Don’t You Dare Give Me A Setback! I’ll Drown You In Coke!!

MOOD: onigiri- upset(Upset)
Quote Of The Day: “That’s messed up… -__-;;” -Kenny

So reason A handed me the mail this morning as I was getting ready to get dressed for work, and I saw a letter from INS. I was excited cuz I thought it was my interview letter!! Come to find out it was the letter of death! On a bright yellow sheet of paper the letter read in big bold letters on top, “This is NOT your interview appointment!” I was like well damn!! I got your point! Apparently after reviewing my case, they found some issues with it and it required addition attention along with additional documentation! FML X 100!!

Why?? Why did I have to encounter a setback?? So far anything related to me and Kenny “being together” has been so smooth! Well, minus reason A always starting drama, but in the end it always worked out great! Like how I got my plane ticket that year, how I got my ring last year, everything worked out perfectly! Why can’t this also?? Ugh!! *Stabs Self*

2013-05-21 07.24.38

I had to get a big ass Coke this morning to calm my nervous. I felt like I was gonna pass out. >_< Even after the big ass Coke, I was still screaming in my head all the way til about 10am when I called the INS office for more info!

Please tell me what I need to provide!! Please tell me the exact problem!! OMG!! I have a sense of urgency, why can’t you guys?? Come to find out, they didn’t know what the problem was. They couldn’t tell me anything other than just keep waiting, and maybe check back at the 45day mark. KILL.ME.NOW. X___X;;


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