Bra (n): Imprisonment For Female Boobies

MOOD: onigiri- pissed off(Frustration)
Quote Of The Day: “My dad took a picture of my stuffed animal between some woman’s large boobs.” -RKOBS

Bossman is not here today. So hooray for that, but that’s not the point of this post. So today after work, I went in search of a bra. Yes the dreaded thing that women wear that imprisons them in the daytime. I freakin’ hate bras!! I wonder if I hate them cuz I’m fat, or all women hate them. Lol. Below is my opinion on bras:

bra issue

Yup, the most comfortable bra, is the type that is not on my damn body!! Lol. So study says that most women do not wear the right size bra. I totally believe that and wholeheartedly believe that I don’t wear the right size bra, cuz I know wearings bras are not comfortable but DAMN it shouldn’t be this painful!! Lol. So after doing some research, I have learned how to properly measure yourself. I have concluded that I need to go up one band size. Boooo!!! I went in search of a new bra and yup, I hate it just as much as I hated it before the resizing. Lol.

Moral of the story? Bras can go to hell, and I should just let my twins hang in freedom!! Lol.


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