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Planning For Le Following Weekend!

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Quote Of The Day: “Who the hell is gonna kidnap you??” -Chi

Didn’t do anything I had planned to do. I don’t know why I’m always so damn lazy on the weekends. Am I just suffering from long-term fatigue or something? I always feel like I have no energy, and all I wanna do is sleep. Ugh! Well anyway, I got woken up super early today cuz the yard workers decided they wanna cut the grass at some 9am on a Sunday morning. What?? Who the hell does that?? Don’t you know that folks are trying to sleep in! Not only that, but I don’t even have that much grass in my yard!! WTF! Ugh. My other only morning to sleep in has be sabotage. FML. -__-;;

The only good thing that came of today was that I did some planning and I’m psyched for this coming weekend cuz I get to hang out with some homies! Runa is coming back Friday, and Chi just came back this past week, and so I’m having brunch with them Saturday! We’re gonna hit up iHop! Lol. Then I’m meeting up Den and Danh for Chowon in the evening and Chi is coming too, so I’ll get to hang out with Ah Ma all day! Ahaha. O’man, we’re gonna be like fat pigs cuz all we’re doing is mad eating from morning to night. *FAILS*

Yesterday I told Kenny that I won’t be able to video chat with him for the rest of the month cuz I’m booked, and he said “You need to stop hanging out so much!” I was like uh… First off, I love how you’re telling me this as you are hanging out. *FAILS* Second of all, I honestly rarely hang out! All my friends can attest to this! I get to see them like once, or at the most, twice a year!! Ugh. I do however have my citizenship test on 7/22, so after this weekend, I really need to buckle down and study my ass off. Arg!

(*Stab, Stab!!)

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Quote Of The Day: “Well you know I work hard during the week.” -Kenny

This morning I was pissed off. In matter of fact, I was super pissed! When I snapped on Kenny earlier this week about not being more proactive with wedding planning, he promised me that this weekend, we’ll sit down and have some “serious talk” about this whole wedding planning thing. I was like fine. Although it would have been nice to sleep in today, I got my ass up super early to video chat with him so we can start some pre-planning. So I get up, get dressed, do hair, makeup, all that jazz, and then I set up the camera, laptop, blah, blah. And I text him. He doesn’t respond for like 15 minutes and he’s usually pretty good about responding right away.

He finally responds but his responses were choppy. Finally I just gave up and called him, and come to find out the damn boy isn’t even home!! OMG!! He’s out of town! He’s in a whole nother city, hanging out with his cousin!! Auhhh!! They went to the beach and then they went BBQing and were soakin’ up beer! WTF! I was so damn pissed!! Did you totally forget about me?? Hello?? I wasn’t pissed that he was hanging out with his cousin cuz I know he rarely goes anywhere and it is summer time and I know how much he loves to swim, but I’m pissed that he didn’t tell me he was going!

I could have stayed my ass in bed!! You promised me this weekend we’d talk about it. I am a woman of my word and I like taking stuff literally! That means if you tell me this time, I will be ready by that time! If you had a change in plans, why didn’t you send me a quick text saying you can’t video chat this morning cuz you’re out of town?? I would have been ok with that!! But instead, you let me get my ass up super early and get ready for nothing!! Do you know how important sleep is to me?? I get like an average of 5 to 6 hours of sleep at night at the most! Ugh!! I was so upset.

I don’t know if he was half drunk or what, but he was all over the place with his words. Of course I was being snappy again, and using every ounce of strength in my body to keep from yelling at him, but I couldn’t help but to have an attitude. And since he says I always get mad and he never knows why, I straight up told him this time. I said, “I got my ass up to video chat with you, cuz you said you wanted to talk about serious stuff this weekend! If I knew you weren’t even going to be home, I could have slept in more! Why didn’t you tell me??” He was like “Oh…” Somebody please hand me a knife so I can stab this boy!

I honestly hate writing vents about Kenny on here. I don’t know if it’s just denial on my part, or I just wanna protect Kenny so much. Its almost like there were so many people doubting the possible success of our relationship, I don’t ever wanna say anything bad about him to serve confirmation for our haters. But no joke, sometimes he really pisses me the hell off. Ugh!!

