it eventually did. I passed the testing part with flying colors but when it came to checking out my paperwork, I apparently was missing a court disposition on a very old case of mine. Don’t worry folks! I ain’t kill no one! Lol. I wanted to smack myself. Had I went and got this damn disposition from the courthouse beforehand, my ass could have well been on my way to taking the oath the same day cuz I think they had a ceremony at 2pm?? *EPIC FAIL*

The officer gave me some paperwork to fill out, and an envelope and told me to go get the paperwork from the courthouse and mail it to her. But she told me that I DID pass the test, I’m just missing the paperwork, but when I tried to ask her how long after the paperwork has been submitted do I still have to wait and she didn’t really say. She said usually she gets a week to go back and review everything. I ran out with a quickness and headed to the courthouse. So glad today was a regular business day so I can actually get this shit done. I got the disposition for $5. Now that I think about it, I wonder if I should have got a second copy for myself?

I ran straight to OMX after that to make copies of everything and since they have FedEx, I just paid to have it next day aired to her. I wanna make sure this process goes as planned! I don’t wanna a delay! Nooo!! Then after I took care of all of that, I called Kenny and told him the good news. He was ecstatic. Literally he was more happy than me. Lol. Then I called reason A to tell her and she was super excited too. I went and grabbed some groceries before heading home since fridge is empty and I thought I was gonna melt cuz I was wearing all black, and it was like 90 degrees. *DIES* In celebration, I thought I’d buy a duck since we only eat it like once a year. I have been craving duck for a while now, and what better time than now to splurge on one?

Well. The duck thing ended up being a disaster cuz reason A didn’t like it. She said the HoaBinh one was way better, but how about last year when I got one from HoaBinh, she said it sucked! What?? She said it was too fatty and there’s no meat, its just all fat. Well this time she complained that it was too lean and way too dry and had no flavor. I thought it was alright. Not as good as HoaBinh, I admit, but not as bad as she was making it out to be! Ugh! She was pissing me off!! What was such a good day, ended up sucking cuz she made me cry with all her complaints! I admit I have had all this built up in me for weeks cuz of all the recent dramas, but that just pushed me over the edge!

I was like, why are you being ungrateful? And why are you insisting on being miserable even on a day like this when we should be super happy?? I know you love complaining about life in general but can you just for one damn day not complain and just be happy for me?? She was driving me crazy!! So after the big cry, I guess I did feel better, although she continued to make me feel crappy by telling me I’m over reacting and to not even bother bringing back duck ever again cuz “she doesn’t like that shit anyways”. Can you just imagine? Always being surrounded with someone who is so negative, so bitter, and so malicious?? I have no idea how I made it this far. Maybe when I was younger, I could block it out with friends and school and I don’t give a damns. But now that I’m older and more mature, I can’t help but to realize just how damaging this all really is to me! Ugh. Its sad when the abnormal becomes your norm. SMH.