Samsung Galaxy S3… U Murderer!! >_<

MOOD: onigiri- terrified (FML)
Quote Of The Day: “What the f@ck is an unloading fee?” -Intern Jon

So had a hectic and crucial day today cuz my phone was acting up! Honestly, I haven’t had the damn phone for even a year yet, and you’re giving me issues?? Get it together Samsung!! You know I love supporting my folks and all, but can ya’ll work on this damn software? Anyways, so I was loading new music onto my external memory card, when it suddenly froze!! Not only that but it got unmounted from the phone!! (For those of you who don’t know, that essentially means it got ejected) >_<

My phone had killed a memory card before this, so I did learn my lesson and decided to keep a copy of everything on the external memory card on my computer as well. I don’t think I lost too many things. I do have to reload all my pictures, music, videos, files, etc. when I get a new memory card. Yeah, this one can’t be saved. X___X;; I can’t even reformat it! Noooo!!! This damn memory card was $47!!!

2013-05-24 15.55.09

Well the good news is that I ordered a new one and got the new one at $27 which is much much better, and that will be delivered on Tuesday! Woohoo!! Besides the memory card being fried, I thought there was also something wrong with the card reading slot, but I restarted my phone a few times, and now it’s reading again. For this weekend, I’m just gonna just use my little 8GB backup.

Another good news is I get Monday off!! Woohoo!! The one of very few holidays I actually get at this job. Ugh… I don’t have anything planned cuz I’m a bum of course. Hanging out with le reason A and le hubby. Lol.


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