He tried to make it up by changing the subject, and attempting to “talk serious” about the wedding planning, but one; I was not in the mood to hear it, and two; he was out drinking and his background was loud and noisy and I couldn’t hear him say anything and I was getting sooo annoyed!! This is not a subject you discuss over the phone while you’re getting drunk at the club! Com’on now!! Ugh!!

Schooling The Rookie, On Long Distance Relationships…

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Quote Of The Day: “I can’t deal with a man that’s scared of bugs!” -Intern Canton Cook

So the other day, Intern Canton Cook was telling me about her “love history”. She only told me about the last 2 BFs but that covered a good 8 years so that was good enough. Both were long distance. This of course sparked my interest cuz I have been there done that. She knows the basics of me and Kenny so we talk about it occasionally. I’m sure there are a lot of folks who have experienced the whole “long distance relationship” (LDR) before, and it’s definitely not for everyone. But you have to have a lot of trust and faith in your partner.

On many occasions she’ll ask me things that annoy me. Once she asked if I’m ever worried that Kenny would cheat on me since I’m so far away. Honestly that hasn’t even crossed my mind. I NEVER had a trust issue with Kenny, which is super weird considering how psycho and obsessive I am!! I am one of those girls yo Momma warned you about! Lol. I don’t know why, but I trust him so much that that’s never an issue, or never even crossed my mind. On the other hand, Kenny use to have many trust issues with me, cuz I tend to “stray” when I get bored or lonely. But in the end, my heart knew where to take me so I just followed.

Another time she also asked me “Do you think your BF pretends like he’s single over there?” I was like “What?? Of course not!” And I wasn’t even saying that cuz I’m in denial or anything. It’s because I know his friends, family and co-workers all know he has a GF… Well now fiancée in the U.S.! Cuz everyday he sneaks out of the office at the same time, to call and wake me up! His co-workers tease him about it all the time saying we’re too mushy! Lol. That’s another thing I never questioned, is his character. I know he’s a man of morals. He doesn’t even cross the road when the light is red! Com’on now!! Lol.

Next thing she asked me is, “So have you guys ever broken up or thought about breaking up??” No!! WTF! Lol. I can honestly say in our 4 year relationship that subject has never came up. EVER. It’s not really a belief, or anything like that, it’s just that we are genuinely invested in this relationship. The both of us. When you put that much effort into nurturing a relationship, why would you constantly weaken its integrity by bringing up that subject?? Reason A always told me, that no matter how mad you are at each other, never ever break up with someone cuz you’re upset. Never ever bring it up unless you are ready to walk away permanently. Because every time you say it, it hurts the relationship. It’s like a crack in a vase. Too many cracks and the vase will eventually fall apart.

But anyways, enough of my rambling, back to Intern Canton Cook. She said EX-BF #1 is what we’ll call him, was from Shanghai. She was in Canton at the time. I think she came here when she was 19? Not sure. Anyways, so they are many providences apart. Similar to states but bigger. More like regions. They had to fly back and forth every chance they could get to stay in touch. Of course it was stressful. But they broke up cuz one time when she was in Shanghai visiting him, he placed her in a hotel. Then later that night, he went home to “have dinner” with his Mom and left her at the hotel alone! What?? That’s an asshole. Why are you not having dinner with her? She’s only here for a few days! Or you could take her home to have dinner with your Mom! Why leave her at the hotel while you go home to “have dinner”? So when she asked him “Why didn’t you just take me home to have dinner with you and your Mom?” His reply was “Well now… You can’t force your decisions on me.” She was like “Uh… screw you…” Ahaha…

Now EX-BF#2, was a Hong Kong guy. This one is similar to me and Kenny cuz she was in the U.S. at the time and he was in Hong Kong. Super long distance relationship! She only got to meet him like twice during their 4 year relationship. She beat me cuz I’ve only visited Kenny once. Lol!! She met him online. So once again, similarities!! Man… So when it first started, she said everything was kool. They’d talk online everyday, video chat, talk on the phone, but not as much. But after 1st year, things started to not be so close. They would talk less, he was a very private person and wouldn’t tell her anything. Many thing she’d find out about him through his Facebook. Can you believe that?? She felt like a “regular” friend to him rather than a GF.

