FML. Just FML…

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Anger)
Quote Of The Day: “I bet your Auntie doesn’t have to have these dumb ass concerns with your cousin!” -reason A

Ok, today was so damn painful that I actually wished that Monday would hurry up and come so I could get away from reason A. Please explain to me why we had ANOTHER argument at night about my nail polish again. I told her to start cleaning up the house and throw away all her damn newspaper that I’m suffocating in and I’ll stop wearing nail polish! She is a hoarder. She reads the Chinese newspaper and that’s her way of keeping in touch with society, which I don’t mind of course, but she keeps every damn piece of newspaper she’s EVER read!! Really?? I am about to get buried in it! My house looks like a hot mess and its all because her newspaper is everywhere!! She swears I’m gonna die of nail polish poisoning but you know what?? My ass is really gonna die of lead poisoning from all them damn newspapers!! I’m breathing in toner and ink on a daily basis!! FML!!!


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