(*Stab, Stab!!)

MOOD: onigiri- upset (%$#@!&%)
Quote Of The Day: “Well you know I work hard during the week.” -Kenny

This morning I was pissed off. In matter of fact, I was super pissed! When I snapped on Kenny earlier this week about not being more proactive with wedding planning, he promised me that this weekend, we’ll sit down and have some “serious talk” about this whole wedding planning thing. I was like fine. Although it would have been nice to sleep in today, I got my ass up super early to video chat with him so we can start some pre-planning. So I get up, get dressed, do hair, makeup, all that jazz, and then I set up the camera, laptop, blah, blah. And I text him. He doesn’t respond for like 15 minutes and he’s usually pretty good about responding right away.

He finally responds but his responses were choppy. Finally I just gave up and called him, and come to find out the damn boy isn’t even home!! OMG!! He’s out of town! He’s in a whole nother city, hanging out with his cousin!! Auhhh!! They went to the beach and then they went BBQing and were soakin’ up beer! WTF! I was so damn pissed!! Did you totally forget about me?? Hello?? I wasn’t pissed that he was hanging out with his cousin cuz I know he rarely goes anywhere and it is summer time and I know how much he loves to swim, but I’m pissed that he didn’t tell me he was going!

I could have stayed my ass in bed!! You promised me this weekend we’d talk about it. I am a woman of my word and I like taking stuff literally! That means if you tell me this time, I will be ready by that time! If you had a change in plans, why didn’t you send me a quick text saying you can’t video chat this morning cuz you’re out of town?? I would have been ok with that!! But instead, you let me get my ass up super early and get ready for nothing!! Do you know how important sleep is to me?? I get like an average of 5 to 6 hours of sleep at night at the most! Ugh!! I was so upset.

I don’t know if he was half drunk or what, but he was all over the place with his words. Of course I was being snappy again, and using every ounce of strength in my body to keep from yelling at him, but I couldn’t help but to have an attitude. And since he says I always get mad and he never knows why, I straight up told him this time. I said, “I got my ass up to video chat with you, cuz you said you wanted to talk about serious stuff this weekend! If I knew you weren’t even going to be home, I could have slept in more! Why didn’t you tell me??” He was like “Oh…” Somebody please hand me a knife so I can stab this boy!

I honestly hate writing vents about Kenny on here. I don’t know if it’s just denial on my part, or I just wanna protect Kenny so much. Its almost like there were so many people doubting the possible success of our relationship, I don’t ever wanna say anything bad about him to serve confirmation for our haters. But no joke, sometimes he really pisses me the hell off. Ugh!!

He tried to make it up by changing the subject, and attempting to “talk serious” about the wedding planning, but one; I was not in the mood to hear it, and two; he was out drinking and his background was loud and noisy and I couldn’t hear him say anything and I was getting sooo annoyed!! This is not a subject you discuss over the phone while you’re getting drunk at the club! Com’on now!! Ugh!!


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