When she questioned him about all this, he busted out with “You’re suffocating me. I need my space.” When she said that, I busted out laughing. You need space?? You guys are over 8000 miles apart and your excuse is you need space?? WTF is that?? Yet another asshole. Amazing how she stayed with them for 4 years each. There goes 8 years of her life wasted. She replied to his thought with “Well, I’m not just a regular girl now am I? I’m your GF! I should have the right to ask you some personal stuff. You should let me know who and where you’re hanging out with. I am in this relationship cuz in the end, I am looking for the person I can spend the rest of my life with.” And with that, he broke up with her. Lol!! Guess that was NOT what he was looking for.

This leads me to my experience. Intern Canton Cook doesn’t know all the details about me and Kenny. Like with most people, I prefer not to tell the details. I feel defensive about it, and its kinda like I want to protect Kenny. I don’t wanna get judged cuz I’m about to marry a man I met online that I’ve only met once in real life. Ahaha. It sounds SOOO scary when I say that!! If someone else told me that I’d be like “WTF is wrong with you??” So Intern Canton Cook said to me 2 things. One, “Its almost impossible to get it right on the first try!” Second, “Meeting guys online is a total fail, cuz of the distance!” I just stared at her and chuckled a little.

First of all. Technically Kenny is my first steady BF. I know, I know. Sounds crazy at my age. But although I’ve “talked to” many many guys. I never really “went out” with them. Kenny is the first one that I am legit dating!! I told Kenny that his is my first love! Lol. I actually feel kinda lucky to get it right the first time. Although the “searching” process was a pain up my ass, I am forever grateful that I did find him in the end. Second, me and Kenny have a HUGE distance barrier. We’re half way around the world! But distance has never been a deciding factor, or a barrier that we saw as a big issue. It’s never caused so much strain on the relationship that we considered breaking up. So this lead me to want to post a few “pointers” from the OG to rookies about how to have a successful long distance relationship.

My theory has always been and will continue to be “If your relationship starts off with distance, then distance will not be an issue, but if your relationship has distance later on, then distance will become an issue.” And this is true! Because if you’ve always been face to face, then suddenly being apart is very difficult. You are use to communicating face to face, so it’s hard to devote yourself to other means of communication. Second thing is, whomever said “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” is on some shit, cuz my quote is “Distance does not create more fondness, it only creates distance!” This is true because out of sight, out of mind. I’m not saying you need to be glued on him like peanut butter, but you do need CONSTANT communication. Let you be top of mind for him. He’s constantly thinking of you! That’s very important!

Another super important thing for long distance relationships is “communication”. Any form of it, phone, video chat, text messages, online chatting, sending email, sending pictures, send packages, etc. DO ALL OF IT! You can never have enough communication cuz guess what?? Even with all of this combined it will not make up for the fact that you guys are not “together”. So there’s no such thing as too much! Everyone thinks its odd or silly that I take a picture of everything. No matter where I go, who I’m with, I am CONSTANTLY taking pictures. There is a reason for this. It’s because I want to share it with Kenny. There is not any life experience that I don’t wanna share with him. I send him pics of everything! Breakfast, dinner, a random ice cream cone! Everything! This makes him feel like he is a part of my life. With all this distance between us, you have to constantly let the other feel your presence! So even though Kenny’s never been here or hung out with my friends, he knows all of them, what we do, everything!! It makes him feel connected, and accepted.

Another thing is status. You have to know each other’s status. For me, Kenny is always VIP. Sometimes the small things are very important. Like when I go somewhere, or take pics, I always make sure that I send him the pics FIRST before I blog about it or post it on my Facebook. Why?? Cuz he is the hubby!! He should always know FIRST! He shouldn’t have to find out about my whereabouts from my Facebook! How disrespectful! He shouldn’t have to see my pics along with everyone else and all my “regular” friends. That is because I respect him. I respect that we are on a different level, and he should get treated as such. I know he appreciates it. It makes him feel important, which he is.

