Staples Rewards = New Toy For Juse!

MOOD: onigiri- hooray (Yays!)
Quote Of The Day: “Oh, Oh! I want one!!” -Kenny

Whew!! Finally caught up on blog posts!! Why the hell did it take me til today?? Ugh. Anyways, had a much better day today. Bossman left in the afternoon, and I had a new toy to play with!! Yays! Yesterday after work, I stopped by Staples to spend my gift cards. I had two for a total of $40!! Hell yeah!! And they actually had something I needed! I have been looking for this damn thing everywhere, but no one has it!! Lets take a look at it first:

2013-05-21 19.20.38

So this is a Bluetooth adapter for computers/laptops. Basically it allows you to connect your Bluetooth ear piece for cell phones to your computer or laptop!! This way you don’t need earphones or a microphone to video chat or listen to stuff on your laptop in privacy! OMG. When I video chat with Kenny on the weekend, I have like a million wires going on. One for microphone, one for ear phones, one for webcam, etc. Too many damn wires!! Now I’ll only have one! The one for the webcam!! Woohoo!! I hate cords and wires, I wish everything was wireless!! I tried it out last night on the laptop and today on the work computer and it works great!! Now I can watch YouTube at work and listen to the audio or listen to music on the computer without transferring it to my phone first! Muaahahaha!! So damn happy. It was kinda expensive though, it was $29.99, with the rest of the money, I got a lunch container thing, although I don’t even bring lunch. *FAIL*

Another random thing is Bossman’s wife stopped by today and brought us Mini M&M chocolate chipped cookies!!

2013-05-22 13.49.25

They were way too sweet though. No bueno. -__-;;


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