Men Are From Simplicity And Women Are From Complication

MOOD: onigiri- yeah whatever(Rough)
Quote Of The Day: “Women!! You guys are complicated!” -Kenny

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I think I’m starting to have a bit of a “cold feet” issue when it comes to getting married. It didn’t bother me too much before, mainly cuz it seemed so far away, but with less than a year and counting, it is all coming to realization for me, and quite frankly, it’s a little scary! Lol. I was very snappy with Kenny today. I feel like for a split second there, I turned into a Bridezilla. The dreaded ones you see on reality shows. I suppose I was just frustrated with how men think and operate. I’m guessing they’re all like that and because we are a different sex, there’s just no way we’ll ever understand.

He got a little snappy with me too and said “Do you think I just don’t give a damn?” (When I questioned him about not being more proactive on wedding planning.) Come to find out, he has been researching here and there, but since he never told me about it, I just assumed he hasn’t done anything! You need to tell me every detail! How is it that you can tell me when you’re pooping but can’t tell me you’ve narrowed down a photographer? *HUBBY FAIL*


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