When I first started dating Kenny. I had many doubts. I, being in the U.S. knew what I had to deal with, but I wasn’t sure he knew what the hell he was getting himself into. I asked him “Are you sure you wanna date me? You know I won’t be and can’t be the typical GF. Are you emotionally ready to be in a relationship where you are always lonely? When you look at other couples on the street, holding hands, watching movies, having romantic dinners, and then you think about yourself and I’m nowhere to be found, and it seems like you don’t have a real GF at all, what will you think? Will you want to give up? Will you think this is unrealistic??” And his reply was “Who said you’re not real? You are real flesh and blood and I know it. Who the hell cares what anyone else thinks? We will eventually be together right? We can go do all those things once we’re together!! I won’t feel lonely cuz I know you’ll be there. I’ll be able to talk to you, connect with you, that’s the most important part of a relationship, not all that superficial stuff! Loneliness is not about not having someone next to you. There are plenty of couples that live together, but hate each others guts. The distance of the heart is way more crucial than any physical distance. As long as we love each other, that’s all that matters!” I can’t lie. I was pretty moved by that. That’s how I knew he was the one. ❤

Honestly the funniest thing about me and Kenny’s relationship is that for our first year of dating, we never video chatted. So we dated a WHOLE YEAR without seeing each other. I mean, I saw one pic of him, and he had one pic of me!! HOW F@CKING CRAZY IS THAT?? Who the hell knows who I was really chatting with? Of course he did end up being him, and I was me, but that was SOOO risky. Later on we joked about it, especially since we video chat every chance we get now, we have no idea how the hell we lasted the whole first year without seeing each other! Ahaha. Mainly cuz I was shy and he was scared to piss me off I think. ROFLMAO!

But in the end, we are a successful couple. I told him when I get old I should write a book about us cuz it is rather story like. Not that I’m bragging, but it does take a very strong individual to do such a long distance relationship. I’m very grateful that we are each other’s motivation and support when the other was weak. Sometimes its not about the struggles you have to face, but about if you have enough motivation to keep you going. We are each other’s motivation.

I told Intern Canton Cook some pointers, but I seriously doubt that she’ll want to date someone so long distance anymore. Especially how the last 2 failed. I think she’s 27 this year? Like any Asian parent, her dad has been bugging her. Its one thing to have a steady BF just not married yet, but if you’re not even dating, then I’m sure her dad is freakin’ out. Honestly I think at the 3 year mark is where I draw the line. If he hasn’t brought it up, or you guys haven’t discussed it at all, I think you aren’t heading down the right path. Relationship specialist say that if a man wants to marry you or sees you as his potential partner, you will find him often discussing his “future” with you. He discusses it with you cuz he can picture you as being part of it. That is a sign. If he’s always only living in the present, then that should tell you something.

Obviously Canton Cook is still “looking”, and I don’t have any bad wishes for her. Although when I told all this to Kenny, he said “You’re looks can only get you so far. She’s obviously lacking in the inner beauty department.” Cuz Kenny thinks she’s dumb. Ahaha! Anyways, so yeah, that’s my little 2 cents about long distance relationships! And that now I can say that I’ve proved all doubters wrong, and I didn’t tell Canton Cook, but me and Kenny are examples of how it can be done. Maybe not for every one though… But definitely for us! Lol.

Sorting Pics + Juse Happenings…

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Quote Of The Day: “So I’m just curious. What’s that on your shirt?” -Ms. Lee

I spent the whole day organizing pictures and reloading them on my phone. When my memory card crashed, I lost all my music and pictures on it, but luckily I think I had a backup of everything that was on the memory card. Whew! But I had to go through all my pics and try to organize and select the ones to put back onto my phone. O’man!! That took forever! I have all my pictures saved on an external hard drive, and I think its about 300gb or more!! That’s a lot of pictures. O__O;; I think the earliest was from 2003? I think that’s when I bought my first digital camera.

