If You Don’t Succeed, You Try Again. If You STILL Don’t Succeed, You Beat Up Katie!

MOOD: onigiri- poker face (Crossing Fingers)
Quote Of The Day: “And my babies won’t have a Mommy anymore…” -Katie

So this will be our second attempt at doing this whole “zoo outing” thing. But this time Tanya is coming! Yays! She doesn’t have to work the overnight shift Friday so she’ll be able to get up early and go with us! Bad news is I think we have to take two cars cuz of that. Oh well. At least we’re gonna get to go. (*Crosses fingers)

Another thing that’s exciting is that this Sat (when we plan to go) is going to be Asian Heritage Day!! Hell yeah!! They’re gonna have Dragon Dances, KungFu demonstrations, and all kinds of Asian greatness! Actually I’ve never been this excited to embrace my culture before. Lol. Cuz ya’ll know I hate Asians. >_> I can’t tell if I’m just excited I’m getting out the house or I’m really excited that I’m gonna see Asian shit. Lol!!

Yesterday we found out that there is a Dragon Boat race in Atlanta, up in Lake Lanier. Too bad Lili won’t be in town that week cuz I would have loved to go see it! But then again, being around that many Asians would probably just piss me off, like at Great Wall. -__-;;

One thing I do know is, it will be hot as all shit and I really have to brace myself for it! We’re trying to go as soon as it opens so we can be out before it hits the hottest time of day. It will be funny as shit if we get there, and all the animals haven’t woke up yet so there’s nothing to see. Ahahahaha! Ok, that’s not funny if it really happens. It’d be jacked up. >_>


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