Hooray For Weekend Plans!

MOOD: onigiri- hooray (Yays)
Quote Of The Day: “You a dork!” -Katie

So all these recent report of shootings has made what was originally a very paranoid reason A, now a SUPER paranoid reason A. I had plans to hang out with Katie and Tanya this weekend. I was suppose to have dinner with them Saturday night. It’s rare that Katie gets to go anywhere or do anything that is remotely adult oriented ever since she had the kids. I know how suffocating that must feel to always be at home with them, cuz I feel the same way with reason A. Lol. I feel guilty when I go somewhere and leave her out, but then I feel so suffocated if I just stay home with her every day. I am technically still young you know!! I need to go out! Do things!! I should be hanging out with friends for dinner and wine, and having road trips and experiencing life and the world, and instead I’m always home with reason A. -__-;;

I was excited to see Katie and Tanya since I haven’t seen them in so long! I am super over due for a hang out too. I also need some “adult” time so to speak. Last time I hung out with Toan, Mikey and Adriana, and reason A was fine with that, but that was a few months ago, and that was also before all these random shootings started coming on TV. I need them to stop reporting those!! Ugh!! Most of them are in the bad parts of town, which I don’t go to anyways, but reason A doesn’t see all that. She just sees that there are shootings EVERYWHERE!! She doesn’t want me going anywhere cuz she swears I’m gonna get caught in a shooting!! One thing she doesn’t understand is that we as people CANNOT stop living our regular lives just cuz something comes on the news!! Be aware and that’s all you can do! Just think of it this way, if it wasn’t extreme then it wouldn’t be on the news!! Don’t freak urself out! OMG.

So I decided that I was gonna dip on the whole dinner thing with them to avoid drama. I asked Katie if there was anything she wanted to do that was in the daytime. I would have better luck getting reason A to agree to that than nighttime. (*I know this is sad considering I am a 30 year old woman. -__-;;)  So we decided to go to the zoo!! I know!! WTF!! But how about I am genuinely excited about it!! Lol. I know it’s pathetic, but how about me nor Katie have been to Zoo Atlanta before! WTF!! So we’re gonna take the twins to visit the zoo!!

Tanya can’t come cuz  she gets off work late so she can’t get up that early to go with us. We’re aiming to go early so its not that hot. But in the end, we did decided that after the zoo, we’re gonna have lunch together!! And then Carmen joined in! So after the zoo with Katie and the twins, we’re gonna go have lunch with Tanya and Carmen!! Yays!! I’m so damn excited!! XD


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