I just found out Chi (aka Ah Ma) just came back to Atlanta!! I’m so excited! I haven’t seen her since high school graduation! I can’t believe her kid is that big already. -__-;; So looks like this summer I’ll get to hang out with Chi, Runa and Ranjiba!! So damn excited, considering I only see these folks a couple of times a year. How pathetic? A day in the life of Juse. Lol.

In other news, seems like Little Red’s birth certificate (aka her title) has been lost in the mail. Yeah. Go figure something like this would happen to me. SMH. Nothing ever goes smoothly for me. They should call me “Setback” instead of “Oranjuse”. *FAILS* So I called the loan place, and they said yes I should have gotten by now, so obviously something is wrong, but there’s nothing they can do about it now cuz the one they sent was the original, and we all know there is only one original. FML. Now I have to wait til next Friday to call them back yet again, and see if they can send me out a letter stating that I have finished paying off the car, and I have to take that letter to the DMV and ask for a “replacement” one be printed for me. Ugh!! Drama… I tell you.

On another note, this week is passing by really fast. I think its cuz Bossman wasn’t here. Time always flies super fast when Bossman’s not in town. But he’ll be back on Monday. Booo!!!


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Quote Of The Day: “My friend calls this diarrhea of the mouth.” -Juse

Ok. I don’t know how many of you have nosey ass co-workers, but I am up to my boiling point with Ms. Lee and her nosy ass!! I just can’t deal with it anymore!! Auhhhh!!! Let me tell you how nosy this woman is. 3 Examples:

Example One: What’s in your package??
So when Intern Roger use to work with me, one time Bossman went to some event and met up with his parents and his parents gave him a package to bring to Roger. When we got to work that day, Bossman gave Roger the package. It was in a box and sealed. Ms. Lee ran over and was like “Oh, oh!! What’s that??” Com’on now!! That’s his personal stuff!! Why are you all up in it?? It could be just new underwear for all we know!! It’s from the parents, it must be personal! Intern Roger is smart, so he said “I can tell you… But then I’d have to kill you. >_>” He said it jokingly but I knew he was for real upset. Then how about he went to another department to help with something, and Ms. Lee actually went to his desk, which was right next to mine at the time, and opened his package!! Auhhhh!!! She took a look inside the box and then closed it back up!! OMFG, ARE YOU SERIOUS??? You just totally violated his privacy!!

Example Two: What are you taking pills for??
So when I first started working here, there was another girl that started the same time as I did, her name was Cindy. We were both kinda like interns at the time. Cindy had a problem with cramps around that time of the month. So she would take something similar to Midol or whatever that drug is called to calm her cramps. So Ms. Lee saw her take the pills, and asked “So what are you taking pills for?” Being embarrassed, cuz we were new then, she just replied “Oh, its nothing…” Then she put the bottle of pills in her side drawer. So how about when she got up to use the restroom, Ms. Lee came around to her desk, opened up her drawer, took out the pills and looked at them!! OMG!! Then she told me “Oh, they’re just for her period… She must be cramping.” I was like WTF!!! I would feel so violated!! Why the f@ck are you invading everyone’s privacy??

Example Three & Then Some: I want to know all about the BF and what’s on your phone!
So when I first started dating Kenny, she kept asking me about him. I am a fairly private person, which is ironic that my blog, Facebook and everything else is public, but I am very selective on who I personally tell stuff to. If I feel like I am close enough with you, then we will “exchange” information. That means you tell me about yourself, and I’ll tell you a bit about me. I am at this damn job to work, not make friends. When I go home, I don’t want anything to do with you guys. In matter of fact, I hate your guts. I don’t want you all up in my personal business, because I like to keep personal and business separate, especially if we are not on that level.

