Juse Goes To Zoo Atlanta!! XD

MOOD: onigiri- hooray (Hooray)
Quote Of The Day: “I’m mad I’m eating all this salt.” -Katie

So today was zoo day!! And thank you Jesus we finally went through with our plans! Whew!! I basically didn’t sleep last night cuz I kept waking up to look at my phone to see if Katie was gonna send me something in the middle of the night like last time, telling me she’s gotta cancel. @__@;; Come to find out the babies were up bright and early, so they were ready to go before me and Tanya were!! Lol.

I got to Tanya’s house around 9am, and waited for her to get ready, then we went to Katie’s house and she was ready to go for real! I mean babies packed, ready to pull off! Traffic into downtown was SOOO bad. We had to get off an exit early cuz the traffic wasn’t even moving. Why the hell is there traffic on a Saturday morning?? Where the hell are these folks going? Ugh! Thank goodness Tanya was driving and not me. I can’t deal with downtown traffic. >_>

We circled around and tried our best to find a decent parking spot. I was surprised to see it was jammed packed and the zoo had only been open for less than an hour! Did ya’ll stand in line outside before they opened?? *FAILS* I was super excited! I actually went to a way better zoo in Canton with Kenny and I knew this one wouldn’t even come close, but it didn’t matter, cuz I think as someone from the ATL, I need to at least be able to say that I’ve been to all the local attractions. >_>

Little baby Layla and Lawrence were looking sooo adorable!! Lol. Its crazy how time flies. Last time I held them in my arms, they were just itty bitty things and now they’re walkin’, talkin’ and 35lbs of attitude! Lol. Layla was being a little diva. We spent the whole day trying to cater to her needs cuz she was pitching a fit. Lawrence on the other hand did awesome!! We kept him happy by just feeding him a ton of food. Lol. Later we realized that Layla was acting up cuz she was tired mixed with hungry too. We feed her and that helped some.

I’m not gonna post all the pics from the zoo trip. If you are friends with me on FB then just go look at them there. I got some great pics out of the trip! Here are just a couple…


My favorite animal pic from the trip!! Cuz I was so close to it! Meerkats are so darn cute! XD


Turtle!! I freakin’ LOVE turtles!! I don’t know what it is about them, but man I love them!! I use to have 2 pet ones! >_<


We didn’t find the dragon dance folks, but we did find some Taiwanese students doing the drum performance.


Haha!! Second favorite pic of an animal! Pandas are just so darn lazy. This one was just spread eagle like it didn’t care at all!! #lifeofapanda


O’man… Favorite childhood ice cream, Dippin’ Dots! Brings back so many memories. Katie got each of us one, and when she fed it to the babies, they got super excited!! Lawrence started squealing and saying “More! More!!” Ahaha. So cute! ❤


Had to squeeze in a cam-whore shot in the car! Lol… I love these sunglasses!! Although they don’t match a damn thing I had on! *FAILS* But I didn’t care. Love me some oversized sunnies. Lol.

After the zoo, Tanya wanted to go to Olive Garden cuz she had a gift card. We wanted Katie to join us, but with two kids, it would have been a nightmare for us and the folks sitting at the table next to us if they started screaming. Katie said she refused to become “that parent” that we all dread. Lol! So Katie took the babies, and her cousins Josh and Clayton home and me and Tanya headed to the Olive Garden. The funny part was, we had just got in the car, and Katie sent me a text with pics of the babies. They were passed out in the car!! Lol. She said the second she strapped them down into the car seat, they were goners. Lol!!

This might sound retarded, but I don’t think I’ve ever been to the Olive Garden before… O__O;; (*Awkward pause) I can’t remember if I’ve ever been with Donna and Diana when we were in high school but that would have been over 13 years ago anyways! But yeah. Mainly cuz I’m not much of a pasta person I guess. But it wasn’t bad at all! Here’s what I had:


House salad of course. Tanya said I murdered the salad. ROFLMAO!! Probably cuz I was starving. It was 3pm by then and I hadn’t eaten all day. >_>


Hello! Cheese risotto balls! They were ok. I usually like stuff in ball form, but I’m not sure about risotto. Lol.


My entree! I forgot what its called though. *EPIC FAILS* I think it was Potato Crusted Parmesan Chicken Linguine? I love linguine!! And I love white sauce. O__O;;


I almost always skip desert cuz I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but this came with it so why the hell not! It was really good!! Again, I forgot what it was. >_> I think it was Dark Chocolate Caramel Dolcini… Layers of ice cream, cake, moose. Oh boy…

All in all I had an awesome day!! But I was so damn tired. I got up at 7am to get ready, got home around 4pm, really needed a nap but decided to tough it out and spent my time sorting and uploading pics instead cuz I knew Katie didn’t take many pics at the zoo and I’m sure grandma wanted to see some pics. I ended up staying up til like 2am watching TV with reason A so I was sooo damn tired. @__@;;

Oranjuse goes to the zoo!! Mission accomplished! Yays! XD


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