Boredom Kills On A Friday + Next Weekend Plans

MOOD: onigiri- happy hands (Dancin’)
Quote Of The Day: “I hope they’re paying you the big bucks there cuz you’re freakin’ awesome!!” -Katie

Yesterday was ridiculously painful. I was bored out of my mind and could feel myself slowly losing sanity. I felt like the dude in those old school commercials about how he has faster internet, and he was browsing and eventually came across the page that said “You have reached the end of the internet”. ROFLMAO!! I felt like I was running out of things to browse!! Lawd have mercy!! Mainly it was borning cuz Bossman was here all day walkin’ around and I had to “pretend” like I was actually doing some work. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind doing it but there was none to be done!! Business has been slow so that means I have less paperwork too. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not. >_>

Another reason I was ridiculously bored is cuz Kenny went to bed early and Lili left for her vacay with hubby already. Usually me and Lili will text throughout the day. Like literally from 8am to about 4 or so when she gets off I think. If I don’t have blog entries I need to catch up on, then I’ll just be texting all day. Ah, the good life. NOT!! Lol.

I am glad that today I talked to Katie and Tanya. I felt like I haven’t talked to them in forever, and I think it’s an EPIC FAIL that we live down the street from each other and haven’t hung out in over a year to two years. WTF?? Last time I saw Katie was when I went to visit her and the babies when they were first born. Now the babies are over a year old!! O’man! I suck as an Auntie! Lol. Tanya and I rarely get to see each other since I stopped working at OMX, we only see each other on birthdays and such but since I haven’t really been celebrating my birthday, we haven’t hung out.

Next Sat. Katie finally gets a day off! (From the babies) so me, Katie and Tanya are gonna go hang out! Thank you Jesus!! I’m sure reason A is NOT going to be happy about this, but oh well. Honestly speaking, I think she’s not too thrilled with me hanging around Katie that much anymore cuz she had kids. reason A is always so quick to judge folks by the decisions they’ve made in life. She doesn’t want me hanging around folks who she has deemed to have made “dumb” decisions. It pisses me off that she judges my friends like that, but there’s nothing I can do about it really.


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