Oil Change = Uneventful Saturdays…

MOOD: onigiri- tired (Sleepy)
Quote Of The Day: “Dude!! I can’t speak Chinese now cuz there are folks around me and they’ll think its rude!” -Juse

Told Kenny I couldn’t video chat today cuz I had errands to run. I had to take Little Red in for an oil change, o’man she is long over due!! She probably wants to kill me! Lol. She also needs a car wash, but I don’t have time to wash her. If I can find one of those automatic car wash places for like a couple of dollars and you just drive though, I would totally do that. Does anyone know where one is?? O_o

Thankgoodness I was only the second person in line. I hate having to wake up damn early on Saturday mornings for oil changes, but the place I go do closes by the time I get home from work on weekdays and then they don’t open Sunday. *FAILS* Plus I like running errands in the morning cuz I tend to get lazy in the afternoons. >_>

I had a coupon for free breakfast at McDonalds, so I decided to grab me and reason A breakfast when I got done with the oil change about 10am? I was so damn sleepy. I barely made it through breakfast and then headed back to bed!! Lol.


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