She would CONSTANTLY ask me to see a picture. That annoyed me. Then she asked on numerous occasions “What’s his full name? What’s his Chinese name? What do his parents do? What kinda job does he have? How did you meet him? When are you getting married?” I was like F@CK YOU!! Why the hell do you think you are ENTITLED to know this?? Like I tell all nosy ass bitches, “My existence is NOT for your entertainment and my business is NOT used to satisfy your curiosity!!” What the hell makes you think I wanna tell you these things?? What if his parents were the royal family? What if his parents were farmers? WTF does that have to do with you???

Next situation happened not that long ago and I was SOOO pissed! So I look at something on my phone, it was a picture, and I put the phone down on my desk before the screen goes black. She happens to pass by and she said “Oh!! What picture is that on your phone? Who is that??” I was like WTF?? I said “Oh, its just someone…” And she said “I wanna see! Let me see!!” I was like OMFG!! YOU’RE KIDDING ME RIGHT??” So I said “Don’t worry about it…” And she said “I’m just curious! I wanna see!!” I was thinking in my head at the moment… “Look here bitch, if you say one more damn thing to me about this, I will throw this damn phone across the room at you and knock you the f@ck out!!” How effin’ nosy can you actually be?? Really?? All up in my phone?? Who the f@ck does that?? Nags you to see shit on your phone?? Phone is a very personal thing!! How the hell you figure I want you looking at my phone?? The picture wasn’t even of anyone you knew!! WTF??

Last week when my windshield was broke, I asked my male co-worker William to go take a look at it. Most guys know more about cars than girls so I thought I’d get an opinion on what my options are. She pulls up in the parking lot as me and William are at my car discussing my windshield issue. When we come back into the office, of course she asks “What were ya’ll doing?” I said “Nothing… just my windshield.” Then she said “Why? What about it?” I said “It’s broke.” She said “Really?? I wanna see!!” I was like WTF BITCH!! I told her there is nothing to see!! It’s just a crack! So get this… This bitch actually stops what she’s doing, gets out of her chair, and proceeds to go outside into the parking lot JUST SO SHE CAN LOOK AT MY WINDSHIELD!! She said “I’m gonna go look at!” I was sooo pissed!! I yelled really loud “While you’re at it, how about you go ahead and fix it too!!” Intern Canton Cook just laughed cuz everyone gets pleasure out of her getting snapped on. So she said “Well I’m just curious!” So she went out and walked to my car and looked at it!! OMG!! What satisfaction does that give you?? Like I can actually feel her get satisfaction from it!! FML, just FML!!

So today I am drinking green tea like I always do. So she comes out cuz she’s “bored” and she stares at the clear mug on my desk and is like “I’m curious what you’re drinking…” I was like “Take a guess…” I was so annoyed!! She said “Well I can’t tell, that’s why I’m asking you! It looks like tea, but then it looks like lemonade. I just keep wondering” I’m like WTF?? Are you really that bored? Do I have to tell you when I go pee too?? Why are you all up in my damn business!! Intern Canton Cook heard us, and text me saying “I can’t believe she’s all up in your drink…” I said I know!! I just wanna bitch slap her! I should have used Intern Roger’s line and said “I can tell you… But then I’d have to kill you. >_>” Auhhh!!! F U MS. LEE!!! I HATE YOUR GUTS!

Backtracks Done + Bossman Gone + Moody Weather

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Quote Of The Day: “I’m sure he’s not gonna like every vagina he sees!” -Lili

Finally caught up with backtrack posts!! Jesus!! Yesterday I spent the morning arguing with Kenny and the afternoon budgeting. With all things considered, there was no way I was going to make my savings goal, so I had no choice but to push back my student loan payment. I was suppose to start back on paying my student loan in August. I did that cuz I had to pay for my citizenship test, and I knew that my car payments would be done by now, so I could use the car payment money to start paying back student loans. Welp, there goes that plan! Lol.

But I have no choice. I have to make this wedding happen first. The part that stresses me out, is I need so much money and I’m not even the one paying for the damn wedding! WTF! International weddings are too expensive! I can’t even afford to fly reason A out to my wedding!! How jacked up is that?? Kenny is just suppose to show up one day and we’re all gonna just live together!! She’ll be living with someone she’s never met before! Oh boy. That’ll be uncomfortable. FML… -__-;;

Today was blog day. I still have 4 Chinese entries I haven’t written, but my Chinese blogs tend to be very short, so hopefully I’ll knock all that in an hour. Kenny was super sweet to me today. I know he’s sucking up to me cuz he knows he upset me yesterday. Lol. So he was like “Honey this… and Honey that…” Lol!! He assured me before bed that we will discuss “serious stuff” this weekend, cuz I don’t have plans.

Bossman is not here this week. He’ll be back July 1st. Go ahead. Ask me where he went this time. He went to Peru!! WTF! Some Chamber of Commerce trip. I know what his ass needs to do is make sure we get paid on time! I don’t care if he’s not coming back til payday. He needs to make sure we get paid on time! I hate this maybe, maybe not shit! I work for a ghetto ass company! Ugh. Thank God he’s not here and I get next Thursday off for July 4th! Hallelujah!

It was suppose to rain this past weekend, but weather actually ended up pretty nice which I was thankful for since I was out and about the whole weekend. I however, could have done without all that heat. -__-;; It did rain on and off today though. I have a huge window in front of me so I can see outside, and it didn’t bother me cuz I was indoors anyways. But I know one thing, it better not do like last week and rain everyday at 5pm when I’m stepping out the door! Arg!! >_<

Men Are From Simplicity And Women Are From Complication

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Quote Of The Day: “Women!! You guys are complicated!” -Kenny

[Back Track Post]

I think I’m starting to have a bit of a “cold feet” issue when it comes to getting married. It didn’t bother me too much before, mainly cuz it seemed so far away, but with less than a year and counting, it is all coming to realization for me, and quite frankly, it’s a little scary! Lol. I was very snappy with Kenny today. I feel like for a split second there, I turned into a Bridezilla. The dreaded ones you see on reality shows. I suppose I was just frustrated with how men think and operate. I’m guessing they’re all like that and because we are a different sex, there’s just no way we’ll ever understand.

He got a little snappy with me too and said “Do you think I just don’t give a damn?” (When I questioned him about not being more proactive on wedding planning.) Come to find out, he has been researching here and there, but since he never told me about it, I just assumed he hasn’t done anything! You need to tell me every detail! How is it that you can tell me when you’re pooping but can’t tell me you’ve narrowed down a photographer? *HUBBY FAIL*

Georgia Bridal Expo W/ Lili!

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Quote Of The Day: “Steve said I looked like a man.” -Lili

[Back Track Post]

Today is Georgia Bridal Expo day with Lili!! I don’t know if it’s pathetic or cute that we make it a “mission” to hang out once a quarter. Like literally we are on a schedule! Lol!! But guess what? So far so good! We already got 2 quarters down! Woohoo!! I was pretty excited, cuz in general I love expos. There’s so much to see and do and try. Its like an adventure for your senses. Neither one of us have been to a bridal expo, and we had no clue what to expect.

My damn GPS, Stella was not helpful at all!! Well technically she was cuz she did get us there and get us back, but I kept on making my turns too early, and having to backtrack. I guess that would be a FAIL on my part and not Stella. Lol!!

There were a lot of people there it seemed, but it was so much smaller than we had anticipated!! OMG! Like it was tiny. I’ve been to a lot of expos, and granted they were all at the World Congress Center which is huge, but this was legit very small!! I think this is the largest in Georgia too! *FAILS*

We walked around and visited all the vendors even though none of them applied to me! Lol. I did fill out lots of forms for random shit. Let me correct that. Anything that was wedding dress related was relevant to me, but most were out of my price range. But at least I have ideas about where to look now! The best parts of the expo was all the cake that we stole, the free ring cleaning, and the silly picture that we got to take! It was very cute! Lol. Here are some pics from our trip! Hoorays!!


The more I stare at it, the more in love I am… (*Googly eyes)



Please explain to me why this cake was $1600??? I mean really? >_>



Money grabbing machine!! This looked like fun! It was from Savvi Formal Wear. How much ever you grabbed was how much you’d get off from your tux rental! Smart idea! XD



This is what I tasted. It actually was pretty good. Very sweet though. >_>




Me and Lili robbed this display blind!! Lol.


The whole cake display. Why was there only one cake vendor there???


The better looking decoration. Green is not my color but this was pretty. The other vendor was just ugly.


Annnnnnd of course Juse has to throw in a cam-whore shot!! Lol.

Video Chat W/ Hubs + Little Red Gets New Windshield + Chowon With Mikey!

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Quote Of The Day: “But you’re the Korean, you decided!!” -Mikey

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Today was a super long day! I’m so freakin’ tired! I woke up extra early to video chat with Kenny. Although I had an appointment to get my glass changed for Little Red in the afternoon and wanted to sleep in, but I didn’t wanna cancel on Kenny cuz I had already promised him last week that I’d finally make time for him to video chat this morning!

We video chatted for about 3 hours, and then I had to hurry up and get ready for my appointment. I was takin’ Little Red into Safelite to get a new windshield for her at 2pm. I was rushing to get out the door, cuz I didn’t leave the house til 1:50pm! Auhh!! Thankgoodness the place was just on Jimmy Carter which is only like one street away from me! Whew! Got there just in time. It was pretty simple cuz they had already put all my info in, so I just handed them the keys. They had a decent waiting area with a TV and drinks, but they said it would take from 90 minutes to 2 hours, which is two long of a wait.

Mikey met me at Safelite at 2pm and we had lunch! Hooray!! He was craving Korean cuz Adriana doesn’t like Korean, so he never gets to go eat it. He was really craving tofu soup and some BBQ spare ribs, but we had no clue where to go! So we ended up at Chowon! We can’t afford Honey Pig, and other than Honey Pig, I think this has one of the better Korean BBQs. Lol. We actually didn’t eat that much. Let’s look at the damage! XD





We had about one and a half plate of meat. But we both killed like 2 bowls of rice though. O_O;; I really wanted to get a bowl of cold noodles, but I was way too stuffed for that when it was said and done. Good news is that we got there at 2:30 which was perfect cuz they serve lunch til 3:30pm!! Woohoo! Lunch is only $13 which is VERY reasonable for Korean BBQ.

Right when we finished eating, I got a phone call from Safelite telling me Little Red is ready! O’man! Perfect timing! Now let’s admire her new windshield!!


Lol. It was sooo clear when I first got in, it felt like I just got a new pair of contacts or something. Lol!!

Random Friday Pictures…

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Quote Of The Day: “Little Red is basically new isn’t she? You’ve had all her parts changed already!” -reason A

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mini coke

Cleaned out Little Red today so she can go get her windshield fixed tomorrow. A clean car means I get better service! I am a firm believer! So damn tired. Had me a mini Coke as a reward! How cute is this?? XD

zong zi

More zong zi! Intern Canton Cook’s dad just got back from Canton and brought it back! WTF! These are imports! Lol. XD

plaintain chips

Intern Canton Cook also gave me some spicy plantain chips!! These were awesome! They make a good and healthier sub for potato chips! O__O;;


Intern Canton Cook was on a roll! She also gave me two Sausalito Chocolate Chip Cookies! ❤

sicilian eggplant

Look at this sucker!! The biggest damn Sicilian eggplant I’ve ever seen in my life! OMG. Look at the size of it in comparison to my hand. Lol!!

mini butcher knife

Look at how stinkin’ cute this is!!! Its like a mini butcher’s knife like Chinese folks use for everything! Ahaha… Way too cute. XD

tea infuser

Dude!! I finally found one!! A tea infuser!! OMG. Been looking for this everywhere! I was gonna get it online cuz its so much cheaper, but I just don’t wanna wait that long to get it. I found this at the Farmer’s Market in the kitchen stuff! Woohoo!!

green tea

Here’s me putting my new tea infuser to good use! I’m having green tea. reason A said a cup a day is very health, and green tea is high in antioxidants and prevents aging! Awesomeness! XD